How to Get Legally Married in Nebraska and Plan Your NE Wedding

Your guide to saying "I do" in the Cornhusker State.
Ellen O'Brien - The Knot Contributor.
Ellen O'Brien
Ellen O'Brien - The Knot Contributor.
Ellen O'Brien
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Aug 17, 2021

Located in the heart of the U.S., Nebraska is full of gorgeous cities and areas for your dream wedding. If you're looking to host a city wedding, turn to the bustling urban centers of Omaha and Lincoln. Planning a rustic-chic wedding? Check out the western parts of the state. With the Great Plains and Sandhills, you can say "I do" in front of a beautiful natural backdrop. (Read: no decorations required.) If you're in the midst of planning your Nebraska wedding (or starting to think about planning it), head to The Knot's Marketplace for a complete list of vendors and venues.

Overall, the marriage license process in Nebraska is straightforward. While there is some slight variation county to county, most counties in Nebraska follow a similar process that is outlined on each County Clerk's website. Thinking about changing your name? Be sure to bookmark our guide to changing your name in Nebraska.

How to Get Married in Nebraska

If you're planning on getting married in Nebraska, you're in luck. Getting married in the Cornhusker State is a fairly easy process. Read on for all of the answers to your questions about how exactly you go about saying "I do" in Nebraska.

Is there a waiting period to get married in Nebraska?

Nebraska does not have a waiting period to get married. Couples can get married immediately after receiving their marriage license.

What are the legal requirements to get married in Nebraska?

The legal age to marry in Nebraska is 19 years of age, but couples between the ages of 17 and 19 can legally marry with parental approval (demonstrated through a notarized parental consent form). Blood tests are not required in order to obtain a marriage licenses in Nebraska.

What's considered a common law marriage in Nebraska?

Nebraska does not recognize common law marriages.

Nebraska Marriage License 101

Trying to figure out how to get a marriage license in Nebraska? We've answered all of your questions about getting a marriage license below. From questions about photo I.D. requirements and county clerks to Social Security Numbers and worksheets, we've got you covered. (Read: no long Google-searching sessions required.)

What do you need to get a marriage license in Nebraska?

Couples must show proof of identity through a non-expired driver's license, passport, green card or birth certificate. Birth certificates used for proof of identity purposes must be certified copies. Couples are also required to complete the marriage license application for the County Clerk and pay the application fee.

Before heading to the County clerk's Office, double-check to make sure you know all of the information the marriage license application requires. Information the application asks for includes: parents' full names (including a mother's maiden names), parents' birthplaces and your Social Security Number (if you have one). Some counties also require couples to show a Social Security Card, so it's important to research the requirements for your specific county. If you or your partner was previously married, you also need to provide the date the previous marriage ended.

What does a Nebraska marriage license cost?

A marriage license in Nebraska costs $25 (payable through cash or a credit card). A certified copy of the marriage license is $9. Certified copies are required for couples seeking a name change. Some counties in Nebraska require couples to purchase a certified copy.

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Nebraska?

The time it takes to get a marriage license in Nebraska varies by county. In Lancaster County, couples can expect to receive a marriage license within 10 days of applying. In Douglas County, it's advised that couples submit marriage license applications at least three weeks before their wedding ceremony. It's important to complete the application legibly and accurately, or you may delay the issuance of the marriage license.

Can you apply for a marriage license online in Nebraska?

No. Couples must go to the County Clerk's Office and apply for a marriage license in person. However, some counties permit couples to submit a marriage license application by mail.

How do you get a copy of your Nebraska marriage license?

You can request an informal or certified copy of your marriage license by mail or in person at your County Clerk's Office.

How to Plan a Nebraska Wedding

From gorgeous scenic landscapes to fast-paced urban centers, Nebraska has a ton of great areas and cities to host the wedding of your dreams. Whether you're planning on having a large affair or a micro wedding, the Cornhusker State is a perfect spot for your big day. Read on to learn more about how to plan a wedding in Nebraska.

The Different Cities and Areas to Consider for a Nebraska Wedding

The home state of the Cornhuskers, Nebraska has many different cities and venues to offer couples. If you're planning an urban affair, consider hosting your big day in downtown Omaha, Nebraska's largest city. Nestled on the border of Nebraska and Iowa, Omaha is home to renovated loft spaces, posh hotels and chic museums. Lincoln, Nebraska's capital city, is home to the state's flagship university, The University of Nebraska—Lincoln, as well as the Sheldon Museum of Art. To the west of Lincoln and Omaha, lie the state's Sandhills and the Great Plains. With no shortage of picturesque, wide open spaces, you'll be able to find a gorgeous spot for your special day.

What to Look For in a Nebraska Wedding Venue

When looking at Nebraska wedding venues, consider the season, size and theme of your wedding. With so many different spaces and venues to offer, you'll be able to find the perfect spot for your big day in the Cornhusker State. If you're thinking about a larger wedding with tons of out-of-town guests, consider hosting your special day at a venue in Lincoln or Omaha. With close proximity to airports and tons of large reception halls, the eastern part of the state may be for you. If you're hoping to have a scenic affair, immersed in the beauty of the natural world, turn to the western part of the state. While you may have fewer venue options to choose from, you'll be able to host a fantastic outdoor wedding. Head to The Knot's Marketplace to see all of our favorite Nebraska wedding venues.

How to Find Nebraska Wedding Vendors

Whether you're searching for a florist, photographer or DJ, you'll be able to find your dream vendor in Nebraska. Plus, since the state is bordered by six states—Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri—many wedding vendors are easily able to travel from neighboring states for your Nebraska wedding. For a complete list of Nebraska wedding vendors, head to The Knot's Marketplace.

The Best Times of Year to Have a Nebraska Wedding for Good Weather

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Nebraska's temperate fall and spring seasons are bookended by a cold winter and hot summer. The best months of the year for an outdoor wedding in Nebraska are May, June and September, when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Even if you're hosting an indoor wedding, be wary of big snowstorms in the winter. Additionally, as Nebraska is located in the heart of Tornado Alley, it's important to think about the peak times for tornados—late spring and early summer.

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