A Look at the Weddings of the Most Influential Women in History

Go inside the love stories of Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams and more.
The most influential women in history
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Updated Feb 29, 2024

Throughout the course of history, some women have left such a mark on the world that their impact is still felt today. From scientists and activists to writers and athletes, life as we know it wouldn't be the same without the most influential women in history. While so much of their recognition lies in their legacy and the impact of their work, we can't help but think about their wedding days too.

Below, we explore the nuptials of the world's most iconic women and their spouses. Together, these famous couples have used their voices and their platforms to make a difference—and their weddings are a beautiful display of their partnerships. Relive the marriages of historical icons, like Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, and modern change-makers, including Malala Yousafzai and Serena Williams (all in chronological order).

Martha Washington and George Washington

George and Martha Washington's wedding portrait
Photo: Smith Collection/Gado | Getty Images

Of all the influential women in history, the original first lady, Martha Washington, was a trailblazer—especially for women in politics. In this role, she set the standard for spouses of political leaders, and even spent time on the front lines of the Revolutionary War. Years before they rose to political notability, Martha wed future President George Washington on January 6, 1759, at her home in Virginia.

The bride was known for her elevated fashion sense, so there was much anticipation to see what her wedding dress would look like. She opted for a yellow silk dress and an ivory petticoat. Martha accented her wedding look with purple satin slippers that were covered in silver sequins. According to historians, the combination of yellow and purple silks, as well as silver and gold accents, would have created a "regal appearance" that highlighted her social status. The groom wore a blue and silver suit with red trim and gold hardware accents.

Marie Curie and Pierre Curie

Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre Curie
Photo: Hulton Archive | Getty Images

Did you know that Marie Curie got married in her laboratory dress? It might not come as a surprise, considering she's one of the most well-known scientists of all time. Born in 1867, the Polish physicist was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity and became the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. (She was also the first person to win a Nobel Peace Prize twice, and the only one to have won two awards in the scientific field.)

Marie Curie met her husband, Pierre Curie, after she moved to France in 1891 for her studies. They bonded over their shared interest in science. While Pierre proposed less than one year after he met Marie, she originally declined; she wanted to go home to Poland to work. But when she couldn't find a place to live because she was a woman, she traveled back to Paris. They got married on July 26, 1895, in Sceaux, France. Marie did not wear a wedding dress for their civil ceremony, instead opting for a blue frock. "I have no dress except the one I wear every day," she said.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt's wedding dress
Photo: Bettmann / Contributor | Getty Images

Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband, future President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, opted for a holiday wedding. The couple got married on March 17, Saint Patrick's Day, in 1905. The nuptials were hosted at the Upper East Side home of the bride's cousin. Her uncle, President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, traveled to New York to partake in the tradition of "giving the bride away" since her parents were deceased.

For the occasion, Eleanor Roosevelt—who is remembered as one of the most iconic women in history thanks to her progressive work as a first lady—wore a white satin wedding dress with lace trim. Her bouquet was comprised of lily of the valley, while her bridesmaids carried pink flowers as a nod to the Roosevelt family crest.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera
Photo: Bettmann / Contributor | Getty Images

Although legendary artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera didn't have a traditional marriage, their romance had a lasting impact on their work. The two met in June 1928, shortly after the infamous bus accident that left Kahlo in chronic pain for the remainder of her life. They connected over their passion for art and embarked on a romantic relationship.

Frida Kahlo's wedding to Diego Rivera took place about one year later on August 21, 1929. During their first two years of marriage, Kahlo painted a portrait of their wedding day, which shows the bride in a green dress with a red shawl wrapped around her shoulders. Above the image is the phrase, "Here you see us, me Frida Kahlo, with my beloved husband Diego Rivera. I painted these portraits in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, for our friend Mr. Albert Bender, and it was in the month of April in the year 1931."

Rosa Parks and Raymond Parks

Rosa Parks
Photo: Don Cravens | Getty Images

Rosa Parks and her husband, Raymond Parks, dedicated their lives to ending racial injustice. While not much is known about their wedding day, the couple met in 1931 and fell in love quickly, with Rosa saying Raymond was the "first real activist I ever met." Historical records indicate that he proposed after their second date.

