Our 50 Favorite Wedding Invitations

Looking for some invitation inspiration? Check out our 50 faves for some serious wedding paper eye candy.
by Jaimie Dalessio
  1. Animal-Print Invitation by Ceci New York

    Philip Ficks

    Animal prints on a wedding invite? Yes! Printed in a deep shade of green, it's perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  2. Sweet Invitation by Cheree Berry Paper

    Marie Labbancz Photography

    A coral-patterned envelope liner is a nice touch for this aqua invitation suite.

  3. Rustic Invitation by Hello!Lucky

    Allyson Magda Photography

    Fun, nontraditional wording, natural colors and a bear motif work together to set the tone for a farm wedding.

  4. Floral Invitation by Delphine

    Courtesy of Delphine Press

    We love the color palette and pretty fonts on this floral invite.

  5. Zigzag Invitation by Minted

    Devon Jarvis

    We love a good zigzag pattern, especially in a fun color.

  6. Lacy DIY Invitation

    Jasmine Star Photography

    Lace, kraft paper and whimsical fonts combine in this suite for a vintage-inspired look.

  7. Washington DC-Themed Invitation by Becky Shriver

    Love Life Images

    City skyline designs look especially formal when printed in black and white.

  8. Modern Invitation by Smock Paper


    Mix-and-match patterns in a gray, white and orange color palette give this invitation suite, printed on recycled bamboo paper, a contemporary look.

  9. Rustic Chic DIY Invitation

    Cramer Photo

    All the elements of this rustic-meets-sweet DIY invitation fit nicely into a single orange sleeve, which the bride finished with twine.

  10. Elegant Invitation

    This Modern Romance

    An interesting envelope liner (like a vintage map of your wedding city) balances out a simple invitation.

  11. Simple Invitation by Bella Figura

    Tara Welch Photography

    This letterpress invitation featured a tree and an elegant swirl motif in charcoal gray to complement the wedding's vintage theme.

  12. Elegant Invitation by East Six

    Kate Mathis

    With classic colors and a fancy font, this invitation is already formal. But the belly band steps it up a notch.

  13. Letterpress Invitation by Dragonfly Designs

    Ashley Garmon Photographers

    A letterpress invitation with formal fonts and a lacy border sets a classic tone for a wedding.

  14. Vintage Invitation by Look Love Send

    Courtesy of LookLoveSend.com

    The fireworks on this invitation feel pulled from a vintage carnival poster.

  15. Modern Invitation by Elum

    Paul Sirisalee

    The combination of a mod patterned, a pretty floral design and simple fonts has a cool, contemporary look.

  16. Vintage-Style DIY Invitation

    Jenna Walker Photographers

    A mix of cool fonts and a Mad Lib-style RSVP card bring a modern feel to this nature-inspired suite.

  17. Minimalist Invitation by Sesame Letterpress

    JL Photografia

    A cool letterpress border is both understated and elegant.

  18. Square Invitation by Gwyneth Paige {Couture Letterpress}

    Devon Jarvis

    A cheery stitch pattern and typewriter-style fonts bring an element of fun to this otherwise formal invitation.

  19. Bold Invitation by Little Green Chair Studio

    Fuse Photographic

    We're obsessed with the amazing font and bright shades of blue on this letterpress invite.

  20. Pink and Orange Invitation by Invitation Consultants

    Holland Photo Arts

    Black backing makes the invitation stand out from the other elements in this suite.

  21. Modern Invitation by Bella Figura

    Apertura Photo

    For this invitation, the bride incorporated some architectural designs from her venue.

  22. Formal Invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio

    Christian Oth Studio

    Gold envelope lining amps up the elegance level of this invitation suite.

  23. Chevron Invitation by The Design Pocket

    Erin Hearts Court

    We just can't get enough chevron lately, and mixing it with polka dots is even more fun.

  24. Elegant Invitation by Wiley Valentine

    Julia Newman Photography

    The square invites featured an elaborate pattern and the couple's monogram.

  25. Formal Invitation by Sloane Design

    Brian Dorsey Studios

    This calligraphed invitation sets the tone for a formal but not too stuffy fete.

