7 Creative Bridal Shower Gift Themes We're Loving This Year

Here's a crash course on all things themed wedding shower gifts.
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Updated Mar 30, 2023

If you're working hard putting together the perfect bridal or wedding shower, you're likely looking for unique ways to make it wonderful. Maybe you've come up with some bridal shower themes that reflect the celebrant's favorite interests or aesthetic already, but have you considered looking into bridal shower gift themes?

Not to be confused with the theme of the overall wedding shower (like a tropical theme, tea party theme etc.), themes for bridal shower gifts determine the category or style of gift the soonlyweds would like to receive. You can get as fun or practical as you'd like with it! Bridal shower themes for gifts are also a great option for a couple who assembled a smaller wedding registry and might not have enough gifts to go around for every prewedding event and the big day itself—it gives guests some gifting freedom, while also providing helpful parameters.

In this article, we'll share some of our favorite ideas for themed gifts for a bridal shower for you to consider—and some expert advice when it comes to notifying guests and pulling off a seamless affair.

How to Choose a Wedding Shower Gift Theme

Wondering which of the great bridal shower gift theme ideas to run with? We've got some advice. One idea is to opt for a category of gifts the couple needs. For example, if the couple recently moved in together post-engagement, a home decor gift theme might be appropriate so they can stock up their love nest with thoughtful housewarming gifts. Another option is to focus on a hobby or interest of the celebrated party. If they're often taken by wanderlust, a gift table overflowing with fancy luggage tags, thoughtful guide books and other travel gifts will make them smile. You could also focus on an aspect of the celebrant's personality to determine some themed bridal shower gifts. If your loved one is a workaholic, then some relaxation and self-care-themed presents will do them a world of good.

No matter what you choose, run your idea by both partners (or approach one and have them discuss with their partner). This, of course, is to ensure they're satisfied with the theme you've come up with and are excited by the notion of receiving gifts along this theme.

How to Communicate a Wedding Shower Gift Theme

Once you've selected the gift themes for the bridal shower with the happy couple, it's time to spread the word to your shower guests. Kathryn Dinsmore, founder and event specialist at the UK-based Flock Events (which specializes in bachelorettes and showers), has some great tips to follow if you're wondering how to inform your guests you'll be doing themed bridal shower gifts and cover all of your bases if any of them are having trouble.

  • Put it on the invitation. "It's advisable to communicate clearly on the invitation itself," says Dinsmore. "Let them know what type of items will be appreciated and put their minds at ease before the event begins."
  • Include alternative gift ideas. Dinsmore says that noting a welcome gifting alternative, like a charitable contribution, on the invite as well is a great option for guests who might be stumped with the theme.
  • Remember etiquette rules. The key is to inform guests, rather than demand they stick to the theme. "[The wording you choose] shouldn't say anything more than asking politely for your partygoers' help in making their friend's day just that bit extra special by choosing thoughtful gifts which match their wedding vision and dreams," says Dinsmore.

Our Favorite Wedding Shower Gift Themes

If you're into the idea of throwing your favorite couple a shower with a theme for gifts, keep reading! We've rounded up seven cool ideas for bridal shower gift themes they're sure to love.

Kitchen Gift Theme

For younger engaged couples or couples who aren't living together just yet, it can take quite a bit of money and effort to achieve a fully stocked kitchen. From small appliances, to dinnerware, to cooking bits and bobs, there are tons of things that fall into the category and will be fail-safe bridal shower gifts. That's why a kitchen theme works well for a bridal shower.

The best thing about this theme is that it likely goes hand-in-hand with the couple's registry. There's a good chance they've registered for plenty of items for their kitchen and, even if not, gifts like wine glasses from their favorite country, a personalized wooden cutting board or a piece of their favorite upscale porcelain bakeware all make great kitchen themed gifts for a bridal shower. And if the betrothed couple are big foodies who are experts in home cooking, you can easily kick this theme up a notch to gift them things like single-origin spices, a high-quality wok pan or a fermentation kit for making their own pickles.

Relaxation Theme

This is one of our favorite bridal shower gift themes because there's just so much you can do with it. Keep it classy by giving items like luxe blankets, upscale bedding, that new down duvet cover they've been eyeballing, or even plush matching robes. Or, you could include fun items like a chair massage pad, a massage ball with scented oil, or even matching pajamas. A gift basket of little spa and self-care goodies would be welcome, too.

We think this theme would be ideal for couples with stressful jobs, children at home or those who are coordinating every detail of their big day themselves sans wedding planner.

Coffee or Tea Theme

Just about everyone loves coffee or tea: there's just something so soothing about a nice warm beverage. That's why we love this bridal shower theme for gifts. Simply imagine what would make up a fully stocked coffee bar and go from there, using your imagination to come up with great gifts.

Choose coffee or tea for the gift theme, or incorporate both if the couple is divided when it comes to determining the best morning pick-me-up. High-quality beans or loose leaf teas are great gifts, of course, as are funky barista gadgets like milk foamers or fancy flavor syrups. A set of mugs or a gift card to a favorite local cafe is an easy option, too. Our favorite suggestions? A subscription to a coffee or tea of the month club.

Lingerie Theme

For a fun and sexy bridal shower gift theme, consider lingerie. One great way to do this? Allow guests to shop from the couple's registry then choose one fancy pair of panties of their choice along with the registry gift. That way, the couple is still able to receive gifts they've picked for themselves and the shower celebrant gets a fun extra treat. Make it as sophisticated or as spicy as you'd like.

Note: If you think the soonlywed you're celebrating would be down for a lingerie shower, but wouldn't want to open undergarments in front of mom or grandma, have one of the wedding party members helping out with the shower collect any sexy gifts on a separate table for the soon-to-be spouse to open later on.

Travel Theme

Here's another bridal shower gift theme idea we love. Lots of couples increasingly appreciate gifting experiences rather than physical items, like gift cards to airlines or vouchers towards honeymoon costs. For the couple who loves to hit the road or fly the friendly skies, a travel-themed shower might be the perfect option.

Guests can give small gifts like trendy luggage tags and passport holders, or higher-dollar items like luxury suitcases or vintage leather weekender bags. Another option? Have guests contribute to a travel fund to help offset the cost of the honeymoon.

Home Decor Theme

Perfect for a first-time couple embarking on creating a life together, a home decor shower gift theme will assure they have a collection of items to fill their first home. This is another easy gift theme, since you can simply work with the couple's registry as a jumping off point for gift suggestions. Or, amp up the creative factor and encourage your guests to only choose objects that can be hung on the wall, for instance. Just be sure to set any necessary parameters beforehand so the couple doesn't end up with furniture they can't fit anywhere.

Date Night Theme

Showering the couple who has everything? Opt for a date night gift theme. Here, anything goes that would make for a fun activity for the couple to do together. Guests can bring gift cards for local restaurants, movie theaters or even arcades, or they can gift the couple a voucher for classes—like a couple's cooking class or even a dance class. What could be a more cherished gift than a bunch of fun experiences to enjoy together during their first year of marriage?

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