33 Ruby Engagement Rings That Are Chic AF

Bring the romance with this stunning crimson-hued gemstone.
Ruby engagement with with diamond halo
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Updated Jun 23, 2020
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Red is traditionally the color of passion and desire—so what better way to represent your love than with a ruby engagement ring? A variety of the mineral corundum, rubies come in a variety of rosy shades, ranging from light pink to blood-red (though in the US, pink rubies are technically classified as pink sapphires). The ruby's red hue and thus natural connection to love and romance might also explain why several celebrities rock ruby engagement rings, including Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria.

So whether your birthstone is a ruby (holler, July babies), or you're looking to make a statement with a unique sparkler, we've got everything you need to know about this fiery red gemstone, plus ruby rings to add to your wish list now.

What Is the Meaning of a Ruby Engagement Ring?

The ruby get its name from the Latin word for red, ruber. It is considered one of the traditional cardinal Gems (or most precious of all gemstones), along with amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. Throughout history, there have been many different cultural beliefs surrounding the powers and properties of this gorgeous gemstone. Due to its vibrant hue, the ruby is associated with the sun, and is therefore believed to possess many of its energetic properties, bringing vitality and power to those who wear it. In India, for instance, the ruby is the king of all precious stones and is associated with both spiritual prowess and royal blood. Fun fact for to-be-weds: Rubies are also associated with heightened sexual and romantic energy (wink).

Where do Rubies Come From?

For centuries, the Mogok Valley in Upper Myanmar (Burma) was the world's main source for rubies. In central Myanmar, the area of Mong Hsu began producing rubies during the '90s and quickly became the world's main ruby mining area. Historically, rubies have also been mined in Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan, and Scotland, Madagascar, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

Do Rubies Make Good Engagement Ring Stones?

The short answer is yes. Rubies rank a 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness—same as sapphire because they're in the same gem family. This ranking means rubies are nearly as hard as diamonds (which are a 10 on the Moh's scale), making them more resilient and durable than other popular alternative gemstones like emerald, morganite and aquamarine. So, if you're looking for an engagement ring with a unique center stone that you can wear every day and not worry about cracking or chipping, a ruby ring is a great option and almost as sturdy as a diamond engagement ring. Word to the wise: It's still a good idea to take your ruby ring to a jeweler for an in-depth cleaning at least once a year. If you own an estate or heirloom piece, have your jeweler check the security of the stone once in a while—prong settings in particular can loosen over time.

Are Rubies More Expensive Than Diamonds?

Rubies are one of the most sought after gemstones and also one of the most expensive. A large, high quality ruby can be more expensive than a diamond of a similar size, and is actually rarer. However, where engagement rings are concerned, choosing a ruby center stone over a diamond is the more budget-friendly move—the average ruby you find in an engagement ring sells between $2,500 to $10,000 per carat, where a diamonds can cost between $10,000 to $15,000.

The Chicest Ruby Engagement Rings You Can Buy Now

Feeling a ruby engagement ring now? Get your wish list ready. Shop some of our fave rings styles below.

Ruby engagement ring with diamond halo cluster

This stunning ruby set in yellow gold, surrounded by a halo of old european cut diamonds set in platinum gives off serious heirloom vibes.

Ashley Zhang ruby and diamond cluster ring in 15K Rose Gold, $2,700, AshleyZhang.com

Marquise ruby engagement ring with diamond and gold bands

A marquise ruby with complementary pavé and gold bands is the perfect combination of modern and vintage-inspired.

Anna Sheffield Attelage marquise ruby ring suite no. one in 14K Yellow Gold, from $8,600, AnnaSheffield.com

Ruby engagement ring with baguette diamond crown

Diamond baguettes act as a crown for this stunning cushion cut ruby engagement ring—and we are here for the regal effect.

Jacquie Aiche ruby baguette diamond lash ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $2,125, JacquieAiche.com

Eternity band with ruby stones

Traditional engagement rings settings not your thing? Consider this large-and-in-charge eternity band with oval rubies set in romantic rose gold with hidden diamond accents.

Tacori RoyalT ring in 18K Rose Gold, $9,890, Tacori.com

Oval ruby engagement ring with double diamond halo

We've got one word for this ring: showstopper. A oval ruby surrounded by a diamond halo plus diamond petals is pure, vintage-inspired glamour.