The famed activists got married on December 18, 1932, when Rosa was just 19 years old. Throughout their 45-year marriage, which lasted until Raymond's death in 1977, they became established leaders in Alabama's Civil Rights movement. She has become an enduring symbol of courage in the fight against racism and injustice after famously refusing to give up her seat on a public bus for a white passenger during segregation in 1955. Though her husband lost his job as a result of the boycott, they used their platforms to elevate civil rights campaigns throughout their lives.

Ruth Handler and Elliot Handler

Ruth Handler and her husband, Elliot Handler
Photo: Denver Post | Getty Images

If you watched the 2023 blockbuster Barbie, you know the impact Ruth Handler had on modern-day society. The American businesswoman was responsible for creating the Barbie doll in 1959, and later went on to establish the toy brand Mattel alongside her high school sweetheart, Elliot.

So, what was their wedding day like? Not much is known about Ruth and Elliot Handler's nuptials, aside from the fact that it took place in 1938. Early in their marriage, the couple moved to California so Elliot could explore his career as a furniture designer. Together, they would go on to create some of the most popular toys of all time, launching a dynasty that still touches the lives of children and adults today.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip's wedding photo
Photo: © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis | Getty Images

Great Britain's longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, didn't perform her historic tenure alone. The matriarch of the modern royal family was 21 years old when she married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The wedding, which took place on November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey, served as a symbol of hope for UK citizens, who were reeling from World War II.

The future queen's wedding dress, designed by Sir Norman Hartnell, was inspired by Botticelli's Primavera painting. There were over 2,000 guests in attendance at the ceremony, which was recorded and broadcast by BBC Radio to 200 million people worldwide. Perhaps one of the most fascinating fun facts from this influential woman's wedding was the fact that her cake towered over nine feet tall and was dubbed, "The 10,000 Mile Cake."

Margaret Thatcher and Dennis Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher and husband Dennis Thatcher's wedding photo
Photo: PA Images | Getty Images

Widely known as the "Iron Lady," Margaret Thatcher was the UK's first woman Prime Minister. She earned her nickname thanks to her steely leadership style and unwavering nature. But before she ascended to this esteemed role in Britain's government system, she married Dennis Thatcher in 1951. She met her husband, an English businessman, at an event for the Conservative Party in February 1949.

Three years later, the couple married on December 15 at Wesley's Chapel in City Road, London. Not much is known about their wedding day, as Dennis preferred to stay out of the spotlight. The spouses remained married for over 50 years, until Dennis died in 2003.

Sandra Day O'Connor and John Jay O'Connor

Sandra Day O'Connor and husband John Jay O'Connor
Photo: David Hume Kennerly | Getty Images

Sandra Day O'Connor paved the way for women in politics when she was appointed the first female Supreme Court Justice in 1981, a position she held until 2006. The conservative politician, who became known for the thorough research she brought to each case, was believed to be one of the most powerful women in the world during her time on the bench.

O'Connor met her husband, John Jay O'Connor, through her studies. While serving on the Board of Editors of the Stanford Law Review, they were assigned to proofread the same article together. "Beware of proofreading over a glass of beer," she once said. "It can result in unexpected alliances." Thus, a true alliance was formed. The couple got married on December 20, 1952, at the Lazy B Ranch in Arizona. In a wedding photo shared by the Sandra Day O'Connor Institute, the bride and groom can be seen clinking glasses on their special day.

Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy's wedding ceremony
Photo: Bachrach | Getty Images

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband, President John F. Kennedy, forever changed the landscape of American politics. Though his presidential term was cut short when he was assassinated in 1963, the political power couple was highly revered by the American public. Jackie is largely credited with reshaping the role of the first lady to be the involved, public-facing position we know today.

