The Surprising Engagement Ring Metal That's Making a Major Comeback

No, you're not the only one seeing this of-the-moment metal everywhere lately.
by Shelley Brown and Sophie Ross

Yellow gold may have previously had a rep for looking "dated," but we beg to differ. 

As far as we're concerned, the classic metal is making a major comeback in vintage-inspired engagement rings and beyond. Some of our favorite celebrity rings right now—like Meghan Markle's three-stone stunner, Becca Kufrin's Neil Lane rock and Emily Ratajkowski's asymmetrical masterpiece—feature the of-the-moment metal. 

According to Kathryn Money, VP of strategy and merchandising at Brilliant Earth, the trend might have something to do with current, youthful taste-makers—"yellow" is to Gen Z as "millennial pink" is to, well, millennials. 

Money also confirms that in the first half of 2018, sales for yellow gold pieces grew over three times faster compared to white gold. 

Besides the fact that yellow gold is clearly on trend right now, the pure form of gold has plenty of other appeal too. It's about as low-maintenance as it gets (it's easier to clean than white or rose gold) and it's a fairly hypoallergenic gold as well, depending on its karat measurement. Not to mention, it's typically priced slightly lower than other fine jewelry metals like platinum. 

So whether you're in the market for a modern take on an old classic, or looking to give off a fabulous nostalgic vibe, you should say hello to yellow. 

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