10 Guests You'll See at Every Wedding (in GIFs!)

Recognize any of these usual suspects?
jessica zaleski the knot wedding trends expert
Jessica Zaleski
jessica zaleski the knot wedding trends expert
Jessica Zaleski
Wedding Trends Expert
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We know you've spent a lot of time editing your guest list again and again and you've perfected your seating chart to minimize drama. And even though your wedding is going to be perfect, there's still a few guests who are going to be, well... pretty annoying. But don't worry, it's not just your wedding. These people are actually at every wedding ever—take a look.

1. The person who has one (or five) too many

Some people think the words "open bar" mean "let's all black out." This person will be at your wedding, and if you don't see them, try checking outside or in the bathroom.

2. That one single guy

There's probably a few single men at your wedding, but there's only one who looks like a combination of Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. He's the guy all of your bridesmaids just can't stop talking to.

3. The cryer

It's perfectly acceptable to cry at weddings, but this guest has basically been sobbing since he/she received your invitation. They'll be crying throughout the ceremony, during the toasts, when they're leaving and probably the day after.

4. The rowdy kid

You don't need to worry about this one if you're having an adults-only wedding, but if there are kids present, watch out for this one child. He/she will be extra-hyper and try to play hide and seek with everyone and probably run across the dance floor screaming a few times.

5. The OTHER photographer

Even though you just spent loads of money on a professional photographer, your uncle just got a new camera and wants to take photos too! But he doesn't want just one or two, he's taking them all night. Say cheese!

6. The cake thief

This person is hanging out by the cake getting seconds, thirds and fourths (but that's totally okay because cake is one of the best foods ever). More power to them!

7. That one guy nobody knows

You have no clue who this guy is. Is he one of your cousins? A friend's boyfriend? A wedding crasher? Some mysteries we'll just never know the answers to…

8. The snide girl who just got married

It's your wedding day, but this girl can't help but compare it to hers. "Your cupcake tower is so cute, but did you know our cake was made of solid gold?"

9. The inappropriate grandma

She's the cutest grandmother in the world, but at your reception she keeps making remarks like, "That's a poofy dress, hopefully it's easy to take off tonight," while winking at your new husband.

10. The complainer

This person will make sure you know how long they had to travel and how much they had to pay in order to come to your wedding. Just smile and grab another glass of champagne. This is your day!

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