The couple's wedding took place in Newport, Rhode Island on September 12, 1953. The nuptials were a display of classic Americana style and New England charm. The ceremony was hosted at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in front of 800 esteemed guests, including politicians and public figures. The bride wore an ivory silk ball gown with a portrait neckline and a voluminous skirt composed of fifty years of fabric. Notably, the dress was designed by Black designer Ann Lowe, who was not credited at the time. After the ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed an evening reception at Hammersmith Farm, a 300-acre oceanfront estate, with more than twelve hundred guests in tow.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Martin Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and husband Martin Ginsburg
Photo: Annie Groer/The Washington Post | Getty Images

Ruth Bader Ginsburg will go down in history as one of the most iconic Supreme Court Justices of all time. Known for her passionate dissents, she earned the nickname "the Notorious RBG." She was the second woman to join the Supreme Court, and served for 27 years until she died in 2020. Before she began her prolific career in the US court of law, she married her husband, Martin D. Ginsburg.

Ruth and Martin wed a few days after she graduated from Cornell University. The nuptials took place on June 23, 1954, at the groom's parents' house on Long Island. The wedding was a stark contrast from their engagement party, which took place at the Plaza Hotel. (The bride-to-be wore a blue off-the-shoulder dress for the occasion.) According to Jane Sherron De Hart, author of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life, the couple opted for a subdued 18-person wedding to save on costs. Ruth donned a lace off-the-shoulder wedding dress for the occasion, which she accessorized with a pearl necklace and a delicate flower crown on her veil.

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer's wedding photo
Photo: Ernst Haas/Ernst Haas | Getty Images

Audrey Hepburn, one of the most famous actresses and humanitarians of all time, was married twice—but her first wedding to Mel Ferrer is perhaps her most recognizable. The Oscar winner met Ferrer, a fellow actor, at a cocktail party in 1953. Their whirlwind romance culminated in a wedding on September 25, 1954.

Audrey Hepburn's first wedding took place in Burgenstock, Switzerland. For the occasion, the bride stunned in a tea-length Pierre Balmain dress with ballgown sleeves, a high neck, and a satin sash. She accessorized with a crown of small white flowers. After 14 years together, the couple decided to go their separate ways. Hepburn would go on to marry Andrea Dotti before finding her true love, Dutch actor Robert Wolders, though they never formally sealed their union.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier's wedding ceremony
Photo: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone | Getty Images

When you think about the most iconic weddings of all time, you might envision the nuptials of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III. The Oscar-winning actress-turned-princess left an everlasting mark on the wedding industry thanks to her timeless bridal style. After meeting at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, the Philadelphia native wed the Monaco royal on April 18, 1956. The lavish affair took place at the Prince's Palace of Monaco and the Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier set the standard for future royal weddings. While over 600 guests attended the event, it was watched by over 30 million people worldwide. The nuptials were a global phenomenon, captivating the attention of onlookers who wanted to see an American celebrity marry a European prince. The bride wore an unforgettable lace wedding dress, provided by MGM Studios, which has since gone on to inspire countless brides around the world (including other influential women on this list).

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller's wedding photo
Photo: Bettmann/Corbis | Getty Images

Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe became a household name thanks to her iconic "blonde bombshell" look that landed her roles in some of the most popular movies of the '50s and '60s. She was married three times in her life, with her third being one of the most well-known.

The actress married playwright Arthur Miller twice in 1956: first, in a civil ceremony with just two witnesses, and again, at his agent's home in Westchester. For the second occasion, which took place in front of 25 guests, the bride wore a tea-length wedding dress by Norman Norell with an empire waist and a ruched bodice. Three days after the ceremony, Miller gifted his new wife a ring inscribed with the phrase, "A to M, June 1956. Now is forever."

Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Yoko Ono and John Lennon's wedding day
Photo: Daily Herald/Daily Herald/Mirrorpix | Getty Images

Beatles singer John Lennon and his longtime partner Yoko Ono are one of the most recognizable couples in pop culture history. The two met in 1966 at one of Ono's art exhibits in London. Their whirlwind courtship culminated in a surprise marriage ceremony in Gibraltar, a British territory off the coast of Spain. Their secret martial rendezvous was detailed in the song "The Ballad of John and Yoko."

