Maid of Honor: Can Mom Be the Matron of Honor?


My daughter asked me to be her matron of honor. I am, of course, very proud that she asked me -- but is this acceptable? I think I'll feel a bit self-conscious walking with the younger bridesmaids. What do you think?


It's the bride's prerogative to choose the woman to whom she feels closest to stand next to her as she exchanges her vows. For your daughter, that woman is you, and that should make you feel nothing but wonderful! It's completely acceptable for the mother of the bride to serve as MOH (technically you're the matron of honor, but you can go by honor attendant if "matron" doesn't suit you). Some brides we know have even choose their grandmothers. As far as feeling awkward next to the younger bridesmaids: You shouldn't! And don't think you have to wear what they wear. If the dress your daughter chooses for them is a "younger" style than you're comfortable with, choose something in the same shade or a complementary hue that makes you feel great.

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