  26. Letterpress Invitation by Elum

    Laura Novak Photography

    This floral letterpress suite feels classic and elegant.

  27. Floral Invitation by Sycamore Street Press

    Next Exit Photography

    We love the combination of aqua and royal blue on this invite and the pop of coral on the envelope liner.

  28. Rustic Invitation by Cloud Nine Paper

    Sandra Salisbury Photography

    An olive branch motif and fun fonts fit this wedding's farmhouse location.

  29. Formal Invitation by Crane

    Brooke Schwab Photography

    You can't go wrong with a simple floral pattern.

  30. Tree-Themed Invitation by The White Aisle

    Corbin Gurkin Photography

    This tree-motif invitation suite was printed with chocolate, sage and plum inks.

  31. City-Themed Invitation by Ceci New York

    Robert Sukrachand

    A skyline invitation is a great nod to your wedding location.

  32. DIY Art Deco Invitation

    inContrast Images

    We love the retro fonts and Art Deco inspired border on this invitation.

  33. Modern Invitation by EV Designs

    Red Ribbon Studio

    With the right combination of fonts, the words on an invitation can hold their own as the main design element.

  34. Lace Invitation by Storkie Express

    Courtesy of Storkie Express, Inc.

    An ornate, lace-inspired frame makes the wedding date the center of attention on this horizontal invitation.

  35. Vintage-Style DIY Invitation

    Jess and Nate Studios

    Baker's twine brings an at-home, vintage feel to this invite.

  36. Urban Invitation by A Day in May Design

    Jenny Ebert Photography

    Black-and-white save-the-dates with a pink graffiti-style font and the black-on-black skyline design on the invite feel oh-so-NYC.

  37. 3D Invitation by Paperista

    Red Ribbon Studio

    This custom-made invitation was printed on heavy card stock with tiny gray letterpress dots. The bride mailed them in boxes to protect the hand-sewn ivory silk dupioni flower applied onto each (and inspired by one on her dress).

  38. Exotic Invitation by Wedding Paper Divas

    Shelly Kroeger Photography

    This swirly bird motif sets the tone for a whimsical, exotic theme.

  39. Rustic Invitation by Duet Weddings

    Jules Bianchi Photography

    White lettering on natural paper sets a casual vibe, while lace adds a romantic touch.

  40. Fall-Inspired Invitation by little yellow leaf

    AW Photography

    The combination of black and white stripes, rich fall colors and a tree and leaf motif made this invitation suite feel seasonal, yet modern.

  41. Wooden Invitation by Bluebird Design Studios

    Jared Wilson Photography

    We love wooden invitations. This thin piece was laser-engraved with a botanical design.

  42. Floral Invitation

    Kelly Hornberger Photography

    A gray and yellow color palette spins a floral design in a modern direction.

  43. Bold Invitation by Smock Paper

    Leeann Marie Photography

    The bold, hot-pink floral pattern on this invitation balanced out the traditional navy type.

  44. Die-Cut Invitation by The Summerhouse

    The Schultzes

    An ornate design frames this die-cut letterpress invitation, which features a silhouette of the couple.

  45. Elegant Invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio

    Ned Jackson Photography

    The envelope liner for this simple, elegant invitation was a map of historic Boston for a personal touch.

  46. Formal Invitation by Elum

    Kristen Taylor Photography

    This cream-colored invitation with black letterpress is elegant and bold, but simple.

  47. Formal Invitation

    VUE Photography

    Custom calligraphy on thick cotton paper is a traditional look, but elaborate script font adds a modern twist.

  48. Sweet Invitation by Paper Style

    Katelyn James Photography

    Lace-style trim, a blue, seersucker belly band finished with a button and a rustic envelope gave this invitation a natural, hand-crafted look.

  49. An Elegant Invitation by Details A La Carte

    John & Joseph Photography

    This custom-made invitation suite has a formal but romantic look.

  50. Cherry Blossom DIY Invitation

    Mary Kate McKenna Photography

    A cherry blossom and sparrow motif is perfect for a springtime wedding.

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