The Best New Way to See Every Single Photo Taken at Your Wedding

No, it doesn't involve a hashtag. Thanks to our new The Guest app, you no longer have to wait for your family and friends to send you photos or post on Instagram.
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Updated Oct 03, 2018

Now more than ever, it's easier to see and share wedding pictures instantly. Thanks to smartphone cameras, social media, hashtagging and nearly everyone being digitally connected, the moments captured by your professional photographer and guests alike can be enjoyed in real time with just a few clicks.

But as simple as snapping and sharing photos may seem, only roughly 22 pictures and videos taken actually make it off of guests' phones and into the viral world per wedding. On the one hand, it's great your guests are too busy enjoying your event to upload, hashtag, text or post their pics, but without them putting in the work, you're missing out on hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos and videos that help tell all the stories from your wedding. And that's where our new—free!—app called The Guest comes in to save the day.

What is The Guest?

Formerly known as Veri, the premiere photo-sharing app that's already captured 5.76 million photos and videos, The Guest app automatically shares images from users' built-in cameras without even opening the app, so there's no need to hashtag or manually upload photos.

Instead of only seeing the 22 photos you would get if you relied solely on a hashtag, you can expect to see roughly 870 instead (in addition to the professional photos and videos captured by your vendors) so you won't miss a single moment from your wedding. Yes, you read that correctly.

How does The Guest's photo-sharing work?

All you have to do is tell your guests ahead of time to download the free app (spread the word via your wedding website). Once the event is set up and the app is installed on guests' phones (again, it's free on iOS and Android), they can simply snap pics and shoot videos, and the app takes care of the rest. Auto-sharing in this way eliminates the work of uploading, hashtagging and posting, which usually prevents guests from photo sharing.

You'll receive all event photos and videos at full resolution and length and a private gallery for you and your guests available up to 12 months from download date.

Want to use the photo sharing app for more than one event, such as your bridal shower, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner? You can do that too! Just decide when you want auto-sharing to start and end.

Again, the only work guests need to do is download the app before the event. The Guest will notify guests when the event begins and from that point until the designated event end, photos guests take will automatically be shared unless they decide to pause the auto-sharing with a simple tap within the app. And if a not-so-flattering picture makes it into the album, no problem—just delete it.

Why use The Guest?

Previously, the best way to share photos was to tag pics on social media sites and use a creative hashtag. Though both methods have helped with sharing photos, the work it takes to make it happen, not to mention the obstacles created for those who aren't tech-savvy, can be a big setback—and that means you're missing out.

According to reviewers—including couples and vendors alike—The Guest app is a game changer in photo-sharing apps and quite possibly the best way to share photos today.

"We loved using this app for our wedding! My husband and I love it because we were able to see photos from our wedding on the way to our honeymoon. Our guests loved being able to share photos easily with one another, without having to text or email. We also had a few family members unable to attend our wedding due to medical reasons, and they were able to join our event and see photos from our wedding in real time from our guests." –Christine Q.

"The Guest app is pure brilliance! So many of my couples have asked me how they can collect and save their guests' photos from their wedding—I'm so excited to share this app with them! Now they can seamlessly and automatically get their guests' photos without having to bug them or search through a bunch of social media platforms." –Marlies Hartmann, photographer, M. Hart Photography.

What if I already hired a photographer and videographer?

We hope you did! The professional shots your photographer and videographer take will be invaluable. That said, your vendors can only be in so many places at once.

The same can be said for you as the to-be-weds. The day will be filled with reuniting with friends and family, cutting cake, pairing up for the first dance, and stealing quiet moments away for just the two of you. While all of that happens, there's a great big party going on and you might miss out on some things. The memories everyone else made at your wedding will likely go missed if guests keep their self-shot wedding pics and videos to themselves. Using The Guest, you can ensure you never miss a moment, so your marriage will start off with wonderful memories that'll last a lifetime.

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