32 Cute Valentine’s Day Nails That Will Give You All the Heart Eyes

Wear your heart on your nails with these designs for Valentine’s Day.
Pink chrome Valentine's Day nails with a heart design
Photo: @vivianmariewong
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Updated Dec 18, 2023

One thing about me is that I will get my nails done for every single holiday, and my Valentine's Day nails are no exception. I just love seeing the aisles of stores like Target filled with pink and red decor, chocolate candies and conversation hearts, and I want my nails to be just as festive. And Valentine's Day is coming up on Wednesday, February 14, 2024. This means that it's the perfect time to play with cute Valentine's Day nail designs, like some sweet heart shapes, kiss prints and other love-struck symbols.

So whether you're going out on a romantic date night with your partner, hosting a Galentine's Day dinner or just want to give yourself some much-deserved self-love, cupid's got a nail match for you. Check out these Valentine's Day nail ideas and trends below that will give you all the heart eyes.

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For Valentine's Day 2024, red and pink may serve as the foundation for Valentine's Day nails, but there is so much more you can do with them (if that's your vibe, of course.) These cute Valentine's Day nail trends will help you celebrate the day of love in style:

  • Conversation Heart Nails: Who doesn't love those adorable candy hearts with sweet messages? They're no longer just a sweet treat; you can wear them on your nails too, with playful hand-drawn conversation hearts made with pastel nail colors and fun phrases.
  • Heart French Tips: French tip nails for Valentine's Day are always a good idea. Take the classic French manicure up a notch by adding a heart-shaped tip in a contrasting color. It's a simple yet romantic way to upgrade your nails for Valentine's Day.
  • Glitter Nails: Add some sparkle to your nails with a glitter design in shades of pink or red. Whether you go for a full glittery manicure or just add some shimmery accents, your nails will shine bright like diamonds.

Top 10 Valentine's Day Nail Ideas for 2024

Whether or not you have a Valentine this year, you can still get in the spirit and treat yourself to an extra special Valentine's Day manicure. From Taylor Swift Lover-inspired nails to iconic heart lollipop designs, you're guaranteed to fall in love with these top nail designs for Valentine's Day:

1. Pink Chrome Nails

Pink chrome Valentine's Day nails with heart design
Photo: @vivianmariewong

Give your quintessential pink Valentine's Day nails a futuristic twist by adding hot pink chrome powder to catch everyone's attention. The cherry on top? A heart accent nail that'll bring the perfect amount of V-day festivity.

2. Red Heart French Tip Nails

Valentine's Day red heart French tips
Photo: @amyle.nails

French tip nails for Valentine's Day in the shape of hearts? Say less. Update this timeless trend by replacing the plain white tip with cute little hearts. It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve, only this time it's on your nails!

3. Taylor Swift Lover-Inspired Nails

Taylor Swift Lover-inspired Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @pop_polished

Now, I like shiny things but I'd marry you with Lover-inspired nails. Get ready to channel your inner Swiftie with this nail design for Valentine's Day. Ask for iridescent chrome tips and add sparkly red accents with cute hearts, archer symbols, and even butterflies for a whimsical and ethereal look.

4. Black Heart Nails

Black heart Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

These simple Valentine's Day nails are the perfect combination of sweet and goth. Paint your nails with a sleek, barely there nude shade and use a very thin brush to create tiny hearts using a contrasting color like silver or gold.

5. Red Pearl Nails

Red Valentine's Day nails with pearls
Photo: @vivianmariewong

Heading out for a sexy date night for Valentine's Day? Opt for a hot Valentine's Day nail design with this sultry manicure. Go for a deep crimson shade as your base and adorn it with delicate faux pearl accents.

6. Ace of Heart Nails

Ace of Hearts card Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @betina_goldstein

If you want to put a twist on traditional Valentine's Day heart nails, why not lay all your cards on the table with this V-day manicure? Opt for a blue-toned red polish and a thin nail art brush to create the numbered accents.

