Thinking of Getting a Limo for Your Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Before putting your money down on a wedding day limo, understand the process and the cost.
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Updated Dec 13, 2023

When curating a wedding checklist, one of the items that's sure to be at the top or somewhere close by is transportation. Wedding transportation ensures you get to and from your wedding venue and hopefully, can do so in style.

If you're thinking of using a wedding day limo, there are fine details you need to consider beforehand like the cost, pros and cons and quantity. While this can all be overwhelming, a good place to start is by looking for wedding limo companies in your area, which you can find on The Knot Vendor Marketplace (you can filter by transportation type, including limos, to easily source your ride of choice).

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Do You Need a Wedding Day Limo?

During the planning phase of a wedding it's easy to feel like you have to do things the way you've always seen them done. That said, you don't have to get a wedding day limo if that's not what's truly going to give you joy on your wedding day.

Joy aside, you also want to consider factors like convenience, wedding party size and budget when making this decision. Renting a limo means you won't have to worry about getting from one place to another on time, and riding in comfort and style will give the day an extra-special feel. If you have a big wedding party, getting a limo will save you from the headache of figuring out who's riding with whom, and when. Your transportation company will help with all the logistics. So while a wedding day limo isn't a necessity, we do recommend it if it fits in your budget.

Who Rides in the Limo on the Wedding Day?

A question that requires some thought is who will ride in the limo if you decide to get one.

"Ultimately, the decision on who rides in the limo depends on the couple's preferences, the size of the wedding party and any specific logistical considerations," says Abiola Abbe, the creative director and lead wedding planner at ABIBI Bridal in Boston, Massachusetts.

Envision how you want the ride to the wedding ceremony or wedding party venue to be and what special moments you want to create. For instance, if you want to make a toast with your bridal party, then riding in the limo with them may be ideal. In popular rom coms, you may notice only the couple getting married rides in the limo.

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"This is often the case when the couple prefers a more private and intimate moment together before or after the ceremony," says Abbe.

Who Pays for the Wedding Day Limo?

In terms of who pays for the limo, Abbe says it's usually the couple. However, that can change depending on daily traditions or preference.

"In some cases, family members, such as parents, may offer to cover specific wedding expenses, including the limo. For example, generous family members like brothers, sisters, or uncles might choose to contribute to or fully cover the cost of the limo as a gift to the couple. We have seen this in the last few weddings that we have organized," says Abbe.

The cost of wedding transportation will probably be a major deciding factor in which type you choose. Wedding day limos can range from $75 per hour to over $150 depending on the type of limousine and your location. Consider calling a few wedding limo companies near you to gauge the price and match that up against your transportation budget.

How Many Limos Do You Need on the Wedding Day?

The number of wedding limos you need hinges on the size of your party or what you've decided the purpose of the limo is. For instance, if only the couple intends to ride in the limo, then you may only need one. If the couple will ride in one limo and the bridal party in another, two may be necessary.

Abbe offers other things to consider when making the decision about how many limos to use.

"The size of your wedding party, the count of family members, the chosen photography locations and the distance from where you're getting ready to the ceremony venue," says Abbe. "If making two to three trips in one limo seems like it might stretch out the timeline, we usually suggest going for two limos. On average, our couples opt for about 1-2 limos to ensure everything runs smoothly."

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Day Limo?

So, should you rent a limo for your wedding day? As you may have gathered, there are pros and cons. Here are a few more benefits to help you determine whether it's the right choice for you.

Stress-Free Travel

Weddings can be frantic especially when you're trying to get from one item on the agenda to another. Having a reliable form of transportation can make things less stressful, says Abbe.

"Professional chauffeurs are experienced in navigating wedding timelines, ensuring that you arrive at each location on time and in style."

Since limos tend to be so roomy, they can also double as an emergency form of transport if you need to carry a few extra people last-minute.

Comfort and Privacy

Being comfortable on your wedding day and ensuring your loved ones are comfortable may be important to you. If so, a limo can provide an enjoyable experience and a luxurious feel. For instance, it may ensure the wedding party–couples included—aren't dressed to the nines and squeezing into a tight space. It can also provide a sense of privacy since limos tend to have tinted windows.

Enhanced Photos

Pictures are a big part of a wedding day and limos can help enhance them. Having an aesthetically pleasing and glamorous form of transportation in the background can give images that extra umph. Abbe says she has seen limos used to transform wedding pictures.

"I've had the joy of witnessing a couple transform fancy limos into the most enchanting backdrops for their lifetime photos," she says. "There's something magical about the sleek and polished appearance of a limo. it has this uncanny ability to enhance the visual appeal of your wedding content."

Deciding to use a limo is a personal choice but it can truly add to a memorable wedding day. As Abbe rightfully states, "It's not just transportation, it's a part of the storytelling, a chapter in the beautiful narrative of your special day."

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