Q&A: Invitations: Can We Have Online Invites?

Q: We are planning a small wedding at a restaurant and it will be pretty casual. I was thinking we could do a nice online invitation, but my mother insists that that is just plain tacky. Who's right?

A: We've got to go with Mom on this one. As much as we love the idea for bachelorette parties and other casual affairs, we recommend you use good old-fashioned paper for this one. Especially with this e-communicating world, paper invitations are simply more special. You want to elicit emotion about your wedding, so a sense of touch is important. Formal invites with tissues and multiple envelopes are not necessary. A simple card stock with laser printing can suffice. That said, the Internet is still a great way to reinforce information that you send your guests (such as driving directions or hotel specifics) via your wedding website or an emailed newsletter.

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