Junior Maid of Honor: Will the Guests Be Floored If You Have One?

Create a core memory for a special kiddo in your life.
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Sep 26, 2023

When it comes to determining your wedding party, you have some big decisions to make—namely, who you'll ask and what their titles will be. Bridal parties both small and large may consist of your siblings, best friends, cousins, children, nieces, nephews and beyond. Once you figure out who will stand beside you, you must then pick the role you'll ask them to play on your big day, whether it be bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid, bridesman, groomsmaid or the covetable title of maid of honor.

Maids of honor are traditionally considered to be the leading bridesmaids within a bridal party. Those given this role typically bear some relationship with the bride-to-be that is very significant, such as a close sister, a family member or a very best friend. But what if you're newly engaged and you have a close relationship with a younger loved one (think: little sisters, daughters, godchildren, nieces, cousins)? Can you bestow the title of maid of honor upon them?

The answer? Absolutely—that's where the term "junior maid of honor" comes in. Continue reading to learn more about this unique role and how you can make it your own to make the little in your life feel special on your special day.

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What Is a Junior Maid of Honor?

A junior maid of honor is very similar to a junior bridesmaid or attendant. They are a child or teen with whom you share a close relationship and someone you want to include as an official member of your wedding party despite their young age.

The difference between a junior bridesmaid and a junior maid of honor is that there is an added layer of recognition (and, in some cases, importance) that comes with the maid of honor title. This title should be reserved for youth between the ages of 9 and 17, and while they, of course, would not take on the extent of responsibilities that an adult maid of honor would, you can find simple tasks and special ways to make them feel as honored to have the role as you do to offer it to them.

Can You Have a Junior Maid of Honor?

Like many aspects of wedding planning, there are no rules when it comes to your bridal party. This means that you can absolutely have a junior maid of honor if doing so is something you want and something that makes sense for your life and relationships.

Junior Maid of Honor Benefits

What are the benefits of having a junior maid of honor, both for yourself and for the junior in question? Explore some below.

You're able to include a special person in an important way.

If there is a young person who is extremely important in your life, tradition may make it seem challenging to include them in your big day in a way that exemplifies just how much you value that relationship. By utilizing a title like junior maid of honor, you have a solution: They can be a part of your bridal party, despite their age, and the unique title makes it evident to guests that this is a VIP of the to-be-weds.

You'll make memories that they'll cherish for years to come.

If you decide to have a junior maid of honor or bridesmaid, together you will make so many memories, starting when you pull off your junior-maid-of-honor proposal (which will likely be their first!) until the final moment of your wedding reception. These memories will last a lifetime—not only as you age, but also as they transition from adolescence to adulthood down the road.

It shows them how much they mean to you.

Regardless of your relation to the young person, recognizing how important they are to you by calling them your junior maid of honor is something that they will likely never forget. The title is special, sentimental—and not overdone.

Junior Maid of Honor Considerations

If you're leaning toward asking a young loved one to be your junior maid of honor, keep these things in mind before doing so.

Talk to their parents or guardians first.

Since your junior maid of honor will be a minor, you should, without question, talk to their parents or guardians before you plant the idea in their head that they could be part of your wedding. Together with their parents, you can discuss if they are comfortable with their child taking part in your big day in such a big way and, if so, outline what their role and responsibilities will look like.

Cater the role to their age and personality.

While deciding what the junior maid of honor role will look like, consider your junior's age and personality. Their age will help you figure out what and how much they can take on, while their personality will cue you in on how comfortable they might be with more extroverted tasks (such as walking down the aisle, giving a short speech and beyond).

Consider your wedding plans.

Last but not least, think about the bigger picture of your wedding. For starters, do you want kids at your wedding? Many brides and grooms of late opt for child-free weddings, which could impact your plans for having a junior maid of honor.

How to Decide If You Want a Junior Maid of Honor

Having a junior maid of honor should not be a rushed decision. Before asking the young person you have in mind for the role—or their parents—to take part in your big day in such a way, you should take time to evaluate the full picture.

First, is it important to you to use such a distinguished title when you could also opt for a title like a junior bridesmaid? This decision will be based on your personal preferences and your relationship with them. If it is important to you, you know they will be excited by the opportunity, your wedding day plans include children and teens, and you want to add an out-of-the-box role to your bridal party, then you have an easy yes.

How to Best Approach Having a Junior Maid of Honor

As mentioned, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your wedding—and there are certainly no hard and fast rules when it comes to having a junior maid of honor. Talk to their parents or guardians and build a role that makes sense for your wedding and relationship. You'll be glad you did (and you just might be at the forefront of a new, sweet trend.)

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