7 Seriously Creative Ceremony Seating Ideas

by Bridget Clegg
Photo by: Kelly Prizel Photography/The Knot

As long as you account for the number of guests and make sure all of your guests can see the action at the altar, really anything goes. See how these weddings played with the space they're in and totally pulled it off.

Spiral Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Brooke Mayo Photography/The Knot

Photo by: Brooke Mayo Photography

Make an outdoor wedding a bit more intimate by setting up chairs in a spiral. How fun would it be to see each and every guest as you circle your way to the center? (See all photos from the wedding!)

Four-Aisle Circular Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Kelly Prizel Photography/The Knot

Photo by: Kelly Prizel Photography

Circle set-ups aren't just for outdoor weddings. I love how this set-up totally plays off the existing space! (See all photos from the wedding)

All-Around Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Bonnie & Lauren/The Knot

Photo by: Bonnie & Lauren

For a warm and personal atmosphere, Kendel and Adam situated chairs so they could sit amongst their guests and take center stage when necessary. The participants in the wedding stood up where they were seated to do their readings, embracing the free form arrangement. (See all photos from the wedding)

Left, Right and Center Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Lisa Ross/The Knot

Photo by: Lisa Ross

Hey, you in the way back! Instead of having the rows extend in just one direction, this couple arranged chairs to the front, left and right of the action for better views all around. (See all photos from the wedding)

Arrow Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Allan Zepeda/The Knot

Photo by: Allan Zepeda

Work with the space you have! If a tree's planted smack dab in the middle of your ceremony locale, build out seating around it. (See all photos from the wedding)

Extra Stadium Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Emilie Inc./TheKnot

Photo by: Emilie Inc.

Mixing bleachers, bales of hay and folding chairs, this couple made sure everyone had a view of that fabulous apple-studded huppah! (See all photos from the wedding!)

Sunken Ceremony Seating

Photo by: Nancy Ray Photography/The Knot

Photo by: Nancy Ray Photography

Adapt your seating plans to make that perfect ceremony location work. Here, guests were seated on either side of the pier and around and below the landing, looking right out onto the water. (See all photos from the wedding)

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