Wedding Etiquette: Sunday Wedding Etiquette?


Are there any concerns about proper etiquette if you're having a Sunday wedding? The Saturday I wanted is not available -- the Sunday of Labor Day weekend is my second option. Out-of-town guests would still have Monday (Labor Day) off to travel home, but would I be committing a major wedding faux pas?


Many Sunday weddings are held over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends for precisely the reason you mentioned -- guests have Monday off to travel. There's a chance that a holiday weekend wedding will annoy guests because they may have long-standing holiday plans; on the other hand, attending an out-of-town wedding on a Sunday and taking a red-eye flight home afterward isn't much fun either. But both situations are completely acceptable as far as etiquette goes. Your concern shows that you have thought about your guests' schedules; if you have your heart set on a particular weekend or location, go ahead and schedule your wedding for that Sunday. Remember, too, that many Jewish weddings are held on Sundays -- most rabbis won't officiate until after sundown on the Sabbath (Saturday), and in spring and summer the sun sets so late that a Saturday evening wedding becomes impractical.

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