How to Word the Dress Code on Your Wedding Website

From black-tie to casual wedding guest attire, here's how to write the dress code on your wedding website.
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Updated Sep 22, 2022

Providing details about your dress code on your wedding website will ensure your guests dress appropriately for your event's location, weather, theme and formality. After all, your guests want to choose wedding attire to show up looking and feeling their best on your big day.

On your wedding invitations, there isn't a lot of space to get into the nitty-gritty details. Typically the dress code on your stationery follows traditional dress code wording etiquette and reads as a one-liner, such as, "Black-Tie Attire" or "Dressy Casual Attire". (P.S. Read our Guide to Every Kind of Wedding Dress Code if you need further clarification on what each one means). Thankfully, dress code wording on your wedding website home page, FAQ page (a.k.a. Q & A page) and wedding event pages can be written more casually and provide further details and guidance so guests can feel confident in their wedding attire choices.

Here's how to put the dress code on your wedding website

Dress code on Wedding Website Home Page and Event Pages

You should put the dress code on your wedding website home page underneath your welcome message alongside all the essential wedding day details such as wedding date, venue and time. If your website includes multiple event pages (e.g. welcome reception, wedding day, post-wedding brunch), you can add a dress code for each event. Use the common dress code terminology or a brief description, and, if needed, include a link to the wedding website FAQ page for more details.

Dress code on wedding website home page
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Dress code wording examples on wedding website home page:

Formal Attire [insert link to FAQ page].

Dressy Casual Attire
We want you to be comfortable at our wedding. Find dress code details here [insert link to FAQ page].

Beach Casual Wedding Attire
May we suggest that men wear a long or short-sleeved shirt with slacks or shorts and ladies wear a sundress or dressy separates, like a nice top and skirt. Instead of heels, wear a pair of strappy or platform sandals.

Dress code on Wedding Website FAQ Page

Providing dress code advice on your wedding website FAQ page is a great way to get into more detail and be very specific about things like expected weather, appropriate footwear and preferred colors. Furthermore, the Q&A format is ideal for gently guiding guests in the right direction.

Wedding dress code FAQ examples:

"Is there a dress code?"

Let your guests know the official dress code along with some wedding attire suggestions and specifics (e.g. if your venue doesn't allow blue jeans or the ceremony will be on the beach). Also, remember that the most popular dress code is formal attire, yet it's the most ambiguous—all the more reason to give your guests good clues as to what to wear based on time of day, weather, your wedding style and venue.

Answer examples:

"Black-Tie. We ask that men wear a tuxedo and women wear a floor-length gown."

"Black-tie Optional. We ask that men wear a tuxedo or a dark suit and tie and women wear an evening gown or midi or knee-length cocktail dress."

"Formal Attire. For our summer wedding, our ceremony will be held outdoors on a terrace. We suggest that men wear a lightweight suit in any color and women wear a cocktail dress or a nice pantsuit."

"We ask that you wear semi-formal attire such as a cocktail-length dress or dressy separates for women and a suit and tie for men. Please note that the venue does not permit blue jeans or sneakers."

"The dress code is Dressy Casual Attire. For this time of year in California, may we suggest the following attire:
Women - sundresses, lightweight separates and flats or wedge heels for the outdoor ceremony on the lawn.
Men - light dress shirt with khaki or other lightweight slacks; jackets and ties optional."

"Beach Casual Attire. The ceremony will be on the beach and we want you to be comfortable. We suggest that men wear lightweight pants or dress shorts with a button-down shirt or polo. Jackets and ties are not required. Women can wear sundresses or dressy separates. There will be a shoe valet available to store your shoes during the ceremony so you can enjoy the sand between your toes."

"Are there any styles or colors you'd prefer me to wear?"

Use this FAQ if you really want to encourage or discourage certain colors or styles. Be sure to keep the wording specific and helpful.

For example, a current wedding trend is for couples to get a little more descriptive with their dress code wording, such as 'whimsical garden party' or 'tropical formal' attire. If you're going this route, have fun with your answer and share your vision for the day.

Let your guests know if you want them to dress in a preferred color scheme, such as an all-white wedding dress code or tell them it's okay to wear black to a New Year's Eve wedding—a color traditionally frowned upon at weddings that is now acceptable under these circumstances.

Answer examples:

"Our dress code is 'whimsical garden party' and so we ask that you get a little creative and colorful with your semi-formal wedding attire. Think floral prints, polka dots, pinstripes, sunhats, sandals, linen trousers, Bermuda shorts, summer suits (jacket and tie optional)."

"We know it's not traditional, but we request that you wear all-white, casual wedding attire (no ties or jackets required) to our bohemian beach wedding."

"The dress code for our evening wedding is formal attire (suits for men and cocktail dresses or evening gowns for women) in any color, including black."

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