25 Foolproof Holiday Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything

We've got ideas for the well-equipped couple who swears they don't need anything for the holidays.
25 Cool Holiday Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything
Photos, clockwise: Goldbelly, Anthropologie, Atlas Coffee Club, Ooni
Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Aug 25, 2023
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We all know a couple who's utterly impossible to shop for, whether it be because of their unique interests, an aversion to consumerism or simply because they don't hesitate to treat themselves when they covet something—making gifts somewhat obsolete. Shopping for holiday gifts for couples who have everything can be tricky, but we've got you covered with plenty of gifting ideas that they'll love. Skip the basic go-tos like fancy blenders, luxury watches and other traditional gifts that you know they already have at least one of. We've rounded up a slew of universally appealing gift ideas for those lucky couples who don't really need anything—or at least pretend that they don't want anything, because obviously showing up empty-handed to the holiday party or Christmas brunch isn't an option for someone as generous as you.

Yes, you could just give up on finding the perfect gift and grab a nice bottle of wine or play it safe with a gift card, but if you want to give them something a bit more thoughtful, we've got you covered with plenty of creative holiday gift ideas for the couple on your list who already has everything.

1. Personalized Four-Across Game

Customized Four-Across Game from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Opting for something personalized or customizable for the tough-to-gift couple on your holiday list is always a good idea. We love this "heirloom quality" maple wood four-across game because it's equal parts playful and elevated. Plus, it's a fun game for the couple to play together—and while they may have all the classic board and card games in their lineup, we doubt they already own this unique piece. You can choose the words on this made-to-order game or include a sweet holiday message. Either way, you can't go wrong with this giftable game night addition.

2. Chic Weighted Blanket for Cuddling

Weighted Blanket from Bearaby for your holiday gift
Photo: Bearaby

This luxe weighted blanket is a game-changing gift for couples, elevating their nightly sleep, daily naps and equipping their home with coziness. Not only does the mid-weight woven blanket feel like a hug, but it also doubles as an aesthetically pleasing woven throw for a sofa or lounge chair. Get two if you don't mind the splurge.

3. Online Cooking Class

Online Cooking Class from Sur La Table
Photo: Sur La Table

For the couple who has everything, gifting an experience that the two of them can do together is always a good idea. Whether they're bonafide foodies or culinary newbies, Sur La Table's online cooking classes make the perfect holiday gift. Each class is taught by an expert chef and can be done in the comfort of their own home. The price is per household, so they can invite family or friends (like you) to participate or keep it intimate.

4. Matching Silk Robes

Cozy Silk Robes from LUNYA
Photo: LUNYA

Nothing says luxury like a silk bathrobe and this matching set is one of the best on the market. Designed with pretty and practical washable silk, the robes are so dang luxurious. Maybe they have some "meh" terry robes already, but they'll be thrilled to upgrade to these. The duo can mix and match the robe styles that they want, so it can (and should) go to any and every couple you know.

5. Instant Film Camera

Funky Instant Film Camera from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Yes, they probably already have a good quality point-and-shoot and maybe even a DSLR, but there's something so fun about keeping an instant camera on hand for those impromptu photo moments. Plus, these retro cameras also have some vintage charm, making them a great shelf fixture in their living room or home office. Be sure to include a pack of film so they can use it as soon as they unwrap their new favorite gift!

6. Premium Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce

Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce from TRUFF
Photo: TRUFF

Not only do TRUFF's hot sauces come packaged in luxe bottles that look more like bottles of designer fragrances than they do condiments, but the truffle-infused sauces are unparalleled in the flavor department. Any foodie—or non-foodie who just likes to eat—will be impressed by this pack's infinitely giftable presentation as well as the craveable hot sauce itself. Let's just say their next date night just got a whole lot spicier.

7. Premium Coffee to Their Door

Coffee subscription from Atlas Coffee Club
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

For the java-loving couple on your holiday shopping list, give them the gift that keeps on giving—and that keeps them caffeinated. A membership to Atlas Coffee Club is one of our favorite subscription gifts for couples, since it delivers fresh, exotic, micro-lot coffee from around the globe straight to their door. Plus, along with the coffee beans, each shipment includes postcards from the region the beans were sourced and reading material with tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Choose between a variety of subscription options and delivery cadences.

