Don't Forget To Register For These Holiday Essentials

Here’s what you need on your registry to coast through the holiday season.
by Emma Baty

We get it, choosing everyday items for your registry is hard enough! But now is as good a time as ever to think ahead and add some holiday-helpers to the list. You'll be grateful months down the road—trust us. From Thanksgiving to New Years, we rounded up the entertaining essentials for your bar, your table and your home decor to get you through the most wonderful (okay, sometimes stressful too) time of the year.

  1. A Smart Cocktail Shaker

    If you're hosting any kind of cocktail party, having a bar station can be super helpful—especially if it's always stocked. Start with a sleek shaker, add an ice bucket and other clutch bar tools plus your favorite liquors. Making your family and friend's favorites will be a breeze.

    Williams-Sonoma insulated cocktail shaker, $45,

  2. A Grown-Up Cooler

    With all that amazing food taking up real estate in your fridge, you won't have room for all your bottles of bubbly. This elegant champagne bucket will act as decor while keeping two bottles chilled and ready to refill glasses. Cheers to that!

    Williams-Sonoma mauviel hammered copper champagne bucket, $345,

  3. A Bar Cart

    Between wine, beer, champagne and your fully-stocked liquor selection, you're going to want a space apart from the kitchen to keep everything organized. Introducing your new best friend—the bar cart. Let someone else make the adult beverages while you worry about bigger and better things (turkey, anyone?).

    Threshold bar cart, $130,

  4. Extra Wine Glasses

    Instead of waiting until the day before a holiday celebration to stock up on extras, add them to your registry now. Think: wine glasses, flatware and anything else you'll use in high numbers. This Crate & Barrel 8-pack of glasses is not only inexpensive, but dishwasher friendly!

    Crate & Barrel set of eight wine glasses, $30,

  5. Champagne Flutes For Toasting

    No holiday is complete without champagne—and the flutes to match. If you're going to pull them out at every occasion, it's worth asking for extra-special glasses, perfect for toasting to married life and celebrating in years to come.

    Monique Lhuillier Waterford champagne flute, $55,

  6. A Quality Speaker

    Need something to fill the potentially awkward silence at family gatherings when your two favorite uncles disagree on politics? A high-quality Bluetooth speaker could be the perfect solution.

    Bose bluetooth speaker, $200,

  7. Appetizer Plates

    Appetizer plates are a perfect, portable size for passed hors d'oeuvres and they can double as dessert dishes in a pinch. If you're not quite up to hosting sit-down dinners, these plates will be the star of cocktail and lap-parties alike.

    Rosanna appetizer plate, $66 for a set of four,

  8. Festive Napkins

    Turn up the volume on your party style with some chic cloth napkins. A red linen can be used at Christmas and Valentine's Day, (or even the Fourth of July!) and adds a much needed pop of color to any table.

    Fiesta cotton napkin, $9,

  9. A Pretty Pie Dish

    Thanksgiving is practically national pie day, and this pie dish is no fuss—it goes from oven to table to fridge, no problem.

    Emile Henry pie dish, $40,

  10. Roasting Pan and Rack

    Don't be intimidated by the idea of roasting your first turkey. Register for a serious set that includes not only the roasting pan and rack but gripping forks and a baster. You'll be cooking like a pro in no time.

    Calphalon nonstick roaster and rack, $100,

  11. Turkey Platter and Carving Knives

    The holidays are the worst time to realize you don't have a platter big enough to hold your ham, turkey, or whatever gourmet entree you're serving. Register for a large serving tray and a good set of carving knives to guarantee you're well prepared.

    Williams-Sonoma turkey platter, $80,

    Wüsthof two-piece carving set, $70,

  12. Digital Thermometer

    Having a digital thermometer lets you take temperatures without opening your oven door—super helpful when you're roasting a turkey for hours and need to maintain your oven's temp. Make sure all your hard work doesn't go to waste on a burnt bird.

    Oneida digital thermometer, $20,

  13. A Wreath

    Registering for a wreath may seem a little odd, but having on hand (and on your front door) will set the celebratory holiday tone for your guests from the get-go. Bonus: this boxwood one could even stick around after the holidays.

    Smith & Hawken boxwood leaf wreath, $45,

  14. A Festive Ornament

    Even if you're getting married in June, registering for high-quality ornaments to start your collection will be worth it when December rolls around. And you'll want to commemorate your first Christmas as a married couple (psst this festive star can be engraved too).

    Tiffany & Co. star ornament, $125,

  15. A Funky Menorah

    Who says your menorah can't make a statement? Your wedding registry is a perfect occasion to ask for something that may be a little out of your price range, but that you'll use every year.

    Jonathan Adler skyline menorah, $248,

  16. A Winter Scented Candle

    A winter-themed candle will keep your home feeling cozy long after all the presents have been opened. This one smells of a crackling fire—perfect for all the cozy months of the year.

    Diptyque wood fire candle, starting at $32,

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