26 Best Fitness Apps for Your Wedding Workout

Want to get in shape before your wedding day? There’s an app for that.
Fitness apps for brides

One of the easiest ways to figure out which workout to choose or what to eat in the months leading up to your wedding is to take out your phone. There are tons of workout apps, running apps, calorie counting apps and general weight loss apps to choose from out there and they all do things differently. Everything you need to enhance your wedding diet (we mean the healthy food you eat, not some yo-yo diet) or wedding workout routine can be found in the app store. From cardio videos to imaginary zombies chasing after you (seriously), we tracked down our favorite fitness apps and calorie trackers to help motivate you and put you on track to a seriously toned and healthy workout regimen. Our favorite apps by category, below.

10 Best Fitness and Workout Apps

There are literally thousands of workout apps, and it's hard to determine which ones are good and which of them are the best. Hint: The best fitness apps are simple -- they do one thing (like providing a short workout or motivate you) really well. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite fitness apps and laid out exactly what they do, so you can pick the one that works best for you. If you're looking for daily workout videos, something quick to fit into your busy schedule, something to calm you down or something to pep you up, you'll find it below. From personal training apps, to a personal DJ fitness app (oh yeah, you read that right), this list has you covered.

1. Nike+ Training Club App
How it works: Created by a team of total pros (the Nike master trainers), the app has a cache of 100 workouts at every level of fitness. Each workout comes with video tutorials, so it's not a big deal if you're a complete beginner. Oh and it's super simple to use. Choose the best program for you from a list of choices (“get toned," “get strong," “get lean" and “get focused") and it'll provide you with tailored, easy workout plans -- built-in rest days included. (Free, iOS and Android)

2. FIT Radio App
How it works: FIT Radio is all about the beats… per minute. You'll hear playlists that maintain an up-beat BPM to keep you motivated and focused. DJs upload new mixes daily, so you don't run dry, and so that you're not distracted from your workout, trying to find a song that will keep you feeling pumped.(Free, iOS and Android)

3. Fitocracy App
How it works: If you're a reward-driven person, Fitocracy is the workout app for you. The free version of this app gives you tons of fitness video content and support from an encouraging community. Plus, you'll earn points and you can view your progress daily -- super motivating. For $1 a day, you can even get a personal trainer that will assess your fitness level, boost your nutritional plan and build personalized workouts for you. Your coach will hold you accountable and keep you excited to workout, two of the hardest things to do on your own. (Free, iOS and Android)

4. 7 Minute Workout Challenge App
How it works: 12 exercises that can be performed in seven minutes, but get the equivalent of an hour's workout -- seems far-fetched, right? But the 7-minute fitness challenge is backed by serious, peer-reviewed scientific research. The app will instruct you along each of the 12 activities, track your results and encourage you on your journey.($2.99, iOS and Android)

5. PIT Fitness App
How it works: If time is the factor that makes intense workouts impossible for you, give PIT Fitness a try. PIT stands for Performance Interval Training, which incorporates workouts designed to "shock" the body out of its routine. The app is a 30-day workout program that claims to elevate your metabolism and help you shed pounds all while only taking up only 15 to 30 minutes of your time with interval training. You choose the weight style you want (body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells or sandbags) and follow along. Pretty simple. ($2.99, iOS)

6. Pocket Yoga App
How it works: This handy-dandy app is literally a yoga instructor inside your phone -- soothing voice and all. Take your pick from a variety of yoga practices, adjust your time and difficulty level, then roll out your mat and begin. Pocket Yoga uses a totally zen vocal tone that directs you through the poses as if you were in a classroom, even telling you when to inhale and exhale. ($2.99, iOS and Android)

7. Zumba Dance App
How it works: If your idea of a work out is shaking your hips to break a sweat, follow along with trademarked Zumba classes that provide you with fat-blasting dance moves in all sorts of styles, from cumbia to salsa and raggaeton -- even Bollywood. You can also join Facebook challenges to keep you accountable and tell the app for how many times a week and how long you want to work out. Buy more routines in the app so you never feel like you're in a dance rut. ($4.99, iOS and Android)

8. StrongLifts 5x5 App
How it works: The best gym app for weightlifters is StrongLifts 5x5. Like the name suggests, the app will coach you while you complete three lifting exercises with five sets of five reps, letting you know when it's cool to take a break and even when it is time to add some more lbs.The only thing this app can't do for you? Spot you on the military press. (Free, iOS and Android)

