Wedding Etiquette: How to Postpone a Wedding?


Our wedding is one month away, but we've decided to postpone. How do we let wedding guests know?


When a wedding is canceled or rescheduled, you can let guests know with printed cards, personal notes, or even by phone. If possible, a written mailer is preferable; that way you don't have to explain the circumstances over and over, which can be painful whether the wedding was delayed because of a sick parent or because of cold feet.

An official card is generally worded like an invite:

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sands
announce that the marriage of their daughter
Michele Justina
John David Elliott
will not take place/has been postponed.

A personal note should give the same information, just not as formally. In any case, listing a specific reason for the cancellation is not necessary. You may, however, decide to call guests traveling long distances as soon as possible so they can cancel their travel plans.

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