8. Custom Pet Portrait

Personalized Pet Portrait from Crown & Paw
Photo: Crown & Paw

If the couple on your list has a pet, you really can't go wrong with spoiling their fur family member and passing it off as a gift for the humans. To gift one of these swoon-worthy modern portraits, just send over a picture of their pet (you can stalk their social media accounts or ask them for their favorite photo of Fido), a selected size for the print and your frame choice—Crown & Paw will handle the rest.

9. Authentic NYC Bagels, Delivered

Delivered NYC Bagels from Goldbelly
Photo: Goldbelly

Whether the couple in question just moved away from Manhattan and are homesick for fresh bagels or are foodies who just like the best of the best, you can't go wrong with a dozen or so NYC bagels and schmear. Ess-a-Bagel is often regarded as one of the best—and most quintessential—authentic New York bagel markers, and now you can send some as a gift. These iconic, hand-rolled and Kosher-friendly bagels stay fresh in the freezer for up to three months, so it's another gift that'll keep on giving.

10. Travel Keepsake Library

Travel Keepsake Library from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

For the jet-setting couple who lives to travel, you really can't go wrong with this travel keepsake library. The mini organizer allows them to keep, file and display mementos and trinkets from their trips and vacations, whether it be plane tickets and postcards or city guides and photos. The durable, yet compact vacation vault is designed with two caddies and two drawers to help them protect and organize the tangible memories of their journeys. We especially love this as a newlywed couple gift, since they can store their honeymoon mementos right away.

11. Personalized Cheese Board

A Customized Cheese Board from OliveMoongiftshop on Etsy
Photo: OliveMoongiftshop

If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for a couple that often entertains company (or maybe just loves cheese), this personalized cheese board has you covered. Featuring a minimalist design and bearing the initials of the happy couple (as well as a cute "established" date), this will elevate their snack platters from ordinary to Insta-worthy. This will likely be one kitchen accessory that doesn't get buried in a cabinet with the other housewarming gifts, but rather stay on display.

12. Custom Anniversary Book

Personalized Anniversary Book from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Once a couple gets married, it's hard to imagine that date as anything else but the time they said "I do." But what else happened on that special day before they got hitched? The New York Times' anniversary book provides the couple that has everything a way to travel back in time and see the historical context of that cherished day. We especially adore this option for history-buff couples.

13. Retro-Style Fondue Kit

Retro-Style Fondue Kit for your holiday gift from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Fondue is experiencing yet another renaissance in the culinary space right now, which makes it a great gift for the foodie couple who probably doesn't own one yet. Designed for use with chocolate, cheese or other melted dippings, this stylish set would be the perfect excuse for an at-home date night or for entertaining a small group for Christmas dinner. The stylish set makes fondue cool again and brings everyone together around the flame.

14. Wearable Reading Light

Wearable Reading Light for your holiday gift from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

For the couple that likes to read in bed, do crossword or Sudoku puzzles, or even work from between the sheets, this discreet, updated and upgraded reading light would be an illuminating choice—especially if the members of said couple have different bedtimes. Available in eight different colors, these poseable, adjustable lights are engineered with three distinct brightness settings that won't disturb a sleeping partner. Plus, they're rechargeable, so they won't have to buy or fumble with batteries when they're burning the midnight oil at home or while traveling.

15. Full-Body Massage Mat

Full-Body Massage Mat from Hammacher Schlemmer
Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer

This full-body, heated massage mat is a great gift for the couple who has everything—except for the extra R&R they deserve. It melts away pain, knots, soreness and tension as the mat's massaging motors target pressure points. The couple can take turns enjoying the stress-reducing benefits of heated massage. They'll probably love this gift so much, they'll invest in a second one.

16. Indoor Smart Garden

Indoor Smart Garden from Click & Grow for the best holiday gift
Photo: Click & Grow

This small indoor garden adds a dash of greenery to any space—especially for city dwellers with limited square footage—but it also offers a slew of benefits beyond bolstering their home decor vibe. The small size is ideal for growing herbs and flowers, and it's also perfect for plant lovers lacking a green thumb. The reason: It automates watering, light and nutrient dispersion.

