Wedding Vendors: What is a Day-After Shoot?


My wedding photographer offers an additional service called a “day-after photo shoot." What is this? Is it really necessary?


A day-after photo shoot is when you and your new spouse get together with your wedding photographer for one more couple's shoot after the wedding. Many brides and grooms opt for this service as a chance to get a few low-key shots in once the stress of wedding planning is entirely out of the way. It doesn't necessarily need to be the day after the wedding (we know of couples who have waited until they got back from their honeymoon or even until their one-year anniversary!). Think about it: Wouldn't you have more fun taking your wedding photos if you didn't have to worry about rushing off to your cocktail hour? You can also get different backdrops and angles than what you had at your reception site, such as a natural setting if your reception was indoors or a funky urban street if your venue was formal or traditional. Plus, you get to wear your dress again -- score!

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