This Unexpected Cake Trend Is Taking Over (and It Might Be Perfect for You)

If you're not a fan of traditional wedding cake, read this.
by Sophie Ross

We're all for turning tradition on its head. That's why we totally get it if you'd rather serve a different dessert—you know, something other than vanilla sponge cake—on your wedding day. Traditional wedding cake is great and all, but your other options run the gamut (seriously—take your pick from macarons, doughnuts and beyond). And if you ask us, one of the chicest options is to serve a croquembouche, aka a classic French dessert that's essentially a pyramid of cream puffs piled on top of each other and bound with threads of caramel. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

They're actually nothing new—you may have seen one before and scratched your head in confusion—but they're officially taking over. So if sponge cake isn't your thing, find some of the yummiest-looking ways you can serve croquembouche at your wedding, below. 

  1. Traditional French Croquembouche

  2. Fresh Strawberry Croquembouche

  3. Croquembouche With Fresh Flowers

  4. Lemon Croquembouche

  5. Three-Tier Croquembouche

  6. Coral Croquembouche

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