Wedding Transportation: Do We Have to Rent a Wedding Limo?


We have a pretty tight budget, and the quotes I've been getting from limo and car service places are way out of our price range. Do we have to get a fancy car to transport the wedding party around? My sister says it's a requirement and our attendants will be offended if we don't. I really don't think it's the end of the world if we carpool, and I'd love to save the money, but I don't want them to think I'm being cheap.


Limo companies aren't going to thank us for this one, but here's the truth: You aren't required to have a fancy ride. When it comes to budgeting your wedding dollars, the key is to pick your priorities. So you don't want a limo? Fine, don't get one -- and no, your wedding party shouldn't turn their noses up at having to drive around in everyday cars. If you really think it'll be a problem for your party, remember too that there are other options beyond the traditional limo. Perhaps town cars will fit your budget better? Then take the money you saved and put it into something you really do care about (maybe you want to thank your guests by giving them great favors).

But, if it is really important to you that you have an amazing entrance and exit, then by all means, go ahead and rent that superstretch Hummer H2 or classic Rolls Royce. Find a spot in your budget where you can scrounge up that dough -- maybe you don't want to go all out for your favors, or you can use your ceremony flowers to decorate the reception tables. If you're spending your hard-earned cash on parts of the wedding that you feel strongly about instead of the little details you're "supposed to have," you'll feel much more comfortable when you part with it -- and you'll wind up with a wedding day that's more reflective of the two of you.

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