9. FitStar Personal Trainer App
How it works: Take a quick quiz at the end of each video workout you complete on FitStar and the app will determine your fitness level and give you more videos that are specifically tailored to your workout needs. It was created by NFL star Tony Gonzalez and works for any level of fitness, from a complete workout virgin to the most experienced guru. Every routine you'll do is is challenging, but not so hard that you'll never want to do it again. In fact, it's pretty addicting. (Free, iOS)

10. Sworkit Lite App
How it works: Only have five minutes to spare? You can easily get a workout in with Sworkit. Want to sweat for an hour? That's okay too! Your time is completely adjustable. Pick your fitness routine from a list of choices like cardio, strength, yoga or even stretching. Each workout has videos and a countdown with the number of reps you have left to complete, so it's easy to follow. The app uses your body weight in high-intensity workouts, so no extra weights are necessary. How's that for an easy app? (Free, iOS and Android)

Best Running Apps and Walking Apps

You may think running and walking are bare-bones fitness activities, but there are still tons of reasons to use running or walking apps. They'll track your mileage, tell you your overall pace, split pace, help motivate you, engross you in a distracting story or even help you support an important cause. There's just something extremely satisfying when you click into your running app and see how many miles you've run for the entire week. Your sense of accomplishment will go through the roof if you keep logging your steps and recording your pace.

1. Endomondo App

How it works: Looking for a cheerleader? Endo (Endomondo's virtual trainer) uses the GPS on your phone to track your progress while you're walking or running outside. If it senses that you're about to hit a personal record, it will tell you to keep it up and if you are slacking a bit, it will tell you to pick up the pace. Ouch, but a little necessary for those of us who feel like we can just go a little slower and no one will notice. There's a social side to the app too, which allows you to follow and cheer your friends along as they work out and challenge them to different activities. (Free, iOS and Android)

2. Zombies, Run! App

How it works: From Walking Dead to working out, Zombies, Run! creates a rich world of story behind the distance you're running. The premise: Zombies are on the loose, running just behind you and each step you take is rewarded with supplies earned and tools that help save us all from an imminent attack. Talk about motivation. ($3.99, iOS and Android)

3. Charity Miles App

How it works: Now the miles you run can benefit more than just your endurance. Each mile you travel can earn money for dozens of different charities. Corporate sponsors donate 10 cents for each mile biked and 25 cents for each mile walked or run through Charity Miles. You'll be making a difference just by working out. (Free, iOS and Android)

4. MapMyRun App

How it works: Just have this app running (pun intended!) in the background while you pound the pavement. It will record your mileage through GPS tracking, telling you your overall pace with splits per mile. At the end of each workout, save your route so you can track your progress through the week. MapMyRun will send you weekly emails with your results and congrate you for reaching new milestones. (Free, iOS and Android)

5. Spring App

How it works: Spring is a personal DJ app that curates playlists with songs that have a similar beat-per-minute ratio. Power up this app when you're tired of your own beats, or looking for something to amp up your energy level. Running to the consistent beat of Spring's playlists will help you elevate your heart rate and help take your workout to the next level, whether that means it's faster, or more intense. (Free, iOS)

6. The Walk App

How it works: From the same developers as Zombies, Run!, The Walk combines the page-turning adrenaline of a suspense novel with your walking workout. Through a case of mistaken identity, you've been given an important package at Inverness station in the UK. But, just as you try to board the train to its destination (Edinburgh), a terrorist bombing blows up the train and sets off an electromagnetic pulse -- no cars or trains are working and you'll have to walk. With enemies hot in pursuit, trying to grab your important package, and police after you as a suspect in the bombing, you can't trust anyone, and you have to get to your destination in one piece. Pretty cool, right? ($2.99, iOS and Android)

7. Ghost Race App

How it works: Let your competitive nature shine through by racing friends and virtual competitors in Ghost Race. You can bike or run, choose your own course and watch your progress as well as your "ghost" partner's pace. You can even race against your own personal record. How's that for motivation? (Free, Android)

8. c25k App

How it works: Put down the remote and pick up a pair of running shoes, because c25k (which stands for Couch to 5K) is about to get you ready for a serious race. The app follows an 8-week training plan, which begins with an easy schedule that switches between running and walking and works its way up to more intense paces. Plus, the c25k app isn't a huge time-commitment. It only requires you to work out for 30 minutes, three times a week. (Free, iOS and Android)

Best Weight Loss and Calorie Counter Apps

If you are simply looking to begin a food diary and keep track of calories, than these weight loss and calorie counter apps are the apps for you! Some are pretty simple: Just jot down your meals each time you eat so you can look back and see what you need to change. Others get a little more involved, tracking not only meals, but also sleep patterns, hydration levels and exercise, and then combining that with goals to help you on your diet and weight loss journey. Still others will motivate you by adding monetary incentives, meal plans and personal trainers into the mix.

