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Everything Your Bridesmaids Should Know About Their Responsibilities

Aka, the official bridesmaid job description.
The Knot
by The Knot
Updated Jan 29, 2018

The bridesmaid is an integral part of any wedding, on hand to comfort, console, multitask and spread the joy at all bridal events. Whether it's your first bridesmaid gig or your 50th, here's a cheat sheet of your to-dos.

Be Her Emotional Rock

It goes without saying planning a wedding is an extremely emotional time, and the bride will need your support both during the months leading up to the wedding and on the actual day. No matter how stressful the ordeal becomes (bridesmaid dress shopping is hard!), it's important to be a trooper (even if you hate the color she picked out). 

Help With Prewedding Tasks

Yes, many of them will be small and menial, but you're there to help her any way you can. Help her scout out bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. And instead of just asking, "What can I help with?" offer to do specific things like stuff invitations and pack for the honeymoon. 

Plan and Cohost Prewedding Events (and Try to Attend as Many as Possible)

As a bridesmaid, you'll need to keep abreast of all prewedding events. Of course, you'll be helping plan and cohost her bachelorette party and potentially paying for her bridal shower (don't forget to keep a record of gifts received), but you'll also need to be present for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner during the actual wedding weekend. 

Be on Hand at the Wedding

Duh. It's likely you'll have to run some last-minute errands on the day of the wedding, including confirming flower delivery times, meeting and greeting the ceremony officiant, and grabbing food to make sure your bride isn't hungry. Additionally, you'll probably have to serve as auxiliary hostess at the reception by introducing guests, making sure they know where the bar is located and inviting them to sign the guest book. You'll probably have to hold the train and bustle the gown before dancing begins too (and accompany her on visits to the restroom, if asked). 

Go All in on an Epic Wedding Present

Team up with one or several of the other bridesmaids for more buying power. In some cases, the entire bridesmaid troop will pitch in for one knock-her-socks-off wedding gift

Be the Life of the Party

Of course you have a job to do, but most importantly, your bride wants you to enjoy yourself (and help her guests do so too). So hit the dance floor when the music kicks in, dance with groomsmen during the formal first-dance sequence and be on the lookout for toe-tapping guests who might need some encouragement or a dance partner. 

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