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Why plan a Hawaiian destination wedding? Try year-round gorgeous weather, world-class beaches and towering mountains, the convenience of an American setting, a bevy of talented wedding pros at your service... convinced yet?Find the best wedding vendors in Hawaii!See what makes each Hawaiian island unique

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Q&A: Invitations: Destination Wedding Etiquette?

My fiance and I are getting married in Maui and know that not all the 200 guests we would like to invite will make it. When we come back home, we are going to have a reception for everyone not able to make the trip. I've read that when getting married away and returning home to a reception, you should only send out wedding invitations to those you know can and will attend the wedding, then send out separate invitations for the reception. We both feel very strongly about sending invitations to everyone and then including (at the bottom) that a reception will be held in our honor when we return. We are afraid that if we follow etiquette, we will hurt people's feelings. Do we follow the rules or do what we feel is right?