Together, the spouses used their platforms not only to make music but to advocate for peace amid the Vietnam War. Though they briefly split in 1973, they reconnected and renewed their vows two years later. They remained together until Lennon was shot outside their NYC apartment building in 1980.

Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan

Gloria and Emilio Estefan
Photo: Vinnie Zuffante | Getty Images

After 45 years of marriage, Gloria and Emilio Estefan are one of the longest-married celebrity couples that we know of. The Latin musicians met at a jam session with mutual friends in 1975. (At the time, she was 17 and he was 22.) A few weeks after their first meeting, the two crossed paths again at a wedding and decided to make a band together. They went on their first date later that year, and Gloria maintains that Emilio was her first and only boyfriend.

The couple got married on September 2, 1978. On their 45th wedding anniversary in 2023, the Grammy award-winning songstress shared an Instagram Reel with photos from the wedding day, showing the newlyweds in their wedding attire. In a 2013 interview with AARP, Gloria revealed that she and her new husband went directly to the hospital after the ceremony to visit her ailing father. Though he hadn't recognized her for years, her wedding dress seemingly triggered a memory—his immediate reaction upon seeing the newlyweds was to say, "Glorita."

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding day
Photo: Anwar Hussein | WireImage

Princess Diana is undoubtedly one of the most beloved influential women in history. The British royal was adored by fans around the world thanks to her kind demeanor and generous charitability. Though her life was tragically cut short by a car accident in 1997, her legacy lives on through her children, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Given the worldwide curiosity about Prince Charles' future wife, there was no shortage of media attention surrounding his relationship with Princess Diana. The couple's nuptials took place on July 29, 1981, at St. Paul's Cathedral. An estimated 750 million people around the world watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding. It was an over-the-top display of pomp and circumstance, featuring some of the grandest British royal wedding traditions. One of the most defining elements was Princess Diana's wedding dress, a lavish ball gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, which featured a 25-foot train and 10,000 pearls sewn into the taffeta fabric.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama

Before they were the President and First Lady of the United States, Michelle and Barack Obama were coworkers at a Chicago law firm. Michelle was assigned to be Barack's advisor when he landed a job as an associate in 1989. Although she said she was "charmed" by her future husband, she tried to keep things professional by attempting to set him up with a friend…but ultimately, they fell in love with each other.

After their engagement in 1991, Barack and Michelle Obama got married on October 3, 1992, at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. The bride's wedding dress was a perfect example of '90s bridal style: she opted for a structured ivory gown with a portrait neckline and puff shoulders and a full veil. As shared in a 2018 Instagram post, the Obamas' wedding day wasn't without a few hurdles. "You can't tell it from this photo, but Barack woke up on our wedding day in October 1992 with a nasty head cold," the first lady wrote on Instagram. "Somehow, by the time I met him at the altar, it had miraculously disappeared and we ended up dancing almost all night."

Brené Brown and Steve Alley

One of the most prolific researchers of our generation, Brené Brown is known for her work exploring intimate topics like shame, vulnerability and leadership. A viral TEDx Talk in 2010 sent her into mainstream notoriety, and she's gone on to release six number-one New York Times bestselling books.

While she tends to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, her website sheds light on her romance with her husband, Steve Alley. The couple met in 1987 when they were working the night shift taking customer service calls for AT&T. After dating on and off for seven years, Brown and Alley got married on June 11, 1994. In an anniversary post shared on her Facebook page in 2016, Brown shared a special reading titled "On Marriage" from their wedding day, saying, "We met 29 years ago this month and got married 22 years ago today. We read Kahlil Gibran at our wedding and these lines still have such deep meaning to us."

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

Cindy Crawford made a name for herself as one of the most famous supermodels to ever grace the catwalk. The actress appeared on countless runways and magazine covers throughout the 1980s and 1990s. She met businessman Rande Gerber—who would go on to create Casamigos Tequila with George Clooney—at her agent's wedding in the early '90s. They were both with other people at the time, but as fate would have it, they found their way back to each other.

