5 Perks of Hiring a Professional Ceremony Officiant

Read up on the pros of hiring a pro to help you seal the deal.
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Updated Jan 14, 2019

There's a good (and very simple) reason we'll always encourage you to leave the majority of wedding day details to the pros—it's their job. Whatever it is—be it catering, ceremony music, cake baking or event rentals—they love it, and they're good at it. The same applies to your ceremony officiant too. There's absolutely something special about asking a loved one to get ordained in order to preside over your nuptials (and if that's the route you want to take, you should!)—but there's a level of quality, professionalism and peace of mind you'll get from leaving your vows to a seasoned vet. Here's why you'll never regret hiring a professional wedding officiant.

1. They Can Customize Your Ceremony

A hired celebrant will have the experience and know-how to help you customize your ceremony so it's uniquely yours. Anyone planning to change or fuse different cultural, religious or even brand-new traditions will find working with a professional officiant extremely worthwhile.

2. They Might Help You Write Your Vows

Experiencing writer's block? Your officiant is an awesome resource to tap. They can work with you to craft and edit your wedding vows until they're perfect. They can offer you helpful pointers, traditional examples and even ideas taken from other couples they've married (which is also a good way to see what not to do if you're trying to be totally original) that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

3. They're Comfortable in Front of a Crowd

Your closest friend from college might know you the best and have the greatest repertoire of anecdotes about you and your partner—but that doesn't mean she's equipped to stand in front of 150 people and engage the crowd for an hour. With a hired officiant, you know they'll be nothing but professional (and we don't mean dry and stale—we mean effortless and seamless in their delivery). You already have enough to worry about remembering where to stand and when to say your "I dos"—you don't want to worry about your novice officiant's performance too.

4. They're LGBTQ+ Friendly

If you research, interview and sign a contract with a certain officiant, you know you'll be working with someone who wants to work with you (and is on board with your marriage!). Sadly, it can be trickier to find a religious officiant to officiate an LGBTQ+ wedding, but that's where a professional secular officiant comes in—they're always ready and excited to celebrate all couples.

5. Your Friends Won't Have to "Work" on Your Wedding Day

While it might be wonderful to have your favorite aunt get ordained and marry you, consider that, while it would be an honor, you're technically giving her work to do. She loves you, but she already has a full-time job—no need to add to her plate. Let your friends and family enjoy your day and leave the serious stuff to the pros.

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