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How to Pick Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings You'll Love

Celebrate your future together by choosing the right bling for you.
shelley brown - the knot
by Shelley Brown
shelley brown - the knot
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Your rings represent the milestones of your relationship together—so of course you want them to be special. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide to navigating the world of wedding jewelry. Check out our picks, tips and tricks below. 

Brush up on diamond grading before you buy by knowing your 4 Cs. 

Cut: A diamond's cut determines its brilliance and refers to the facets within a stone. Don't confuse this with a diamond's shape.

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond is graded on how free it is of inclusions (or imperfections) when viewed with the naked eye and with a loupe (a 10x magnifying glass). The fewer inclusions a stone has, the more valuable it is.

Carat: This is a unit of weight. One carat is exactly 0.2 grams, or about the same weight as a paper clip. 

Color: This refers to the colorless to near-colorless variety of diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades color based on a range from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow and brown). A colorless diamond will generally cost more than a colorful one. 

Familiarize yourself with the most popular ring metals.

Platinum: One of the purest metals, platinum is naturally white and hypoallergenic.

Yellow gold: Naturally yellow-tinted, this metal is malleable but strong.

White gold: This white metal is yellow gold plated with rhodium. It's less pricey than platinum, but its white coating can wear off.

Rose gold: A mix of yellow gold and copper alloys gives this metal its pretty pink tint.

Palladium: Similar to platinum but less costly, this lustrous gray metal can also be an alloy in white gold.

Titanium: Tpically used for men's bands, it's a gray, hypoallergenic metal.

Engagement rings and wedding rings you'll love

Know the hottest trends. 

(From top to bottom, as pictured above.)

Fancy Shapes: Retro marquise- and pear- shaped diamonds are making a comeback. Sylvie Collection ring, $1750,

Yellow Diamonds: A canary diamond is equal parts timeless and fashion forward. Kwiat ring, Price upon request,

Floral Details: Diamond-encrusted petals give a round center stone just enough whimsy. Parade Design ring, $5,700 (not including center stone),

Gemstones: If diamonds aren't your thing, a dazzling colorful gemstone like this sapphire will set you apart from the crowd. Omi Prive ring, $36,000,

Delicate Settings: You don't need a giant rock to make a statement. Lots of dainty diamonds feel just as special. Selin Kent ring, $2,250,

Yellow Gold: Put your own spin on an old standard and opt for this glamorous, warm metal. Tacori ring, $7,990 (not including center stone),

East-West Settings: Mix it up with a center stone that rests horizontally across your finger. A. Jaffe ring, $2,480 (not including center stone),

Rose-Cut Diamonds: This time-honored cut dates back to the 1500s and gives off instant vintage vibes. Rosey West ring, $3,925,

Hexagonal Halos: Add a boost to your center stone with a modern twist on a trendy setting. Karl Lagerfeld ring, $6,700 (not including center stone),

Engagement ring and wedding rings

Find your favorite band to stack with your ring.

(From top to bottom, as pictured above.)

Negative Space: Two "kissing claws" meet in the middle to give this ring its one-of-a-kind shape. Eva Fehren ring, $6,950,

Twisted Bands: Overlapping diamond bands are glam enough to stand alone. David Yurman ring, $5,000,

Rainbow Stones: Whether you're a color fanatic or want to give a nod to Pride, a rainbow eternity band is pure fun. Sydney Evan ring, $905,

Chain Link: Intersecting links symbolizing an eternal connection are both modern and sentimental. Scott Kay ring, $3,500,

Stackables: What's better than one ring? Three gorgeous ones in different metals. Art Carved rings, $1,565 each,

Tapered Baguettes: Larger diamonds all the way around make for one luxe band. Lizzie Mandler ring, Price upon request,

Natural Flair: Leaf motifs are the perfect complements to a floral engagement ring. Kirk Kara ring, $1,720,

Engagement rings and wedding rings

Select a setting that reflects your personal taste.

(From top to bottom, as pictured above.)

Pavé: From the old French word for "to pave," this is a setting lined with tiny diamonds, resulting in subtle sparkle. Uneek Jewelry ring, Price upon request,

Three Stone: Also known as a trinity or trilogy, a three-stone setting often represents the past, present and future. Forevermark ring, Price upon request,

Bezel: This modern setting is made of a sleek metal rim surrounding the perimeter of the center stone, holding it in place. It's ideal for protecting softer stones, and its smooth surface won't snag on clothing. Danhov ring, $2,120,

Baguette: A term for two smaller rectangular stones that sit alongside the center diamond. The can be set horizontally or vertically. Mark Broumand ring, Price upon request,

Prong: Including anywhere from three to six claws or tines, this is the most popular ring setting. Tacori ring, $4,990 (not including center stone),

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