13 Bridal Party First Looks Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Don’t forget about the other first look moment you have to have with your wedding party.
by Maggie Seaver

After months of planning and hours of getting ready the morning of your wedding, you’ll be so psyched to finally put your wedding dress on and show your bridal party how incredible you look. Although there’s nothing quite like your first look with your partner, the first time your best friends, siblings and parents see you all dressed up is an irreplaceable moment (make sure you put this one on your must-have shot list!). Here are 13 of our favorite photos of bridesmaids absolutely losing it over seeing the bride for the first time.

  1. Ladies on the Lawn

    Bridal party seeing the bride for the first time
    photo by Be Light Photography
  2. The Top-of-the-Stairs Reveal

    Bridal party seeing the bride for the first time
    photo by Jeff Wojtaszek Photography
  3. Bridal Party and Father of the Bride First Look

    Bridal party seeing the bride for the first time
    photo by Evie & Jr. Photography
  4. Leaving Them Speechless

    photo by L. Frisch Photography
  5. All Smiles

    Black bridesmaid dresses
    photo by Person Killian Photography
  6. The First Look Cheer

    Teal bridesmaid dresses
  7. Adoring Onlookers

    photo by Aaron Delesie Photography
  8. A Sweet Moment on the Deck

    photo by Heather Chipps
  9. Making Their Jaws Drop

    photo by Jonathan Young Weddings
  10. The "I Can't Believe This Is Happening" Face

    photo by Harwell Photography
  11. Watching the Finishing Touches

    bridesmaids watching
    photo by Town & Country Studios
  12. The Center of Attention

    bridesmaids first looks
    photo by Marie Labbancz Photography
  13. Pure Joy

    bridesmaids first looks
    photo by Emily Steffen
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