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Rehearsal Dinners

Just when you think you have every detail of your wedding accounted for, you realize you haven't given too much thought to the rehearsal dinner! Don't worry, we've got plenty of rehearsal dinner ideas from the invitations to your dress.

Need help planning your rehearsal dinner? First, determine your guest list for the event. Traditionally, only the bridal party must be invited to the rehearsal, but it's a nice gesture to send rehearsal dinner invitations to any out-of-town guests who will be traveling for your wedding. But don't worry about all those extra guests blowing your budget -- rehearsal dinners can be as formal or as low-key as you want (pizza party, anyone?). The rehearsal dinner is also a prime time for wedding toasts. Are you a bridal party member who's at a loss for words? We have great toasting tips and ideas for crafting heartfelt wedding toasts that will leave everyone in tears (in a good way!)...or in stitches, if you're looking to set a more light-hearted tone. Remember that the pre-wedding parties don't have to match the formality of your wedding exactly -- even if you're having a formal wedding, feel free to incorporate fun themes, like a luau, BBQ, or even a trip to a bowling alley.