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Maybe it is easy being green after all.
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Updated Jun 01, 2023
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If you're considering an emerald engagement ring, let me just say, you have impeccable taste. Aside from bring The Knot's Fashion and Beauty Editor, I'm also a redhead with an affinity for jewel tones, but especially emeralds. Needless to say, there's just something incredibly eye-catching and luxurious about emerald rings, and much like their diamond, sapphire and ruby counterparts, they never really go out of style.

A variation of the mineral beryl, emeralds are a precious gemstone known for their distinctly rich green color. "Emerald symbolizes luck, royalty and eloquence," according to Neil Lane, a celebrity jeweler with a collection at KAY Jewelers. In Ancient Greece, the emerald was believed to be the sacred stone of the goddess Aphoride, being that it was the symbol of eternal love. "This special gemstone is one of the most mystical and enchanting of the gemstones, and the regal stone and has been revered since Cleopatra's days. The Indian moguls and maharajas also coveted them, believing that the emerald is imbued with tranquility, grace and loyalty." Magical powers aside, this gorgeous green gem has also been associated with serenity, peace and new beginnings (how perfect is that for a wedding ring?).

Today, an engagement ring with emeralds is perfect if you're looking for something that's both bold and colorful yet opulent and heirloom-quality. Celebrities like Halle Barry, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham have gorgeous emerald green engagement rings of their own. Even Elizabeth Taylor was gifted an entire suite of emerald jewelry by Richard Burton.

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Do emeralds make good engagement rings?

Yes, emeralds make beautiful engagement rings. "I love color and emeralds, to me, they feel very glamorous and vintage," says Lane. "I think anyone would be so lucky to receive an emerald ring!"

What to Know Before Buying an Emerald Engagement Ring

There is no right or wrong way to choose an engagement ring. However, if you have something specific in mind or just want to ensure you buy a high-quality stone, you want to make sure you are using the same criteria that's used for diamonds and other precious gemstones: the 4Cs. Below, Lane breaks down what you need to consider in each category before you put a ring on it:


  • The most desirable emerald colors are bluish-green to pure green. "Look for vivid color saturation and a tone that's not too dark," Lane explains. "The darker the tone, the less valuable it is, but to me, that's not the most important factor in deciding on color. This is a symbol of your love and your future life together, so pick something that you love."


  • Don't get too caught up in the inclusions. "Emeralds almost always have inclusions and can range from very transparent, to translucent and opaque, and the cleaner and more transparent an emerald is, the more valuable it will be," Lane says. "Your personal preference should help you decide which emerald to buy."


  • Consider your lifestyle when choosing a carat weight. "The size and weight of an emerald help define its value, just as in diamonds," Lane tells me. "Very large emeralds are extremely rare and can be valuable, but again, an engagement ring is something you should love. You'll think of your partner, the engagement, and your life together every time you look at your ring. So don't worry too much about size, choose what fits your style."


  • Look into emerald cuts for emerald gemstones. "Emeralds can be cut in many different shapes, but the most common is a rectangular cut, also called the "Emerald" cut, as it fits the characteristics of emeralds best," says Lane. "However, the shape of an emerald has less impact on its value than color, clarity and carat weight. Choose the shape that you find most beautiful, and that will be the right choice."

The Best Emerald Green Engagement Rings

Are you thinking green? Us too. Shop, browse and be inspired by some of the best emerald green engagement ring styles below.

Best Bezel Emerald Ring: Grace Von Loretta 14K Gold Split Shank Bezel Birthstone Ring

Bezel settings just scream "it girl." (Sorry, I don't make the rules.) This split shank emerald engagement ring in 14K yellow gold (also available in white gold) is equal parts fashion-forward and timeless.

Best Halo Emerald Ring: Beaverbrooks 18ct White Gold Diamond Emerald Halo Ring

This round brilliant emerald engagement ring is surrounded by dazzling round brilliant diamonds to add drama. You'll make the whole place shimmer whenever you slide this number on your finger.

Best Stacked Emerald Ring: Neil Lane Emerald Anniversary Ring

Want that stacked ring look but don't want the hassle of multiple rings? Enter: the Neil Lane anniversary ring. It features a double-row design in iconic 14K white gold. Baguette-cut emeralds glimmer in between bezel-set round diamonds across the top. Don't sleep on the round diamonds in the row below, for they give this ring the emerald wedding ring the ultimate sparkle.

Best Toi Et Moi Emerald Ring: Brilliant Earth Viridian Toi Et Moi Diamond Engagement Ring

This toi et moi ring (that's French for you and me) gives you the best of both worlds: The unique glamour of an emerald-cut diamond and the colorful flair of a pear-cut emerald.

Most Glamorous Emerald Ring: Blue Nile Oval Emerald and Diamond Sunburst Halo Ring

Love Princess Diana's engagement ring, but prefer an emerald stone? Blue Nile created this mesmerizing oval-cut emerald green ring with a shimmering starburst halo that will make you feel like royalty.

