24 Sentimental Wedding Wishes for Your Daughter's Special Day

What to write in your little girl's wedding card.
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
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Updated Jun 27, 2023

For any parent, the news that your daughter is getting married is both exciting and bittersweet. She's all grown up now and, despite being thrilled for her and her soon-to-be spouse, you might also be overwhelmed with feelings, happy and sad. But as you scrawl wedding wishes for your daughter while you think of what to write in a wedding card, don't shy away from recalling all those deeply proud and nostalgic sentiments. She's likely sharing a lot of the same thoughts, so she'll appreciate being in those feelings with you.

When it comes to channeling all your musings into a thoughtful inscription for your little girl, just remember that you can't go wrong with speaking from the heart when it comes to what to write in your daughter's wedding card. The best wishes for your daughter's wedding usually feature a blend of looking back on all the amazing things she's accomplished in life thus far, acknowledging how happy you've been to witness them all and looking forward to all the joyous times ahead. Expressing your congratulations—it's a milestone day, after all—is important, but you don't have to go overboard. Reminiscing about some of your favorite moments from the past or even things your daughter might have said when she was younger (that serendipitously line up with the way things have transpired today) are also wonderful inclusions.

She knows that you'll be there for her through thick and thin, but it certainly doesn't hurt to touch on that in your closing—especially now that you have a new child-in-law to take under your [philosophical] wing. They'll cherish all the ways you say that, in good times or in bad, you've got both of their backs. And if you want to sign off your wedding card to your daughter with a few sweet pieces of advice for life after the "I do"s are done, you have our full support! In the meantime, check out our below sample wedding wishes to a daughter. You can pair your wedding card with a special gift for your daughter, too!

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Wedding Wishes to a Daughter and Her Partner

In wedding card sayings for your daughter and her new spouse, you'll want to convey your deep love, joy and pride on this extra-special day. Express warm wishes for their happily ever after (if that notion is particularly meaningful to your daughter) and emphasize how important it is to find bliss in the good and bad days, appreciate one another's unique points of view on things, compromise in the instances when neither of them are willing to bend and trust in each other and your marriage—even when life gets challenging. Welcome your daughter's new spouse into your family, officially, and give them your word that you'll never be more than a phone call away.

  • Today, you get married, [daughter's name] and [spouse's name], and [I/we] have been looking forward to this day for what seems like forever. We're over the moon to share it with you.
  • Happy wedding day to [my/our] favorite daughter and the love of her life. You complement each other perfectly and [I'm/we're] thrilled to see what you two can do together. Love you both!
  • When you're married, not every day will be filled with fancy clothes, champagne toasts and dancing 'til dawn—but they will all be filled with love.
  • [I/We] knew that wedding bells were in your future from the minute [I/we] saw you two together for the first time. You both had a glow and [I've/we've] only watched it grow seeing you plan and await this special day. You've earned it and an amazing life to follow. Congratulations, [I/we] love you.

Touching Wedding Wishes for a Daughter

If you didn't get too mushy-gushy with the note in her bridal shower card, then your wedding message for your daughter is the perfect occasion to let it all out. You've watched her grow into a wonderful person with so much to offer the world, so talk about the things you most admire about her, how you're privileged to be her parents and are especially grateful to play such a big role in a day that seemed so, so far away when she was born, but came about in the blink of an eye.

  • It seems like only yesterday you were putting on your graduation gown and walking on stage in your high school auditorium to accept your diploma (come to think of it, [I/we] can remember every single "moving up" ceremony you had, since preschool). And today, you'll put on yet another gown and walk down the aisle. [I'M/We're] at a loss for words, but in the best way possible. Love you.
  • To [my/our] daughter on her wedding day, you are a vision. You've filled [my/our] [life/lives] with incredible happiness and you're about to do the same for [spouse's name]. [I/We] adore you and can't wait to see you say "I do."
  • Every parent says that their child is the best, but in [my/our] case, it's actually true. [Daughter's name], you're [my/our] #1 and [I've/we've] watched in awe as you've gotten engaged and started planning this day. [I/We] hope it's everything and more for you—With All Our Love, Your Parent(s).
  • Since the day you were born, you've had the hearts of everyone you've ever laid eyes on. Not sure if [spouse's name] knows, quite yet, how lucky they are to have you, but after today, seeing you as a bride, they'll have no doubt. Happy wedding day, sweetie!

