45 Housewarming Gifts for Couples That’ll Turn Their New Abode Into a Home

Help them settle in with one of these thoughtful ideas.
Four housewarming gifts for couples: "home" coat hooks, bread-warming set, succulent, custom doormat
Photos, clockwise: Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Lula's Garden, Imagineered
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Updated Apr 09, 2024
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Moving into a new place or becoming first-time homeowners together is a milestone deserving of celebration—and housewarming gifts for couples are a common gesture for the occasion. But finding unique housewarming gifts is easier said than done!

Not only does every duo have their own interior design style to be considered, but home needs as well. For example, newlyweds who are living together for the first time may appreciate new bar glasses for hosting; whereas a couple who's been cohabitating for a while might feel their kitchen is already well-stocked. To ease the burden, we curated this list of couple gifts that'll suit various aesthetics, price points and more. From small and practical home goods to personalized decor, these housewarming gift ideas for couples cover all the bases.

Below, find unique housewarming gifts for couples that'll help your friends and family make a house a home.

1. Personalized Doormat

Personalized doormat housewarming gift for couples
Photo: Imagineered

From apartments to single-family homes, a doormat is the perfect finishing touch to a new place. This personalized welcome mat is designed for couples, featuring both of their names along with a small heart. It'll not only greet guests so they know they're in the right spot, but it'll also help keep their new abode clean.

2. Swivel Cheese and Tapas Board

Swiveling cheese board adorned with cheeses, crackers, and olives.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Is their go-to potluck dish charcuterie? Then they'll get plenty of use out of this easy-to-store wooden cheese board. It collapses from a circle to a half-moon with a special spot for three cheese knives and ceramic bowls. Best of all, it can be engraved with their initials and a year (think: the one where they met, got married or bought their house.)

3. Sherpa Throw Blanket

Sherpa throw blanket housewarming gift for couples
Photo: Neiman Marcus

If you thought UGG made comfortable shoes, just wait until you feel their blankets. Gift the couple this fluffy throw to keep them extra warm and cozy at night. One side is a cloud-like knit, while the other is a sherpa fabric. (They can reverse it depending on how they're feeling that day.)

4. Hometown Map Glasses

Two cocktail glasses featuring customized hometown maps.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

When it comes to unique home bar goods, these whiskey tumblers, pints and stemless wine glasses caught our eye. They come precision-engraved with the map of a special place, such as the city or town the couple is moving to or from. You can further personalize them with names, dates and a message. They'll toast to you whenever they reach for them.

5. State Coasters

State coasters housewarming gifts for couples
Photo: HometownGiftsCo

If the couple is buying new furniture, make sure it stays in pristine condition with a set of nice coasters as a gift. These slate coasters are printed with the US state of your choice and small graphics depicting its notable features. (Minnesota's coaster design for example shows off water motifs, the state bird and fish and a sailboat.) Sets of two, four, six, eight and 10 are available.

6. Custom Etched Wine

Custom wine bottle engraved with a couple's name housewarming gift
Photo: Mano's Wine

A bottle of wine is a classic housewarming gift idea, and you can make yours really stand out by having it engraved. This bottle of California cabernet sauvignon is etched with the message, "Home sweet home," with space for names and a new address underneath. Even after they finish the vino, they'll want to save the bottle as a memento.

7. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Electric wine bottle opener
Photo: Amazon

Help them open a bottle of vino to celebrate the close of a new home via an electric wine bottle opener. No more yanking on the cork or shredding it. With this new tech, they simply need to press a button and it'll unscrew the stopper with precision. Plus it's rechargeable, so they'll never need a wine key or waiter's corkscrew again.

8. Personalized Wine Cork Box

Custom wine cork holder with couple's initials embossed on it housewarming gift for couple
Photo: TheCorkboxCo

Help the couple keep track of all the celebrations that take place in their new home with a wine cork box to hang in their kitchen or bar. This rustic display is personalized with their initials within a wreath with an option to add a special date. We suggest gifting it with a sharpie, so they can write the occasion each cork marked before adding it in.

9. Low Maintenance Houseplant

Low maintenance houseplant housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Lula's Garden

Plants are another classic new home gift for couples, and a succulent is a great low-maintenance option. Lula's Garden sells pre-potted succulents, like this spikey duo, packaged in a gift box that celebrates the milestone. With these adorable succulents, the couple can watch their love and garden grow together.

10. Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vase housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Mark & Graham

A flower vase is an equally great housewarming gift idea. This popular dipped ceramic pitcher is crafted from durable stoneware and comes available in various vibrant glazes. Plus, it can be engraved with a small monogram, making it a unique home accent for couples.

