This Is How Much It Costs for Weddings Around the World

How much does it cost to get married around the world? The Knot Worldwide's Global Wedding Report details the average wedding cost and guest count across 14 different countries.
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Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Deputy Editor
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Updated Jun 03, 2019

Conversion rates aside, it's time to talk about the cost of weddings worldwide. Planning the most important day of your life is universally stressful, especially with the plethora of options that accompany wedding decisions (from the venue to table settings to welcome dinners and more)—and it affects couples in different corners of the world. Budget, however, is the biggest decision that to-be-weds will discuss in the wedding planning process—and the cost conversation is a must-have from the French countryside all the way to Peruvian coastal cities.

According to The Knot Worldwide's 2019 Global Wedding Report, the cost to marry—as expected—varies according to region. In fact, we acquired feedback from more than 20,000 couples across 14 countries (including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States), and the findings were consistent around the globe: weddings are pricey—no matter the country.

The average cost of a wedding is highest in the U.S., while the average nuptial cost is lower in South America due to a variety of factors mainly linked to average income. The Southern Hemisphere experiences a sizable difference in the average number of guests, ranging anywhere from an intimate 91 people in Colombia up to 185 attendees per event in Mexico. Across the pond, European countries typically average 100 to 130 guests.

Below, The Knot details how much it costs to get married, on average in each country, along with the guest count, which correlates directly to couples' budgets.

india wedding

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Argentina

In Argentina, the average cost of a wedding is approximately $3,700, with roughly about 125 guests in attendance. Simply put, the price tag is close to about $30 per guest.

Around the world, vendors are essential to help couples plan and pull off their ideal day—whether it's teeming with cultural traditions or designing out a personalized installation to cater to the millennial pursuit of the unique and experiential event. In Argentina, the top vendors hired by couples were photographers (74 percent) followed by the music and entertainment (57 percent). To Argentinians, a party is oftentimes accompanied by lively dance floor and vivacious music.

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Brazil

Brazilian weddings edges out any other country with the highest percentage of hometown weddings at 57 percent of couples choosing to wed where they were raised. This means access to the venue is convenient for guests, averaging out about 159 in attendees per wedding in this particular country. The cost is nearly double that of the cost of a wedding in Argentina, rounding out to roughly $6,600.

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How Much It Costs to Get Married in Canada

Couples in Canada have a longer average planning duration of about 14 months before the wedding day, and the most coveted month to host a wedding is September—which is quite a lovely time to marry in the Northern Hemisphere. About 20 percent of Canadian couples choose to host their wedding in that time frame, whether they go the route of hosting an outdoor ceremony against the scenic backdrop of Banff or sharing their wedding in a cool, industrial venue in Van-City's Gastown neighborhood.

Of course, this comes at a hefty price tag. Due to higher average incomes, the guest count in Canada is similar to that of Brazil with an average of 154 attendees per wedding. However, the cost is nearly 3.5 times the amount of the average cost of a wedding in Brazil with Canadian couples putting down roughly $21,900 for their big day.

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How Much It Costs to Get Married in Chile

Unlike Canada and the U.S., October through February is wedding season for couples hosting their nuptials in the southern hemisphere. Of course, that includes Chile. Couples from this spectacular country, which geographically spans nearly the entire continent of South America, spend about $7,400 in average wedding costs on their approximate 114 guests.

Guests at Chilean weddings are oftentimes treated to a one-of-a-kind late-night party known as "la hora loca," which is literally translated into "the crazy hour." Couples in Chile are also the lowest in percentage to have hometown weddings (28 percent) unlike Brazilians, who nearly doubled that amount in terms of venue preference.

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Colombia

Out of all the countries in the world, Colombia boasts of having the lowest average guest count with 90 people per wedding. That's not all. Colombian couples also have the shortest wedding planning timeline of just seven months, while 79 percent incorporate religion into the ceremony.

With the intimate guest count and a relatively no-frills approach to the big day, the average cost of a wedding in Colombia amounts to about $3,300. The most in-demand vendors to help at Colombian weddings include photographers (69 percent), jeweler for the rings (66 percent), and tailors for the suits (55 percent).

How Much It Costs to Get Married in France

While couples in all other countries prioritized finding photographers from vendor categories, to-be-weds marrying in France opted instead to seek out caterers first and foremost for the wedding day. French weddings typically include decadent desserts like the croquembouche—which has been a surging trend in the U.S.—and a divine cocktail reception known as the vin d'honneur. Food plays an integral role especially in French couples' weddings.

The average number of guests to enjoy a French wedding is approximately 105 people per party, with couples being set back about $17,600 for the mouthwatering affair.

wedding in france

How Much It Costs to Get Married in India

Did somebody say massive party? India edges out every country by far with its average guest count, which is about 524 people per wedding. Since Indian nuptials are multi-day events—including the puja and the mehendi ceremonies—some of the events will veer on the smaller size. However, the reception is a massive party that is typically paid for by the parents.

Due to a variety of factors, the cost of weddings in India ranges from $15,000 to $22,000 as the midpoint spend for educated couples in the country. However, twenty percent of couples will spend more than $45,000. (For context, the average middle class person in India makes at least $14,000 a year.)

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How Much It Costs to Get Married in Italy

Renting a Tuscan villa is certainly fabulous—even if it comes at a hefty price tag. The average wedding cost in Italy is slightly higher than its French counterparts, setting couples back roughly $22,500 for 114 guests. A beautiful event has something to do with it. Out of all the countries, couples hosting weddings in Italy were the only ones to have flowers among its top three vendor categories (roughly 68 percent of to-be-weds in Italy sought out florists, which was more than any other country).

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Mexico

The wedding guest count is second highest in the world in Mexico with the average number landing at 185 attendees per nuptial. Roughly one out of every two couples hosts a hometown wedding, which lends itself to the higher guest count. The average cost of a wedding in Mexico, however, is slightly above Brazil's at about $8,600.

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Peru

In countries like Peru, couples pay for about half of the wedding costs—and from there, a huge percentage will take out a loan or incur some form of debt to pay for the nuptials. The average cost of a wedding in a massive country like Peru is about $7,700 with 151 guests.

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Portugal

Weddings in Portugal also come at a hefty price tag of $16,700 with an average of 126 guests. However, unlike Peruvian to-be-weds, couples in Portugal will rarely take out loans and credit card debt to pay for the wedding day. Only seven percent of couples will take out loans to help pay for nuptial-related costs.

How Much It Costs to Get Married in Spain

In countries like Spain, couples receive even more financial support from their parents and family members who will provide roughly two-thirds of expenses. The price tag? The average cost of a wedding is $23,400 for a guest count of 130.

Couples in Spain place the biggest emphasis on vendors like the photographer (89 percent), the dress designer (88 percent) and music (73 percent).

wedding in spain

How Much It Costs to Get Married in the United Kingdom

Couples in the U.K. have the longest wedding planning timeline of 15 months, and that's not the only factor that distinguishes British couples. In the U.K., Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton both wore tiaras and 22 percent of British brides choose to do the same.

The cost? Even with the longer lead time for planning and the tiara on top, the U.K. cost of a wedding is still less than the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. Couples spend about $19,200 on about 104 guests.

How Much It Costs to Get Married in the United States

No surprise here! Wedding costs are highest in the U.S. at $29,200, nearly quadruple the cost of the average price in other countries. Couples will invite about 126 guests on average after a planning timeline that consists of roughly 14 months.

An interesting twist in U.S. marriages besides the cost? It leads the way with couples who choose to marry someone of a different ethnicity or religious upbringing with 3 in 10 couples opting for love in this way.

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