10 Fitness Apps to Get You Wedding-Ready

Want to get in shape before your wedding day? There’s an app for that.
Fitness apps for brides
Photo by Angelica Glass


How it works: This calorie-counter app is the ultimate food diary. Right when you sign up you'll be prompted to set a goal for yourself, regardless of whether you're trying to lose or maintain your weight for that gorgeous wedding dress you'll be wearing in a few months.

Why we love it: You can actually scan the bar code of your packaged foods or search meals in a massive restaurant database when you and your fiancé go out for date night. If you're preparing your own dishes at home, you'll have to enter all the information manually, but hey—it's worth the time, and you two can do it together!

Free, MyFitnessPal.com

Nike Training Club

How it works: Choose your workout based on a specific part of the body you want to work on, like your arms or mid-section (target specific areas based on your dress), and it'll select a training plan for you. Each exercise comes with a quick “how-to" video, so you can watch a pro demo on the proper form and technique before you even get started.

Why we love it: It's like having your own personal trainer (for free!) before your personal red-carpet moment. Tip: If you're new to the gym, you may want to consider hiring a real trainer for one session first, so that you learn how to avoid injury before jumping into your new exercise routine.

Free, Nike.com

Zombies, Run!

How it works: Hit “start" and you'll be running for dear life from a pack of frightful zombies (yes, zombies) that are hot on your tail. This fun and interactive running app tasks you with saving your neighborhood from a scary apocalypse. What are you waiting for? Run!

Why we love it: While you're running, the app will cut into your music to let you know that the zombies are gaining on you. You'll be surprised at how this slightly scary (and silly) app makes exercising seem like more fun than work.

$4 (regularly $8!), ZombiesRunGame.com


How it works: Prefer to have a pocket DJ rather than a pocket trainer? Then this is the app for you. Offering a wide range of genres and professional DJ mixes, the playlists are designed to keep your heart rate up and you kicking butt (instead of letting the workout kick yours).

Why we love it: It's an easy but totally effective way to make your workout more fun and intense. Plus, you can save your favorite mixes and play them anytime—even if you're not in the gym. Bonus: Use this app to create the perfect reception party playlist. Your guests won't want to leave the dance floor.

Free ,FitRadio.com


How it works: With video-game-like features, this social networking app allows you to track your fitness progress and connect with other users for moral support (you may need it—we know how stressful wedding planning can be!).

Why we love it: You can earn points, advance to the next level and collect badges as you work out. Plus, you can hide personal info, like your weight and measurements, but still share all of your accomplishments! Make it a fun game with your fiancé and see who can earn the most points before your wedding day.

Free, Fitocracy.com

7 Minute Fitness Challenge

How it works: No equipment? No gym? No problem. The “7 Minute Workout" was designed to get you into shape with a variety of 12 exercises for high-intensity training (from jumping jacks to core-blasting planks) that you can do, well, practically anywhere. So put down those DIY table toppers and set your clock; a seven-minute break will be good for your body and mind.

Why we love it: You can choose either a male or female to be your personal pocket trainer and show you how to do certain exercises with helpful videos and photos.

$2, 7MinWorkoutApp.net

PIT Fitness

How it works: This app puts you on a 30-day fitness program with daily workouts that are 15 to 25 minutes each. With more than 300 different workouts built into the program, you can change up your routine weekly or every 30 days. Consider boredom banished

Why we love it: Each workout is broken down into levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, and features a full-video demonstration of each exercise. The best part? You can do it totally on the go in between your dress fittings and flower appointments.

$3 (or Lite version for free), PITFitness.net

Charity Miles

How it works: Sign up, choose a charity and then press start. As you exercise, the app will track your distance so that when you finish you can accept your sponsorship and donate money to the charity of your choice. Bikers earn 10 cents and runners (and walkers) earn 25 cents per mile. Get your bridal party together to exercise and make a difference.

Why we love it: By going for a run or bike ride, you can help raise money for charities like Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA and World Food Program (just to name a few!). Now getting in shape for your wedding is rewarding on so many different levels.

Free, CharityMiles.org

Pocket Yoga

How it works: Wedding planning can be, well, a bit overwhelming at times. Take a breather with this fabulous yoga app and feel like yourself again (and not a bridezilla).

Why we love it: You can select music playlists from the app or your own playlists. Feel free to listen to your first dance song over and over—we don't think that's weird at all!

$3, Pocket-Sports.com


How it works: From first-dance practice with your fiancé to running errands for the wedding (like picking up your invitations) and hitting the gym, this all-in-one tracking tool uses your smartphone's GPS to map your steps, time, calories and goals to get you wedding-ready.

Why we love it: All your features are in one app—you can keep track of your workouts as well as keep count of your calorie intake. There's also a cool share feature where you can tell your friends (or bridesmaids!) about your workout initiatives so that they can send you encouraging messages as you share your results!

Free, MapMyFitness.com