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Updated Mar 27, 2024

A welcome message is the first thing your loved ones will see when they land on your wedding website. So, if you want to be sure they'll stick around and use it, write a wedding website welcome message that's engaging and impactful. While your wedding site should include all the wedding details, such as directions to the wedding ceremony, your wedding registry, dress code, guest accommodations along with photos of you and your S.O., the welcome message is an important detail that shouldn't be overlooked in your website design. In order to help you craft the best wedding website welcome message, we've compiled a few of our favorite examples and ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

When you're ready to get started, head to The Knot to easily build your own beautiful wedding website—you can even choose templates and fonts to coordinate with your save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Then, use some of these creative wedding website examples to inspire your own. And if you've already created your wedding website, you can use The Knot Wedding Planner App to add a welcome message any time.

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What Should Your Welcome Message Say on Your Wedding Website?

Most wedding website templates include space to write your names along with the wedding date and location. (Aka: The most important info for everyone on your guest list.) There's also the option to add a text box, and that's where we recommend writing a wedding website welcome message that's short, sweet and to the point.

The welcome message on your wedding website serves as a greeting for guests as well as a handy explainer about what to find on your site. Top tip: As well as letting them know what information they can find now, let them know about any last-minute details they should check back for later. Your welcome message is also a great place to plug important reminders (ahem, sending RSVPs). You can also use this space to post important updates throughout your wedding planning journey. For example, "You are invited to join us for brunch on the day after our wedding" or "We've reserved a hotel room block for you to book your stay" along with a link to the details.

While you could choose to write a detailed account of your relationship story or post the wedding itinerary here, don't feel like you have to squeeze all of the details on the wedding website welcome page. Guests will appreciate an easy-to-read landing page with the most important info. Everything else, like your gift registry, can still be included in your wedding website in other organized sections. (Psst, we've shared the details below to help you plan the rest after you've crafted the perfect welcome message wording.)

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Wedding Website Welcome Message Examples

To keep it to the point, the welcome text on your wedding website should be simple and direct— avoid in-jokes or obscure references. To get started, use these examples of introductory phrases and the basic info to include:

Introductory Welcome Message Examples

Use this opening line to welcome your loved ones, build anticipation and share your excitement about your upcoming nuptials.


  • Welcome to our wedding website! We can't wait to share our special day with you.
  • We said yes! Join us in the countdown until we say "I do."
  • To our friends and family: We're so excited to celebrate our wedding with you. Find all the details you need to know about our big day here.
  • The countdown until our forever is on.
  • Thank you for RSVP-ing "Yes" to our big day! We're thrilled to celebrate with you.
  • Fancy seeing you here! Welcome to our wedding website—we're so happy to begin married life with you by our side.
  • This must be the place. Get ready to celebrate [your names] wedding day!
  • Thanks for dropping by our wedding website! Find all the details you need here—we'll see you at the altar.
  • Heck yes we do. We're so excited to celebrate our big day with you.
  • We're getting hitched! Join us in celebrating our big day.

Destination Wedding Website Welcome Message

A destination wedding website calls for a slightly different approach as you can really play up the travel component with one of these fun welcome message ideas.


  • From [hometown] to [destination location], we can't wait to travel the world with you.
  • Welcome to our wedding website! We're so excited you'll be joining us on our latest adventure.
  • Get your passports ready—we can't wait to say "I do" in front of you!
  • Oh, the places we'll go… we can't wait to celebrate our wedding in [location] with you.
  • We said "Yes" to each other. Now, we're so thrilled you said "Yes" to joining us on our next journey together.

Funny Wedding Website Welcome Message Ideas

If you're not the sentimental type, you might prefer writing a funny wedding website welcome message to encapsulate your relationship. We've got you—below, find our favorite funny ideas to make your wedding website unapologetically you. Start with one of these opening lines.


  • Can you believe it? [Name] and [name] are finally getting married!
  • Start spreading the booze—we're getting hitched!
  • The countdown is on until we're officially locked in for life.
  • Marriage has a nice ring to it. We can't wait to celebrate ours with you.
  • You're invited to the wedding of the century. You're welcome.
  • If you're going to sit through a wedding, it might as well be a fun one. We can't wait to party with you!
  • You're invited to our wedding! (Don't worry, there will be an open bar.)
  • We're drunk in love. Come party with us!
  • NBD, but we heard there's going to be one hell of a wedding this year.
  • We wanted an excuse to party, so we're getting married!

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Additional Welcome Message Wording Examples

After you've grabbed your guests' attention with an opening line, write a little more about what they can find on your website in addition to any other quick info they need to know.

Use one of these examples to complete your wedding website welcome message or craft your own statement that's inspired by your personalities to put your own spin on it. When it comes to your wedding website, creativity will set yours apart. And if you have fun making it, your guests will be thrilled to use it.


Here, you'll find all the information you need to know about our wedding. Reserve your stay through one of our hotel blocks, find local recommendations, and meet our wedding party. You can even leave us a song request if you'd like. Oh, and don't forget to RSVP!


    We've created this wedding website as a hub for all of our wedding information. Find the answers to any questions you have about our big day, and check out our engagement photos and relationship story while you're here. We can't wait to see you on [wedding date].

    Our wedding website is here to help you plan your trip for our big day. We've provided travel instructions, hotel and transportation accommodations, local recs and the schedule for our wedding weekend. We'll see you soon!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by our wedding website. Browse around to read our proposal story, see our favorite engagement photos, learn more wedding details and check back closer to our wedding date for important updates. (P.S.: While you're here, don't forget to RSVP.) We're so thrilled to ring in our wedding day with you.

    We're so excited to share our wedding website with you. Consider this your official guide to our wedding day and the place to find accommodation recommendations, travel instructions, the itinerary for the day and more. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

      To finish it off with a personal touch, sign your names at the end of your wedding website welcome message—along with your wedding hashtag, if you have one.

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      Wedding Website Wording Examples for Additional Sections

      Once you've set the tone with your home page and welcome message, you'll want to pay attention to the wedding website wording for other sections. Here are tips for communicating a few other important details.

      "Our Story"

      If you do choose to write a longer story about your relationship (including how you met and when you got engaged), let your own creativity be the guiding force. You know your love story better than anyone else, so sit down with your S.O. and spill all the sweet details. Our best advice? Check out "our story" wedding website examples from real couples to get tips for writing yours.

      Wedding Registry

      Naturally, many of your loved ones would like to buy you a wedding gift, but what? To let them know what you want or need, take inspiration from wedding website registry wording examples for a gift registry, honeymoon fund, cash gifts and other gift suggestions you might have (including no gifts).

      Wedding Party Introductions

      Don't forget to showcase the people who will be standing by your side on the big day. This section is a great opportunity to introduce guests to some of your favorite people before the wedding. Browse wedding party bio examples to get started.


      Your wedding website is a great way to gather RSVPs. You'll want to get the messaging just right on your wedding invitations and wedding website. Browse examples for online RSVP wording to direct your guests.

      Dress Code

      Including the dress code on your wedding website is a very important detail for wedding guests. It should be included on the home page, wedding events page or FAQ section—or all three for that matter. Read our dress code glossary to help determine the best fit for your wedding.

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