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7. Pastel Heart French Tip Nails

Valentine's Day pastel nails with heart design
Photo: @gelsbybry

Indulge your sweet tooth with these pastel candy heart nails. Opt for a variety of soft pastels to use as French tips or solid base color, then add tiny heart-shaped candies in a variety of sweet hues like purple, blue, and yellow. It's like having a sweet treat right at your fingertips.

8. Heart Lollipop Nails

Heart lollipop Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @nailsby.fifi

If candy hearts aren't your thing, maybe you'll prefer these iconic heart lollipops instead. Choose a vibrant red, cherry-like hue for the heart-shaped candy top and a contrasting color for the stick, like a light pink or classic white.

9. Black and White French Tip Nails with Hearts

Black and white French tip Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @nailsbycaroline_

Love certainly isn't black and white, but your nails can be. Make a statement with this cool and contemporary black-and-white heart design. Start with sleek black and white French tips and add minimalist white and black hearts for a chic and edgy look.

10. XO Red Sparkle Nails

XO red glitter Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @nailsbyharleylouise

It's all in the game of love with these fun Valentine's Day nails. This adorable set features red glitter tips and a cute tic-tac-toe meets XO accent nail. Now that's a winner right there.

Pink Valentine's Day Nails

Pink Valentine's Day nails reign supreme, IMO. From delicate pastels and vibrant fuchsias to glitter pink Valentine's Day nails, there's a shade that will have you feeling pretty in pink for the occasion. Pair it with some heart accents or floral designs, and you'll have nails that are straight out of a love story.

11. Matte Pink Nails with Gold Hearts

Matte pink Valentine's Day nails with gold hearts
Photo: @monika__nails

Change up your traditional glossy pink nails and opt for a matte mani instead for Valentine's Day. Recreate the look by asking for a soft pink base (I love this look with an ombre effect!) layered with oh-so-chic gold hearts.

12. Orange and Pink Heart Nails

Pink and orange Valentine's Day heart nails
Photo: @thehotblend

Add a burst of citrus to your Valentine's Day manicure with pastel orange and pink heart nails. Alternate between these two shades to create a playful and eye-catching design.

13. Pink Coquette Nails with Bows and Hearts

Pink coquette Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @vivianmariewong

Hearts aren't the only way to decorate your nails for Valentine's Day. Embrace the balletcore trend and add some adorable bows to your cute Valentine's Day nails for a coquette-inspired look.

14. Pink Checker Nails

Pink checkered Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @karin.nailedit

Elevate your nail game with this edgy and stylish take on the classic pink manicure. Paint your nails in different shades of pink, ranging from baby pink to hot pink, to create that Valentine's Day-inspired checkerboard pattern.

15. Glitter Pink Valentine's Day Nails

Pink glitter Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @simplynails94

What's Valentine's Day without a little extra sparkle? Sprinkle some love on your fingertips with glitter pink Valentine's Day nails. Choose a bright, glittery pink polish and prepare to shine brighter than Cupid's arrow.

16. Brown and Pink Nails with Hearts

Brown and pink Valentine's Day French tip nails
Photo: @vivianmariewong

There's something about brown and pink nails that feels so cozy and cute. Combine warm, earthy brown shades with a soft and sweet pink hue, and then add tiny heart-shaped accents that steal the show.

17. Barbie Pink Nails

Barbie pink Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @disseynails

This Barbie wears hot pink nails on Valentine's Day. Embrace the Barbiecore trend and go all out with a bold and vibrant Barbie pink shade that is sure to make you feel confident and empowered.

18. Pink Ombre French Tips

Pink ombre French tips
Photo: @gelsbybry

Twist up the classic French manicure with a delightful pink ombre twist. Start with a soft baby pink French tip and create a gradient effect by adding a bolder pink shade as you move from one side to the other.

