Draper James Debuts Its Newest Wedding Collection… Y'all!

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Draper James
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
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Updated May 26, 2020
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So cute, y'all. Draper James is revealing its newest wedding collection, the brand announced to The Knot this week. The full line will officially be available in March, but the brand has dropped a few pieces so that you and the crew can get a head start on designing out your perfect pre-wedding Draper James wardrobe now—especially as you're planning bachelorette parties and spring weddings.

"Our brand roots are in Nashville and any time I'm visiting our flagship, I always chat with at least one group of young women who are in town for a bachelorette," says Draper James Head Designer Kathryn Sukey. "Our store [is] one of their must-visit destinations. It struck me: We have to talk directly to those girls. They can stop in and pick up our bride and bridesmaid and MOB tees and market totes as a memory of their time in Nashville celebrating their big day. The special detail in our bridal capsule is that the blue we chose for the 'bride' font is the same standard as our heritage Draper James blue. We love the idea of our heritage color being a part of her special day."

draper james magnolia hair pin
Draper james

Draper James Magnolia hair pin set, $78, DraperJames.com

draper james clutch pouch
Draper James

Draper James Bride clutch, $40, DraperJames.com

The collection encompasses everything from getting ready T-shirts (you can also recycle these for the bachelorette party) to totes for the mother of the bride. Make the women who've raised you (best friends included) feel extra special in pieces that follow Reese Witherspoon's delightful blue color scheme. Prices are $30 for totes to $38 for tees. "More and more brides are thinking outside of the box and want to simplify and be smarter with their wedding budgets," says Sukey. "As a result, they're going to brands that they love to wear and choosing something beautiful off the rack."

This includes pieces for pre-wedding events and even for the morning of. "She can wear our pretty 'bride' robe while getting her hair done," Sukey suggests of great pieces for wedding parties. "I also love our magnolia hairpins for those girls who want to dress up their updo in the most subtle and elegant way. Of course the 'bride' cosmetic case is perfect for the day-of to keep all of her necessities together. What I like about that piece in particular is that she can carry it as a fun 'look at me' clutch at her rehearsal dinner too."

Witherspoon's chic Southern lifestyle brand launched in Nashville in 2015. With its debut, designers were focused on a fun mix of prints ranging from playful plaids to a classic gingham print. Draper James also previously released a wedding capsule called the "Celebration Collection," which included everything from ceramic ring dishes to bespoke champagne flutes. You can shop the line online or in store at the Draper James flagship in Nashville, Tennessee, which (surprise!) remains one of the hottest bachelorette party destinations of 2020.

"Make your wedding personal," Sukey concludes. "All of those special details that spotlight your personalities and your love for each other? Let them shine bright on your special day." See top picks from the latest Draper James wedding collection below.

draper james bride tee
Draper James

Draper James Bride crewneck tee, $38, DraperJames.com

draper james bridesmaid tee
draper james

Draper James Bridesmaid crewneck tee, $38, DraperJames.com

Draper James mother of the bride
Draper James

Draper James Mother of the bride crewneck tee, $38, DraperJames.com

Draper james tote bride
Draper James

Draper James Bride book tote, $30, DraperJames.com

Draper james tote bridesmaid
Draper James

Draper James Bridesmaid book tote, $30, DraperJames.com

draper james mother of the bride
Draper James

Draper James Mother of the bride book tote, $30, DraperJames.com

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