Crawford and Gerber hosted a destination wedding in the Bahamas on May 29, 1998. The low-key nuptials were a far cry from the couple's glamorous personas. Only 90 guests attended the casual beach party, which took place at Ocean Club in Nassau. The barefoot bride selected an off-the-rack white lace John Galliano mini dress, and wore her hair in simple waves. At the end of the night, the couple jumped into the hotel pool in matching black swimsuits.

Tanya McCloskey and Marcia Kadish

Marcia Kadish and Tanya McCloskey getting married at Cambridge City Hall
Photo: Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe | Getty Images

We can't discuss the most influential women in history without mentioning Tanya McCloskey and Marcia Kadish, as they were the first same-sex couple to get legally married in the United States. The women were partners for about 20 years, but when Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage on May 17, 2004, McCloskey and Kadish were first in line to receive the legal documents that would formally seal their union. They also obtained a waiver that allowed them to bypass the traditional three-day waiting period.

The women exchanged vows that day at Cambridge City Hall, along with 77 other same-sex couples. It would take another 11 years for McCloskey and Kadish's marriage to be federally recognized by the United States. Reflecting on their impact as trailblazers in an interview with NPR, Kadish said, "We wanted to lead by example, not that we were leaders of anything. We just wanted to make sure that the world saw the most positive side of being a gay couple."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

It may come as no surprise that the wedding between two of music's biggest names would be the kind that reshapes the industry. Such was the case for Grammy winners and all-around pop culture power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z. After meeting in 1999, the duo got engaged in 2007. Fans were anxious to see what their nuptials would look like, but the fiancés chose to get married in private—and the photos and details weren't released until years later.

Ultimately, we would learn that Jay-Z and Beyoncé transformed the penthouse of their Tribeca loft into a lush oasis for their wedding day. Forty guests joined them in New York City on April 4, 2008, to celebrate their matrimonial union. The couple flew in 70,000 orchids from Thailand to decorate their space, along with bedazzled accents and floating candles. The bride's mother, Tina Lawson, made her strapless wedding dress, which had a ruched bodice and a full skirt with pickup details and floral accents. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this influential wedding was the "no phones" rule, which essentially paved the way for unplugged weddings of the mid-2000s and beyond.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres changed the landscape of television through her barrier-breaking career. After getting her start in the industry as a comedian and actress, she landed her own daytime talk show in 1994. Three years later, she publicly came out as lesbian, sparking intense interest in her personal life. The revelation had a direct impact on her career and her public perception, both of which suffered. Despite the initial impact, DeGeneres played a pivotal role in advancing LGBTQ+ rights and visibility.

Ellen DeGeneres met her future wife, actress Portia de Rossi, at a concert in 2001. Following the overturn of California's same-sex marriage ban, they got engaged in 2008. The couple's nuptials took place at their home later that year on August 16. Both brides wore custom Zac Posen ensembles—DeGeneres opted for a white pantsuit while de Rossi donned a white and pink ombré halter-neck dress—and they exchanged Neil Lane rings.

Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff

In 2020, Kamala Harris etched her name in the history books when she became the first female Vice President of the United States. Her husband, Doug Emhoff, also made history as the nation's first "Second Gentleman." Their love story is particularly endearing, especially because they fell in love later in life.

The entertainment lawyer confirmed that he met his wife on a blind date in 2013, calling their encounter "love at first sight." He proposed less than a year after that evening, and they wed at a courthouse in Santa Barbara on August 22, 2014. The intimate ceremony, which included a few Jewish wedding traditions, was performed by the bride's sister, Maya Harris. Upon their marriage, Harris assumed the role of step-mother (or, as she likes to call herself, Momala), to Emhoff's children, Cole and Ella, from his previous marriage.