17. Grecian-Inspired Bookends

Grecian woman's bust Bookends from Anthropologie
Photo: Anthropologie

This affordable neoclassical-inspired Grecian bookend set will add an artistic touch to any bookshelf, entry table, home office or library. It's an especially apt choice for art history buffs and avid readers, but any couple who appreciates unique home decor will be delighted to add this set to their lineup. Available in black or white, this sculptural home decor gift is delightfully unexpected and will add a dash of old-world charm to any space.

18. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame from Amazon for the best holiday gift
Photo: Amazon

In today's smartphone-driven world, we all have photos of everything—almost too many photos to really review and appreciate them as much as we'd like to. Thankfully, this digital picture frame can bring photos off their phones and into their home. With a 10.1-inch smart display and classical photo frame stylings, this device is completely customizable and easily controlled from an app, so the couple can change out the photos in rotation.

19. Split-Design Bedding Set

Split-Design Bedding Set for a cozy holiday from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This genius innovation solves the age-old problem of sleeping with a partner with different temperature preferences—and different ideas of comfort. The bedding features a comforter (or top sheet or both, depending on if you'd like to invest in the full set) that's split almost entirely in half to give each sleeper autonomy and control over their own blanket and sheet situation. And at 2,000 thread count, this isn't just a novelty gift, it's a genuinely well-executed piece of quality bedding. (Note: You can opt for just the comforter, just the sheet or a full set that includes both plus pillow cases and a fitted sheet.)

20. Time-Saving Defrosting Tray

Time-Saving Defrosting Tray from Hammacher Schlemmer
Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer

We've all been there: You have a great lunch or dinner planned and have all the ingredients (including a hungry partner), but the main protein is still an ice block. Enter: the faster defrosting tray. Okay, we know it's not the sexiest gift, but it'll be so appreciated by the dinner-party-throwing duo on your holiday shopping list. This defroster tray can thaw foods, including meats and fish, up to 50 percent faster. It's also something of a Swiss Army Knife—the reverse side of the board is a food-safe cutting board with juice grooves, rubberized edges, a ceramic knife sharpener and even a built-in zester.

21. Charger-Catchall Combo

Charger-Catchall Combo for a holiday gift from Courant
Photo: Courant

While the couple on your holiday list may already own several chargers for their devices and a catchall for keys and cards, they likely don't have an elegant version that does both. Courant's gorgeous CATCH:3 is the epitome of beauty and brains, featuring a USB-A port and three coils for quicker charging. The luxe tray is available in premium Belgian linen or handsome Italian leather, and you have the option to monogram it for an additional cost.

22. Custom Neon Sign

Personalized Neon Sign from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Go for this gift if you're shopping for a funky, spunky couple. Make a custom neon sign of the couple's names or perhaps a favorite phrase, inside joke or memorable date. If you know the couple well enough where a home decor gift like this would be welcome, it's a super unique option.

23. Tricked-Out Toaster

Tricked-Out Toaster for your holiday present from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Yes, they probably already have a traditional toaster, but do they have a smart toaster with a touch screen? Most likely, the answer is no. Sure, they would probably never buy this pricier-than-most smart toaster for themselves, but they'll be glad they don't have to live without once they get to unbox it and put it to use. Revolution's luxury toaster went viral on social media for a reason—it's powered by the brand's proprietary InstaGlo technology, which allows the user to customize the color (which corresponds to the toast level) of your bread. Too cool.

24. Portable Pizza Oven

Portable pizza oven from Ooni
Photo: Ooni

Another culinary upgrade that the couple with it all probably doesn't yet have: a pizza oven. This sleek model is not only compact enough for small yards and patios, its pint-sized profile doesn't impact its performance or versatility in any way. It can use either gas or charcoal to cook them up a stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds for the world's speediest date-night dinner.

25. Countertop Bartender

Festive Countertop Bartender from Bespoke Post
Photo: Bespoke Post

OK, so it's a fancy cocktail maker, but this is the closest thing to a personal bartender you'll find. Even the most enthusiastic cocktail-aficionado couple isn't likely to have this in their home bar yet, and they'll be thrilled to unwrap this next-level beverage maker. It's similar to single-serve coffee machines, like the ubiquitous Keurig models, in that it uses pods to mix, prep and serve the cocktails, allowing the user to customize the spirits, mixers and the strength of the drink with the push of a button. Yes, it doesn't replace the art of making cocktails the old fashioned way, but it's a worthy addition that'll make a little at-home happy hour moment a breeze.

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