11. Cookbook for Two

Cookbook for two housewarming gift for couple
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

If they're particularly pumped about their new kitchen, help them make the most of the space with a cookbook that doubles as a memory journal. The Adventure Challenge's Dinner Dates book pairs delicious recipes from Josh Altamura, a Chopped Junior champion, with creative activities to fill the downtime between prepping food and eating. It even has space on each page to comment on what they did, how they liked it and even add a picture.

Use the code THEKNOT20 to get 20% off your purchase.

12. Personalized Cutting Board

Beautiful wooden cutting board featuring custom initials housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's a meaningful first-home gift for couples: This laser-engraved cutting board celebrates where they put down roots with a charming tree-trunk carving. It can also be personalized with their initials and either a special day (like when they moved in or first met). It's so cute that they may never use it for chopping veggies and just keep it on display in the kitchen.

13. Gourmet Olive Oil

Two bottles of gourmet olive oil sit on a counter top.
Photo: Brightland

They can't easily cook in their new kitchen without olive oil. This duo of gourmet extra virgin olive oils from Brightland will make every meal better. It comes with their Awake EVOO blend (best used for roasting, sauteing, soups and bread), as well as their Alive EVOO for salads, hummus, baked goods and fresh greens. They're both made from high-quality, early-harvest olives for freshness and flavor.

14. Bread-Warming Set

Bread-warming set housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Did you know bread and salt are traditional housewarming gifts? Originating in Slavic and Jewish cultures, bread and salt symbolizes never going hungry and life always having flavor. If you're not a pro baker, you can still give a nod to the tradition with this bread-warming set. It comes with a single or double-heart-shaped stone, a cloth-lined basket and a linen bread towel to keep a loaf warm and toasty.

15. Spice Set and Rack

Sleek spice rack sits on a countertop housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Evermill

If you're looking for a good housewarming gift for a couple that's moving in together for the first time, we suggest giving home essentials they likely don't have or even don't think about needing until it's too late—like salt (for tradition) and cooking spices (for everything else). Help them stock their pantry so they're ready to make meals together with Evermill's spice rack and bottles. The modern organizer can sit on a countertop, in a cupboard or be mounted to a wall and comes in gunmetal, silver, white or black. Choose either 12 or 18 organic spices to include that come pre-packaged in ultra-chic, minimalist containers.

16. Personalized Bottle Opener

Personalized wooden bottle opener
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Beer-loving couples will get a kick out of this wall-mounted bottle opener. It's handmade out of reclaimed white oak bourbon barrels and recycled metal sourced from wine barrel rings. Best of all though, it's personalized to showcase the couple's names as their own "backyard brewing co." with their move-in date underneath to commemorate how long they've been "chillin' & grillin'."

17. Personalized Grill Apron

Personalized grill apron housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Personalization Mall

An apron is a clever gift idea for the couple moving out of the city into a home with a backyard. It'll perfectly complement all their big talk about hosting summer barbeques. This heavyweight cotton apron is personalized with the "Grill master"'s name and a quip saying like "flippin' awesome" or "Eat. Drink. BBQ."

18. Personal Concrete Fireplace

Small concrete personal fireplace.
Photo: Rocky Luten and Julia Gartland

Alternatively, if a couple is downsizing to a pad with less green space, give them the backyard treatment nonetheless with a personal concrete fireplace. FLÎKR can create a flame no matter where the couple is with just a little rubbing alcohol and a match. We suggest gifting it with ingredients for s'mores.

19. Outdoor String Lights

Warm round outdoor string lights.
Photo: Amazon

These days, no back porch or balcony is complete without a strand of string lights. Help the couple set the ambiance of their outdoor haven with these top-rated lights. They're 25 feet long and give off a warm glow. Plus, they're dimmable to save electricity.

20. Custom House Portrait

Woman holds a custom print of a beautiful house housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Minted

Not all housewarming gift ideas for couples need to be practical. If you're looking for a sentimental present, a custom portrait of either the home they're departing or the one they're moving to is one of our favorite ideas. Simply upload a photo of the residence, then choose a color for the ink. Add custom text underneath for an even more personalized keepsake. It can even come framed with 12 border options.

21. Lucky Horseshoe

Beautiful lucky horseshoe gift for couples.
Photo: luxebuffalo

A horseshoe has been considered a good luck charm throughout history and will, thus, add a little prosperity to the couple's new home. In fact, they're supposed to hang it at the main entrance to attract positivity and good fortune. Simply choose a piece of leather or ribbon for the horseshoe to hang from, then give it to the couple in the provided gift box with a sweet note.