Amal Clooney and George Clooney

Amal Clooney and George Clooney on a boat during their wedding weekend
Photo: PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP | Getty Images

Most celebrity weddings today generate public interest, but it's rare that an event creates a wild frenzy like the nuptials of George and Amal Clooney. The illustrious actor met his wife, an accomplished human rights lawyer and philanthropist, during a dinner party at his Lake Como home in 2013. The connected on their mutual interest in campaign work and, well, the rest is history.

Fans took a liking to this power couple because of their effortless glamour—and their wedding was the perfect example. The couple jetted off to Italy to exchange vows at Aman Venice on September 27, 2014. When details of the luxe location leaked, fans and paparazzi were quick to storm the historic city. Onlookers were desperate to catch a glimpse of the couple and their famous guests, all of whom arrived on sleek yachts through the city's waterways. After the ultra-private ceremony, it was reported that the newlyweds and their friends went through 250 bottles of champagne and 100 bottles of Clooney's Casamigos tequila as they partied until the sun rose.

Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach

Even if you don't recognize the name Glennon Doyle, you probably know her colorful memoir, Untamed, which has graced bookshelves since 2020. The successful author is an avid philanthropist and advocate for women and children. Doyle met her wife, former soccer star Abby Wambach, at a book signing event in 2016. Although both were in relationships with other people, they said that the spark between them was instant.

Shortly after their first meeting, Doyle announced her divorce from her husband, and Wambach split with her wife. The couple took their romance public in November of that year. Then, on May 14, 2017, Doyle and Wambach formally exchanged vows. In an Instagram post after the nuptials, Doyle wrote, "My beloveds — please never give up on love. Life could surprise the hell out of you. Trust me — you might just wake up one morning and find yourself smackdab in the middle of heaven. I love my wife. LOVE WINS."

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Considering her legacy as one of the greatest athletes of all time, there was much excitement leading up to the nuptials of Serena Williams and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Their meet-cute was something of a fate-driven encounter. They crossed paths when they unexpectedly sat next to each other at the Cavalieri Hotel in Rome. By 2016, one year after they met, they were engaged.

On November 16, 2017, Williams and Ohanian got married at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. The fairytale nuptials were inspired by Beauty and Beast and featured a star-studded guest list, including A-listers like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. The bride wore three spectacular wedding dresses, including a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen ball gown and two beaded Versace dresses. As a nod to her incredible tennis career, she even donned diamond-encrusted Nikes for the reception.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding ceremony
Photo: Owen Humphries - WPA Pool | Getty Images

No celebrity wedding captivated the world quite like the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After meeting on a blind date, it wasn't long before news of an American actress dating the British royal dominated headlines. Following their 2017 engagement, Meghan and Harry's wedding took place at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018.

An estimated two billion people tuned into the royal wedding, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple's historic celebration. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex exchanged vows in a personalized ceremony, which blended both American and British traditions. It included a passionate sermon from Bishop Michael Curry, angelic performances by choir singers, and lush decor steeped with familial significance.

The bride, who stunned in a custom Givenchy gown, shocked fans when she stepped out in a slinky high-neck dress for the after-party. The non-televised reception was reportedly a raucous affair, complete with a performance by Elton John and dancing that went into the early hours of the morning.

Malala Yousafzai and Asser Malik

Malala Yousafzai is one of the most influential women in modern history. The 26-year-old is a Pakistani advocate for women's education, and she won the Nobel Peace Prize at 17, making her the youngest winner of all time.

She met her husband, Asser Malik, while at the University of Oxford in 2018—at the time, she was a student while he was visiting friends on campus. Though Yousafzai was open about her apprehensions toward marriage, she shared in a personal essay for British Vogue that Malik helped her realize she could be in a relationship and "remain true to [her] values of equality, fairness and integrity."

The couple formally tied the knot on November 9, 2021, at their home, which the bride confirmed on Instagram. "Today marks a precious day in my life. Asser and I tied the knot to be partners for life," she wrote, adding that the ceremony included Muslim wedding traditions. "We celebrated a small nikkah ceremony at home in Birmingham with our families. Please send us your prayers. We are excited to walk together for the journey ahead."

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