1. Lose It! App

How it works: This tracker app works with other apps (even ones on this list like MapMyFitness and Nike+) and creates a comprehensive wellness progress report, which sounds crazy until you realize that it is just a little fitness report card. From calorie tracking, bar code scanning and exercise monitoring, Lose It! will help you stay focused, all for free! Pay $40 a year and monitor your overall health with hydration, sleep, glucose, blood pressure, and even carbohydrates, fat and protein measurements. (Free or $40/year, iOS and Android)

2. Pact App

How it works: Earn money for meeting your goals, pay up if you don't. You set the amount of money you're willing to bet on your workouts and diet, then use the app to track your activities and food intake. Earn money when you follow through. Pretty simple, and who doesn't want a few extra dollars on the side? If you're not a big app person, you can do the same thing directly from your browser with Diet Bet. (Free, iOS and Android)

3. MapMyFitness App

How it works: This application takes fitness tracking and calorie counting and combines it into one seamless app. Keep a log of your activities, from walking to running to workout classes and meals, set calorie burning goals and see where you come up at the end of each week. This app will make you feel accountable and the latest version will even keep track of your running shoes, if you want, and tell you when it is time to buy a new pair. (Free, iOS and Android)

4. DailyBurn App

How it works: This app is part of a larger system that you can access on any device, from laptop to smartphone to tablet. It basically allows you to choose a fitness track, and take three months worth of video classes for a monthly fee. Want to add one-on-one coaching and individualized meal plans? Add them onto your package for a full-fledged wedding workout and diet makeover. (Free, iOS and Android)

Best Nutrition Apps

If your goals are nutrition-focused, these are the four apps you should try. HealthyOut gives you a sense of the restaurants nearby that have healthy menu options, ShopWell gives every item you scan in the store a score based on its health benefits for you, individually, MyFitnessPal inputs all of the food you've eaten and estimates its nutritional value, then gets to know your diet so you can log meals in no time flat, and Rise even pairs you with a registered Dietitian. Get the down-low on each one so you can download it onto your phone today!

1. HealthyOut App

How it works: Ever have a hard time deciding what to eat (that's still good for you) when you're out at a restaurant? HealthyOut helps you make a healthy choice when you're going out to eat. Just plug in your address (or an address of a neighborhood you'd like to eat in) and add in any extra info you'd like to include (like if you're vegan, vegetarian or gluten free) and type of meal you're craving (anyone else for pasta?) and the app will give you a slew of healthy choices nearby, going so far as to suggest the best options (read: healthiest choices) on each menu. (Free, iOS and Android)

2. ShopWell App

How it works: Is it just us or are nutrition labels written in a different language? ShopWell will help you decipher what's actually written on the box with an easy-to-understand “score" out of 100 as it relates to you, personally. In the app, fill out your age, gender, any allergies, and other specific diet needs (like if you're gluten free). Then, all you have to do is head to the grocery store and scan in the barcodes of the foods you want to buy. Try to put foods with lower scores back on the shelf and you'll be golden. (Free, iOS and Android)

3. MyFitnessPal App

How it works: Less than 60 seconds is all it takes to use this calorie counting and food diary app. MyFitnessPal takes the time out of keeping a diet journal by searching the app's nearly comprehensive directory of foods (from McDonald's cheeseburgers to Ritz Crackers). Cooking something on your own? You may have to enter in each ingredient manually, but the app will do the math to make sure those calories are accounted for too. The best part? Once you start using the app daily, it gets to know your diet and saves a list of the meals you have most often so you can add it to your log with only the push of a button. (Free, iOS and Android)

4. Rise App

How it works: Rise pairs you with a registered dietitian that you send meal and snack pictures to every time you eat. Basically, like a food babysitter. It sounds a little invasive and also like a lot of work, but if you need diet counseling or coaching that holds you accountable, this is definitely the app for you. The next day, your partner will let you know how you can make your choices healthier and even offer tips on how to enjoy the foods you know you should eat, but can't quite stomach (finally, something that makes Brussels sprouts palatable!). Plus, they'll give you helpful tips that will help with portion control and much more. ($20/week, iOS)

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