22. Aromatique Hand Wash

Aromatique hand wash housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Aēsop

If there are two things people often forget to leave out of the packing process, it's toilet paper and hand soap, which makes this one of the best housewarming gifts for couples. Aēsop's aromatic hand wash cleanses without dehydrating. This one has a distinct citrus and cedar scent that the couple and all their guests will obsess over.

23. Monogrammed Bath Towels

Mark & Graham monogrammed bath towels housewarming gift for couples
Photo: Mark & Graham

Monogrammed bath towels are a timeless gift for couples moving in together—after all, they'll need a way to tell their towels apart. Made from 100% ultra-long staple, Turkish cotton, these quick-drying and wonderfully plush towels are not only luxuriously soft but also custom embroidered with the name or initials of each partner. They each can have their own thread color, too.

24. Cotton Slippers

Cotton slippers housewarming gift for couples
Photo: Parachute

No scuffing the hardwood floors! Slippers are a good housewarming gift for couples (just make sure you grab two pairs) because they'll love to kick back in the cozy slides after a long day on their feet moving in. Plus, it'll keep them from walking around in other shoes that could scratch or dirty their floors.

25. Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray

Bamboo bath caddy housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Amazon

Help the couple take a well-deserved break from unpacking with a bamboo tray for their tub. This innovative tray can hold a book, glass, candle, phone and more, elevating their relaxation experience. Plus, it conveniently folds into a breakfast tray, allowing them to extend their downtime to the bedroom. It's a practical housewarming present for couples that promises to be used time and time again.

26. New Home Candle

New home candle in a sleek glass jar.
Photo: Homesick

This candle is designed to smell like an empty home full of possibilities and memories waiting to be made (jasmine and cedarwood with base notes of lime, sandalwood, oakmoss and musk). Of course, if they don't immediately recognize the aroma, it's labeled with the name and celebratory occasion, "New Home." It's a great housewarming gift for couples who have everything since, IMO, everyone can use more candles.

27. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Person holds a bottle of sleep-inducing pillow spray.
Photo: Amazon

Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep in a new place. Help make the couple feel extra comfortable in their new bedroom with a sleeping spray. They simply spritz the aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, chamomile and vetivert onto their bed linens and pillow to calm their mind and body and, thus, fall asleep faster. It's cruelty-free and contains no GMOs, sulfates, petrolatum, phthalates or synthetic colors for a natural sleep remedy—plus, it smells amazing. (And this editor would know, I use it almost every night.)

28. Air Fryer

Ninja Air Fryer housewarming gift for couples
Photo: Amazon

If you need an apartment warming gift for a couple moving for the very first time, don't shy away from kitchen appliances you think they need—like an air fryer. It uses hot air to cook food instead of oil, making it a healthier (but equally tasty) alternative to deep-frying. This Ninja air fryer is a top choice to make quick and easy meals, a necessity if they're still unpacking and organizing their new place.

29. Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Decorate the couple's windowsill with these adorable mason jars. They serve as colorful and innovative planters that use a passive hydroponic system—meaning there's no soil, yet nutrients are still brought to the roots while moisture is regulated—to make growing herbs easy. Choose between basil, cilantro, mint, parsley or rosemary, so the pair will have fresh seasonings in no time.

30. Fruity Dishcloth Set

Fruit patterned dishcloths housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Geometry

If there's one thing a growing household can't have enough of, it's dishcloths—especially ones that are extra absorbent and quick-drying. Fill their home with color thanks to this set of three small towels adorned with cherries, limes and peaches. Best of all, they're made from recycled material.

31. Cheeky New Homeowner Mug

Custom mug designed to celebrate being a homeowner.
Photo: PaintandHoneyCo

If you're shopping for friends or family with a good sense of humor, they'll get a kick out of this housewarming present. If this is the first home they've ever bought a home, this glass or ceramic mug shouts out their accomplishment. Underneath the exclamation, it's personalized with their new address. Make sure to buy two so the homeowning lovebirds can sip their morning coffee or tea in pride together.

32. Coffee Gift Set for Dog Parents

Coffee gift set housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Grounds & Hounds

The first thing going up in the new home: the coffee machine and the dog's bed. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. offers the perfect housewarming gift for couples who adore their furry companion. This set features a trio of delicious coffee blends, each carefully crafted to delight the senses and is wonderfully canine-themed (Morning Walk (light roast), Paper & Slippers (medium roast) and Alpha Blend (dark roast)). Each is available as whole or ground beans or single-serve pods. And don't forget their furry friend—grab the stuffed coffee cup toy for their dog!

33. Custom Pet Cushion

Custom cushion depicting the face and name of a beloved pet.
Photo: Purr & Mutt

Regardless of the couple's interior style, a pillow that honors their furry friends will fit perfectly into the aesthetic. Purr & Mutt transforms a photo of their dog(s) or cat(s) into a custom painting that is then printed on a cushion. The design can be minimalist, or you can have their pet painted as royalty, an occupation or a TV actor.