19. Muted Pink Ombre Nails

Muted ombre pink nails
Photo: @bycheznails

If you prefer a more understated look for the day of love, try muted pink ombre nails. Choose soft, dusty pinks and curves to create a delicate gradient that transitions from light to dark.

20. Groovy Pink Swirl Nails

Pink swirl Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @disseynails

Combine shades of pink, from pastel to vibrant, and create swirling patterns that will make your nails reminiscent of a 70s daydream. It's a funky and playful design that's sure to be a conversation starter at any Valentine's Day party!

21. Pink Chrome Nails with French Tips

Valentine's Day pink chrome French tip nails
Photo: @bycheznails

Add a touch of futuristic glam to your Valentine's Day look with pink chrome nails and French tips. Coat your nails with a shiny pink chrome polish, and then accentuate the tips with a coordinating French manicure design.

Red Valentine's Day Nails

When it comes to sultry, hot Valentine's Day nail designs, nothing beats classic red nails. Whether you opt for a glossy red or experiment with metallic or chrome nail designs, your nails will make a bold statement that is sure to get hearts pounding. Add some heart-shaped details or accent nails in shades of pink or gold, and you'll have a manicure that's impossible to resist. Don't take my word for it; the red nail theory speaks for itself.

22. Red Chrome Nails

Red chrome Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @disseynails

Want to elevate your classic red nails for Valentine's Day? This gorgeous red chrome manicure is what you should ask for at your next salon appointment. You can thank me later.

23. Red XO Heart Nails

Red XO heart Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @marcia_nails

Can't decide on just one red nail look? You don't have to. Try to incorporate multiple Valentine's Day-inspired designs with these XO nails that let you have a little bit of everything.

24. Red Gemstone French Tip Nails

Red gemstone French tip Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @sansungnails

How unique are these red gemstone French tip nails? Start with a classic red French, then adorn it with matching red gemstones to duplicate this red hot Valentine's Day nail design.

25. Red Bow Nails

Red bow French tip Valentine's day nails
Photo: @bycheznails

Bow nails are going to be everywhere this year, and you can totally incorporate them into your Valentine's Day manicure. Paint your nails a vibrant red shade and accentuate them with delicate bow designs.

26. White and Red French Tip Nails

White and red French tip nails
Photo: @gelsbybry

Want to change up the traditional red French tips? Try pairing a warm candy-apple red with a stark white shade instead. The tiny heart detail is just the icing on the cake.

27. Deep Red Nails with Pearl Accents

Deep red Valentine's Day nails with pearl accents
Photo: @thehotblend

Want to make a red manicure instantly cooler? Try cabernet nails and add pearl accents for a classy date night look.

28. Bleeding Red Heart Nails

Bleeding red heart Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @nailsbyheathere

For those bold enough to take risks, these bleeding red heart nails will leave a lasting impression. Create a dramatic effect by painting your nails a vibrant red shade and adding a striking heart design.

29. Self-Love "Me" Red Nails

Self-love Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @amyle.nails

Valentine's Day is not just about celebrating romantic love but also self-love. Treat yourself with a red nail design that shows your love for you. It's a subtle reminder to love and cherish yourself this Valentine's Day!

30. Red Rose Nails

Red rose Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @chalkboardnails

Every rose has its thorns, unless you have them painted on your nails. Channel your inner romantic with stunningly manicured nails featuring a delicate red rose design at the cuticle.

31. Matte Red Heart Nails

Matte red heart Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @glammedbeauty

What's Valentine's Day without hearts? Embrace your trendy side and bring these festive Valentine's Day nails in a coffin shape to your nail tech ASAP.

32. Vintage Moon Red Nails

Vintage moon Valentine's Day nails
Photo: @rachel.messick

Moon nails are a vintage mani trend that is making a comeback. Create a half-moon shape near the cuticle with a bold red shape for a touch of old Hollywood glamour at your fingertips.

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