21 Registry Items Your Mom Definitely Didn't Include on Hers

This is your sign to register for every single one.
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Updated Aug 31, 2022

When you think of a wedding registry, what comes to mind? If you're imagining fine china, bed sheets, and monogrammed bath towels, we'll let you in on a secret: That's not what every registry looks like today. While there's certainly nothing wrong with the classics, there are plenty of modern wedding registry ideas that are completely fresh and exciting—and they definitely weren't on your mom's registry. The best part? They're all available on The Knot Registry Store.

If you need a little registry inspo, you're in the right place. Start by creating your registry on The Knot, and use this list of 21 modern wedding registry ideas to complete your wish list.

Sports Tickets

Fans at NFL game
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Believe it or not, you actually can register for sports tickets. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with SPUR Experiences, we're the only wedding registry out there that allows you to register for tickets to catch your favorite teams, including the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. That's not even everything—you can also register for tickets to more niche events, like the US Open, the X Games, or the US Gymnastics Championship. We also offer tickets to non-athletic experiences, like Madison Square Garden events, music festivals, and theatrical shows around the world. We'll bet your parents wished they had this opportunity back in the day.

Honeymoon Experiences

Couple at resort on honeymoon
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The concept of registering for a honeymoon fund isn't exactly new, but we can't not include it in our roundup of modern wedding registry ideas. Years ago, it was considered taboo for couples to ask for money as a wedding gift—but now, it's completely acceptable (and, in fact, encouraged) to ask for cash to fund experiences you're really excited about…like your honeymoon. Regardless of where your postwedding vacay is taking place, you can register for cash funds to help cover any costs, like airline tickets, your resort stay, or a fancy dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. Trust us when we say this is one registry gift you *need* to include on your list.

Airbnb Rentals

Couple at Airbnb rental

Okay, so maybe your parents didn't register for Airbnb rentals because they didn't exist until a few years ago—but now, this is one of our favorite modern wedding registry ideas. Thanks to our gift card partnership on The Knot Registry Store, you can request funds for future Airbnb rentals, from cozy log cabins to scenic lakefront chalets.

Pastel Cookware

Pastel pink cooking pan

There's a good chance you've seen the Always pan all over your Instagram and TikTok feeds. (You know the one.) If you've been dreaming of adding this viral pan to your collection of cookware, you'll be thrilled to know that it's available on The Knot Registry Store. (And while you're at it, you might as well register for the matching pot too.)

Grocery Delivery Service

Blue Apron meal subscription kit

If grocery shopping is your least favorite chore, a meal delivery service will be your new best friend. Before you finish making your registry, add a subscription to a service like Blue Apron, which will literally deliver meal kits to your front door. Cooking great dinners has never been so easy.

Name Change Gift Card

Hitchswitch name change gift card

Did you know it costs money to change your name after the wedding? Unfortunately, this is one easily-forgotten cost that can pop up out of nowhere. If you'll be changing your name, register for a gift card to HitchSwitch, a service that seamlessly walks you through the process.

Pet Funds

Young couple holding puppy
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Dreaming of adding a furry friend to your family? You can register for it! Adopting a pet can be accompanied by quite a few fees, so offset some of the costs by creating a cash fund for it. You can use the money for anything, from toys or custom accessories to the actual adoption fee. Or, put the money aside for future vet visits. The sky's the limit when it comes to this modern wedding registry idea.

Funky Glasses

Light blue colored champagne coupe

What you sip your beverages out of can be just as fun as the beverage itself. Fine china may have been in when your parents made their registry, but today, it's all about Estelle Colored Glassware. These stunning goblets come in a variety of shapes and colors, perfect for the budding bar cart curator or mixologist-in-training.

Date Night Funds

Couple on date in cafe

The key to a long and happy marriage is to never stop dating your spouse—after all, the honeymoon phase doesn't have to ever end. To keep your activities fresh and exciting, register for date night funds. On our registry store, you can request date night funds for a variety of cities around the US. Or, if you have a case of wanderlust, we also offer experiential gifts around the world too. (Gondola rides in Venice, anyone?)

Touch Screen Toaster

Touch screen toaster

You'll really be living in the future once you add a touchscreen toaster to your kitchen. This cutting-edge appliance features an interactive screen that ensures you'll never burn your toast or waffles again.

Roomba Vacuum

Roomba robot vacuum

At first thought, a vacuum might not seem like a luxurious wedding registry addition… but let us make the case for a Roomba. While your parents might have registered for a traditional vacuum, we recommend splurging on this high-tech robot cleaner. If you can't be bothered to clean your floors, simply turn it on and let it run around your house on its own. Thank us later.

Sightseeing Tours

Couple on sightseeing tour in Peru

Experiencing FOMO because everyone on your Instagram feed is in Europe right now? It doesn't have to be that way. Here at The Knot, we want you to live your best life, which is why we've added a wide variety of sightseeing excursion funds to our registry store. Add one of these modern wedding registry ideas to your list so that your guests can help fund the traveling tour of your dreams, from yachting in Mexico to hiking in Peru or wandering the Amalfi Coast.

Wine Subscription Service

Winc wine subscription box

Oenophiles, this one's for you. If you're always on the lookout to try new blends of your wines, register for a wine subscription service like Winc. You'll literally get bottles of vino delivered to your front door, perfect for happy hour at your place.

Foodie Tours

Woman grabbling slice of pizza

Obsessed with trying new food? It'll taste so much better when it's paid for by your loved ones. Yep, you can really register for international food tours on The Knot Registry. After all, why have pizza at home when you could have it in Naples?

Couples' Massages

Couples' massage in spa

After all this wedding planning, you deserve some R&R. Treat yourself by registering for couples' massages or a spa retreat to enjoy once all the wedding stress is over.

Dinner Cruises

Scenic dinner cruise
Maria Korneeva/Getty

Level up date night by registering for a scenic dinner cruise. We guarantee your meal will taste so much better from the comfort of a stunning yacht.

Home Redesign Packages

Modern home decor

Maybe you've been meaning to upgrade your master bathroom for years, or perhaps you're starting your newlywed chapter in a new fixer-upper. We know that every couple could benefit from a home redesign package, which is why we've added this insanely cool gift idea from Havenly to The Knot Registry Store.

Air Purifier

air purifier

Here's one registry gift you probably didn't realize you needed. Request an air purifier for your newlywed nest—this award-winning home addition will freshen up your air and look cute too.

Dance Lessons

Couple taking dance lessons

Perhaps all those hours spent practicing for your first dance have you itching for more. Whether you're a longtime dancer or you just like to do it for fun, this modern wedding registry idea will help you spin, twirl and leap like a pro.

Gift Cards

HomeGoods gift. card

We've mentioned a few gift cards above, but there are so many more on The Knot Registry Store. We've partnered with plenty of retailers—like HomeGoods, Disney, REI, Fanatics, and Shutterfly, to name a few—to allow you to register for gift cards to your favorite brands.


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When it comes down to it, you can never go wrong with registering for money. While it may not have been the norm back in your parent's day, it certainly is now. Registering for cash gives you the freedom to get (or do) anything you want—and in our eyes, that's a priceless gift. So, what are you waiting for?

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