4 Major Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making

Make sure you're getting the most out of your fitness routine by avoiding these workout mistakes.
Nadia Bey
by Nadia Bey

When you're putting hard work into a new health and fitness regimen, the last thing you want to hear is that you've been hindering your results because of silly, avoidable mistakes. But how can you spot them? Celebrity trainer, author and motivational speaker Mark Jenkins gives us the scoop on the top mistakes people make in their workout and how to avoid them.

1. Not Eating Right


When starting a new training program, you need to make sure you're giving your body the fuel it needs. "You're inducing extra stress on your body, which can cause injury, overtraining and possibly even additional fat storage if you haven't also adopted a proper eating plan," Jenkins says. He suggests creating a training-specific nutritional plan at least a week before beginning a program to set yourself up for success.

2. Locking Your Joints


Try to always keep a slight bend in the elbows and knees during your workout. "When people lock out, they're transferring the stress to the joints, which in the short term slows muscle gain," Jenkins says. In the long term, Jenkins warns it can cause injury or damage to the joint or muscle.

3. Holding Your Breath


Imagine you're at the end of an intense workout. You're gripping the weights with everything you've got just willing yourself to deliver that last rep. Question: Did you forget to breath? "Holding your breath during exercise can cause a spike in blood pressure and dizziness, or worse, cause you to pass out," Jenkins says. "Give muscles the oxygen they need by inhaling on the negative portion of the rep and exhaling on the positive."

4. Just Going Through the Motions


"Being present and training with intensity sends a strong signal to the brain to build muscle and to use fat for energy," Jenkins says. "Visualize your muscles growing as your train, and rather than run away from the discomfort, make it burn."

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