Funny Wedding Wishes for a Daughter

Not every wedding card has to reduce your daughter to sentimental tears. Giggles are just as welcome. In our opinion, sometimes funny wedding wishes are even more appropriate, because they can lighten the mood and remind her to relax if wedding day stress has her overwhelmed. As a parent, it's normal to always feel like you need to save the day, protect your child from harm and take away any scared or anxious feelings. But truth be told, you can do all of that by making her smile or having her laugh with your daughter's wedding wishes.

  • How is it possible that [I/we] have a daughter old enough to get married?! Happy wedding day, [daughter's name]—think we can make it to the after party? It might be way past [my/our] bedtime!
  • [I/We] thought [I'd/we'd] be able to keep it together for pictures, but so many packs of tissues have been gone through already…[I'm/we're] already stocking up again for the ceremony.
  • Now that [I'm/we're] "official" empty nesters, [I/we] thought we'd go on a honeymoon, too! [I was/We were] waiting for the wedding to be over, but just couldn't keep it in any longer—see you on the plane next week!
  • Your little cousin showed [me/us] a few of those "viral" wedding dance videos at the rehearsal dinner last night and now I'm sad we didn't choreograph something epic. You sure you can't break away from your mimosas and glam time to workshop something from YouTube?

Wedding Wishes From a Mother to Her Daughter

We'll always have a special place in our hearts for brides and their moms. And while you probably already have some mother-of-the-bride duties to take care of, remember to set aside some time to sit down and gather your thoughts for the wedding card sentiments for your daughter. Whether you want to gush about how she looks in her bridal best, tell her how much she means to you (as both a daughter and a best friend, provided that's the vibe) or dream about the future and what you hope for your daughter and her new spouse, you'll win with this wording.

  • To my girl, we finally got here—your wedding day—and I'm so excited to see all of your hard work and dedication come to life. It's going to be amazing. Thank you for letting me have a part in it.
  • You, my love, are glowing today. Your hair is stunning, your makeup is perfect, your gown is gorgeous and, most importantly, you're radiating happiness. Soak it all in, honey, and don't forget how loved you are. Enjoy your day!
  • My greatest honor in life is being your mom and, as I watch you get ready to marry your person, I'm just overwhelmed with happiness. You are a dream come true. Love you, sweetheart.
  • [Daughter's name], today you're a bride and tomorrow you'll be a wife. I hope your marriage is brimming with the best days, but even when times are rough, know that I'm always in your corner. Forever and ever, Love Mom.

Wedding Wishes From a Father to His Daughter

There are several opportunities where, as the father of the bride, you can wax poetic on how much you adore your darling daughter—at the engagement party, during your speech at the wedding reception, perhaps even at the postwedding brunch. Not to mention, you can always chat up your girl when it's just the two of you on the dance floor. But if there's still a few things you need her to hear, you can say them in your wedding card, like this.

  • [Daughter's name], I've been feeling nervous about this day, but I know when I see you, all my apprehension will float away. You always have that kind of effect and on your wedding day, it's no different. Thanks for reserving a first look for your dad, you're a beautiful bride.
  • Your first daddy-daughter dance in first grade will always be one of my favorite memories in life, but I think today will be a close second (kidding, they're all my favorites). Happy wedding day to the best dance partner around, just don't tell your mom **wink wink**.
  • Congratulations to my daughter on her wedding day. You're the light of our lives and I know every eye will be on you when you walk down that aisle. Just walk slowly, because I want to hold onto you for as long as I can. Love you!
  • Given how it's looking outside, I thought I'd borrow some lyrics from The Temptations (how appropriate, since it's our song). With you, sweetie, I've always got "sunshine on a cloudy day" and "when it's cold outside, I've got the month of May." You'll always be my girl, [daughter's name].

Wedding Wishes For a New Daughter-in-Law

They say whenever your child gets married, you don't lose them, you just gain a new child. And isn't it a relief to know that the new person standing by their side is so wonderful? These snippets show your new daughter-in-law that you're thrilled to have them on the team.

  • If you didn't know what you were getting into with this family already, [daughter-in-law's name], you'll get the whole [family last name] experience today. We know we're a lot, but you gotta love us, right?
  • [My/Our] [son/daughter/child] was never one to come home from a date and want to dish about it, until [he/she/they] met you. Way to make an impression, daughter-in-law—we love you!
  • [Daughter-in-law's name], you are a parent's greatest wish realized. Thank you for filling [my/our] kiddo's life with so much joy. You guys are off on an amazing adventure.
  • Not sure how [I/we] got so lucky with you, [daughter-in-law], but you're the best. [I/We] hope [child's name] treats you like a queen. Call us if they don't.
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