What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Wedding Dress Look

Nail your style by your 'scope.
Jennifer Tzeses
by Jennifer Tzeses
Updated Mar 17, 2021

Searching for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting (and daunting) parts of wedding planning. After all, there are so many options to choose from and only one dress to wear...unless you're one of those Geminis or Libras that can't make up their mind. Which is exactly why turning to your horoscope can help guide you to the gown you were born for—because what else says so much about your personality? Below, we've got style suggestions for every sign, plus the Lillian West dress that's perfectly aligned. You're destined to find the one—after all, it's written in the stars.     


Aries wedding dress

Style Detail: Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle  
Girl, you know how to walk into a room like you own it. You don't follow trends; you set them. So it goes without saying: Being bold is in your DNA. A fashion-forward flouncy neckline that's equal parts ruffle, cape and sleeve will slay your wedding day.  

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66151 stretch crepe fit-and-flare gown 


Taurus wedding dress

Style Detail: Vertical Trim
You know your Chantilly from your charmeuse and can spot sharp tailoring from an aisle away. While quality is what captures your eye (and your touch), your romantic side still gets swept away in the day. Subtle-yet-standout vertical lace trim is the kind of detail not everyone may notice, but you will. Pair it with a flowy skirt to deliver all the floaty feels. 

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66168 strapless A-line gown


Gemini wedding dress

Style Detail: Lace-Up Bodice 
While you might have trouble pulling the trigger—because you'll want to try on every dress within a hundred-mile radius (welcome to a Gemini's world!)—we're willing to bet you'll gravitate toward something unexpected, just like your personality. A dress with a lace-up bodice is the kind of twist that'll keep guests on their toes. And as the ultimate air sign, comfort is key, so a breezy chiffon skirt like this one lets you dance the night away with ease. 

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66150 long-sleeve chiffon A-line dress 


Cancer wedding dress

Style Detail: Old Hollywood Glamour 
If only your grandma's dress didn't look like, well...a grandma's dress. You're a sucker for nostalgia and tradition, and your sentimental side knows that only the most romantic dress could be a match for the most romantic day. An off-the-shoulder, old Hollywood-inspired gown—with its feminine flow and figure-hugging silhouette—is the route to go. Caution: Major curves ahead.

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66160 portrait neckline fit-and-flare dress


Leo wedding dress

Style Detail: Layered Skirt 
Your M.O. is "go big or go home." You can't wait to make your grand entrance and need a look-at-me gown that will steal the show. A voluminous, layered tulle style delivers all the drama—and the attention—your way. Significant other, who? 😉

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66177 beaded bikini neckline ball gown 


Virgo wedding dress

Style Detail: Allover Appliqué
You put as much thought into the font for your invitations as you did the individual flowers in your bouquet and their particular placement. For you, design is in the details—so naturally, a dress with intricate, allover lace appliqué will satisfy your meticulous mind.   

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66171 sweetheart cotton lace A-line dress 


Libra wedding dress

Style Detail: Bell Sleeves
The style-setter in you loves to make a statement but going all-out avant-garde won't exactly satisfy your crowd-pleasing side. Find balance in tradition with a twist like bell sleeves. Paired with a classic allover lace dress, this unexpected detail is just the solution. 

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66169 bell sleeve fit-and-flare dress


Scorpio wedding dress

Style Detail: Front Slit
Let's be real: You're all about passion with a capital "P." You know you've got it and you're not afraid to flaunt it. For your dress, think sultry but make it sophisticated—like a flowing dress with a thigh-high slit. 

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66154 A-line dress with chiffon skirt


Sagittarius wedding dress

Style Detail: Detachable Skirt
You're flirty and fun and can't wait to party your dress off. In fact, a two-in-one gown with a detachable skirt has just the silhouette to help you feel free to let loose once the ceremony is over. 

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66162 illusion bodice fit-and-flare dress 


Capricorn wedding dress

Style Detail: Square Neckline 
You booked the venue, the band and the photog all within a week of getting engaged. Heck, you've already started writing preemptive thank-you cards. Structure and efficiency are your driving force. A gown with sharp, angular features such as a square neckline will be as precise as your planning process.    

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66152 A-line gown with notched square neckline


Aquarius wedding dress

Style Detail: Balloon Sleeves
Your vision for your dress is anything but traditional (sorry, ball gowns). You strut to your own beat—which, on your wedding day could very well be in cool kicks like sneakers rather than stilettos. Your guests will expect the unexpected, so a dress with balloon sleeves won't disappoint. 

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66175 plunging strapless A-line dress


Pisces wedding dress

Style Detail: Detachable Sleeves
As dreamy as you are dainty, a flourish like detachable lace sleeves function like ladylike gloves and add just the right feminine touch. Let's not forget you're also a water sign, which means you're attracted to all things oceanic—including mermaid silhouettes like this one.   

Our Pick: Lillian West style: 66164 strapless notch mermaid gown

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