34. Color Sensor

Color sensor housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Amazon

If the couple bought a fixer-upper and have big plans to renovate it into the house of their dreams, this nifty gadget will seriously come in handy. It can scan any object or surface to find its paint match or digital color value, so they can easily match upholstered furniture, wall prints, bedding, decor and more without carrying each item from store to store. Their house will be coordinated to a T.

35. Seasonal Home Decor Subscription

Subscription box of seasonal holiday decor housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Decocrated

If they're big on holiday parties—we're talking Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth—then they'll love to receive exclusive home decor products that celebrate each occasion's aesthetic. A Decocrated membership for couples includes quarterly deliveries, plus access to the brand's online storefront to stock up on even more cheery home finds. Decocrated even provides members with styling tips so each piece sent or purchased can be on its best display. It'll be an easy way for them to fill their home with holiday spirit, even while they're still sifting through their own boxes.

36. Personalized First Home Ornament

Personalized first home ornament housewarming gift
Photo: CedarAndTin

If the couple moved around the holidays, help their home reflect the spirit of the season with a new ornament marking the milestone. This wooden ornament is shaped like a house and engraved with their new address and the year they moved in. They'll hang it on the tree every year as a memento of the first house they turned into a home.

37. An Interior Design Consultation

An interior designer arranges dining items on a table.
Photo: Havenly

If the couple is obsessed with HGTV but has no idea where to start with their own home, gift them a consultation with one of Havenly's interior designers. They'll help the pair bring a room (or rooms) to life with their expert style consulting. You could also gift them a merch credit so they can put the designer's visions to life with new furnishings from the brand. It's certainly one of the most practical housewarming gift ideas for couples on this list.

38. Return Address Stamp

Custom return label stamp on a cream-colored envelope housewarming gift for couples
Photo: Stampmyworld

Here's a clever housewarming gift idea for newlyweds—or really anyone who loves stationery. This stamp features their shared last name and new address to make filling out envelopes—like for wedding thank-you cards—easy. They'll use this gift every holiday card season, too!

39. Video Doorbell

Sleek doorbell camera.
Photo: Amazon

Make sure the couple feels safe in their new home with a video doorbell. Ring lets them see, hear and speak to anyone at their front door from their phone, tablet or computer for increased security and privacy. And it's easy to install, so they can have it up before their first sleepover in the house.

40. Monogram Wall Hooks

Monogram wall hooks housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Anthropologie

Help decorate their front entryway with a safe and stylish place to keep their new house keys. Gift the couple this whimsical wall hook with the monogram of their last name or both of their first initials. You could even snag four to spell "home" like the picture! The brass is stamped to look like a wax seal for some vintage charm.

41. Local Restaurant Gift Card

Local restaurant gift card housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Giftcards.com

If all of the couple's pots and pans are packed away, then a gift card for local restaurant chains will be an especially welcome housewarming gift. Treat the couple to breakfast, lunch or dinner with a One4all gift card that's good at over one hundred joints. We have no doubt they'll use it right away.

42. Personalized Cookbook Stand

Personalized cookbook stand housewarming gift for couple
Photo: MyPersonalMemories

Of course, once the new and (hopefully) bigger kitchen is in order, they'll want to get cooking right away! Lend a hand with this wooden cookbook stand, which can also easily work for a tablet too. It's made with bamboo and has the option to add a custom engraving so they'll likely want to leave it out on the counter all the time.

43. Quirky Cookie Jar

Quirky cookie jar housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Ban.Do

Looking to sweeten their new home? Cue this adorable ice cream cone-shaped cookie jar. With its vibrant colors, this whimsically designed jar serves as not only a convenient storage solution but also a charming decorative piece. Whether they choose to fill it with homemade cookies or store-bought sweets, they'll be reminded of your thoughtful gesture with every scoop. (Plus when you come over, you'll know exactly where to find the treats!)

44. New Board Game

New board game housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Amazon

If you've been invited to a housewarming party, bring the fun with a board game that the couple can keep at the end of the night. This game is good for just two people or up to 12. The premise? One team must accurately position a dial on a target, guided by a teammate acting as a "psychic." The closer they get to the target's center, the more points they score. Everyone will want to come back over to the new place to play again!

45. Lavender Reed Diffuser

Lavender reed diffuser housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Nordstrom

A lavender reed diffuser is a great gift for the couple's home as it adds both relaxation and elegance to their new space. Infused with a soothing lavender fragrance, this diffuser creates a tranquil ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a busy day of settling in. It's bound to add to the cozy feel of their new place.

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