Best Anniversary Emerald Ring: Charles & Colvard Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Accented Anniversary Ring

This gorgeous emerald ring is set with round-cut Caydia lab grown diamonds that make a bold statement against the staggered marquise-shaped, lab-grown emerald gemstones that nearly feels reminiscent of leaves and nature. Wear it as an emerald wedding band or as an anniversary ring to add to your stack.

Best Gender-Neutral Emerald Ring: David Yurman Modern Renaissance Band Ring

All that glitters is gold (and emerald.) This delicate 18k gold ring setting with small diamond and emerald accents really let the overall structure and design of this David Yurman ring shine.

Best Three-Stone Emerald Ring: Grown Brilliance Three Stone Engagement Ring

What's better than one center stone? How about three. This lab grown sparkler from Grown Brilliance features an emerald-cut emerald center stone is set off by trapezoid cut diamonds. Available in four metal types, this emerald and diamond engagement ring totally feels of the moment.

Best Emerald Wedding Band: Neil Lane Emerald & Diamond Anniversary Ring

Neil Lane gave the classic diamond wedding band a twist by alternating rows of round-cut diamonds and emeralds and setting it in timeless 14K yellow gold. What's not to love about this modern take?

Most Dainty Emerald Ring: Mejuri Baguette Emerald Open Ring

Minimalist brides, this one's for you. This 14k gold open ring features two dainty emerald baguettes pieces that's perfect for everyday wear or those with active lifestyles.

Best Emerald-Cut Emerald Ring: Flora Emerald Octad Cocktail Ring

The beauty of a simple emerald-cut ring like this? It will never go out of style. Plus, you'll easily be able to stack a wedding band since it's in a solitaire setting. That's a win-win here.

Most Sparkly Emerald Ring: Kavant & Sharart Origami Emerald Diamond Ring

Channel the ancient Japanese tradition of paper folding as origami inspired this gorgeous emerald green engagement ring. The purposeful design filled with folds and pleats, give this ring a unique visual appeal and sparkle at every angle.

Most Unique Emerald Ring: Shahla Double Band Ring

Lately, engagement rings have been all about bold statements and maximalism, and this beautiful Shahla ring is no exception. It has an emerald-cut gemstone in a unique claw prong set between two domed bands. Yep, we're sold.

Best Floating Emerald Ring: Marei New York Dorian Floating Teardrop-Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring

If craftsmanship is your thing, consider this ring from Marei New York. The floating teardrop-shaped engagement ring features a breathtaking green Emerald stone that's been designed to mirror a delicately held water droplet in suspension. It's literally a work of art you can wear.

Best Alternative Emerald Ring: KatKim Diamond Trace Pavé Ring

A totally alternative take on the classic engagement ring, this emerald green stunner showcases a fluid line of diamonds that delicately dances around the finger. With a unique style like this, you don't even need a wedding band thanks to its intricate design.

Best Emerald Ring Setting: Grace Lee Emerald Pear Helix Ring

If intricate ring settings are your thing, consider this emerald ring from Grace Lee that features a gorgeously wrapped band available in 14K yellow, white or rose gold. And that east-west emerald center stone is totally trendy right now

Best Boho Emerald Ring: Jemma Wynne x Muzo Emerald and Diamond Wave Cuff

Enter your boho bride era with this celestial stunner. The wave setting is oh-so-chic, along with the emerald stone that sits uniquely at the bottom of the ring. And of course, the mini starburst diamonds around the band have us feeling starry-eyed.

Best Emerald and Diamond Ring: Erstwhile Art Deco Colombian Emerald & Pear Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring

Enter your Gatby era with an art deco antique emerald engagement ring designed in 1920 that offers plenty of finger coverage. Be sure to browse Erstwhile's full selection of vintage rings while you're browsing, you never know what gems you may find.

Best Chunky Emerald Ring: Ashley Zhang Toi et Moi Pearl Bubble Ring

Looking to jump on the next big emerald ring trend? Enter chunky ring settings like this beauty from Ashley Zhang. The thicker bypass style gives this emerald and diamond duo a funky, retro Y2K feel - and I love it.

How to Care for and Clean an Emerald Ring

Real talk: These green gemstones are stunning, but they are also fragile. Since emeralds have more inclusions (read: internal flaws), they also have more breaking points compared with your typical diamond engagement ring. But don't let that deter you from wearing your emerald wedding ring on a daily basis. Just make sure to treat your emerald ring with care (as you would any special piece of jewelry).

  • Avoid knocking it against hard surfaces, and remove it when you work out.

  • When you're not wearing your emeralds, how you store them is also key. Keep them in a separate case, so they won't come into contact with other jewelry.

  • To polish your stone, stay away from an ultrasonic or steam cleaner and high temperatures because they can damage the treatment on your emerald.

  • Never subject your emerald to commercial cleaners and harsh chemicals. We recommend sprucing up your emerald with cool water, a very mild soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush. If you own an estate piece, have your jeweler check the security of the stone once in a while—prong settings in particular can loosen over time.

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