Blue Nile oval ruby ring with double diamond halo in 14K Rose Gold, $2,980, BlueNile.com

Open ruby engagement ring with pavé ruby stone band

Nature lovers, take note. Inspired by the magic of growing seeds, this dainty ruby center stone appears to sprout from a twisted ruby pavé band.

Ileana Makri Grass seed ring in 18K Rose Gold, $2,483, IleanaMakri.com

Emerald cut diamond and ruby open engagement ring

Having trouble deciding between a diamond engagement ring and a ruby engagement ring? Choose both. This toi et moi ring (that's French for you and me) brings the bling of an emerald cut diamond and the fiery color of a ruby.

Jemma Wynne emerald cut diamond and ruby open ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Inquire for Details, JemmaWynne.com

Diamond and ruby pavé eternity band

A more minimalistic take on a combo of rubies and diamonds, this rose gold ring works as an alternative wedding band —but is also gorgeous enough to stand alone.

Melissa Kaye Lola ruby ring in 18K Pink Gold, $3,450, Shop.MelissaKayeJewelry.com

Bezel set ruby engagement ring with chunky gold band

If an artsy vibe is more your tribe, consider this bezel-set ruby ring in a chunkier yellow gold setting.

Reinstein Ross Tania ruby ring in 20K Peach Gold, $5,250, ReinsteinRoss.com

Marquise ruby engagement right with ruby stones and black diamonds

Calling all goth brides. This ruby cluster ring set in black gold was inspired by a medieval coat of arms and gives off seriously enchanting, antique vibes.

Colette Jewelry Jeanne D'arc marquise ring in 18K Black Gold, $7,255, ColetteJewelry.com

Coil engagement ring with encrusted rubies

Created to look like several bands stacked together, this coil ring with ruby pavé is all about maximum sparkle.

Anita Ko Coil ruby ring in 18K Rose Gold, $2,750, NET-A-PORTER.com

Pear-shaped ruby engagement ring with pink enamel halo

It doesn't get funkier (or more one of a kind) than a ruby engagement ring with a pear-shaped center stone accented by a pink enamel halo.

Alison Lou cocktail ruby ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,235, AlisonLou.com

Three eternity bands with pink, diamond and ruby pavé stones

Three shimmering ruby, diamond and pink sapphire pavé bands make for one standout stack.

Spinelli Kilcollin Aurora Rose set of three ruby, sapphire and diamond rings in 18K Yellow Gold, $5,000, ModaOperandi.com

Oval ruby engagement ring with pavé ruby-encrusted band

It's classic—with a twist. An oval ruby center stone with complementary ruby pavé band is a colorful take on a classic solitaire engagement ring setting.

Yi Collection ruby essentials ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $2,495, YiCollection.com

Engagement ring with small rubies cast into molten gold band

Small rubies cast—as opposed to set— in molten yellow gold give this wedding ring a perfectly imperfect, boho-glam feel.

Polly Wales Celeste crystal ruby ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $3,190, CatbirdNYC.com

Three-stone cushion cut ruby engagement ring

A vibrant take on a traditional three-stone setting, this sparkler features a pink-hued cushion cut ruby center stone set off by two half-moon diamond side stones.

Blue Nile three-stone cushion-cut ruby and half moon diamond halo ring in 18K White and Yellow Gold, $17,500, BlueNile.com

Ruby engagement ring with tourmaline halo on gold band

Like a bouquet for the finger, this ruby center stone is surrounded by pink tourmalines, creating a pretty floral effect.

Temple St. Clair Dreamcatcher ruby, pink and tourmaline ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $4,900, SaksFifthAvenue.com

Three small rubies on thin gold band

Bigger isn't always better. Three dainty rubies in a thin yellow gold setting are delicate and gorgeous.

Jennie Kwon Still Life ruby ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $420, CatbirdNYC.com

Ruby and diamond clover-shaped engagement ring on split shank band

Channel the opulence of a bygone era and opt for a ruby ring with an unique clover of gemstones in a glittery split shank setting.

Ritani ruby and diamond clover-shaped split shank cocktail ring in 18K White Gold, $2,540, Ritani.com

Ruby engagement ring with diamond side stones

Simple can still be stunning. Diamond side stones give this solitaire ring a glitzy upgrade.

Effy Jewelry Ruby Royale ruby and diamond ring in 14K White Gold, $11,995, EffyJewelry.com

Emerald-cut east west ruby engagement ring with diamond band

An emerald cut ruby center stone in a trendy east west setting makes for one fashion-forward sparkler.

Shay Jewelry ruby emerald cut ring in 18K Yellow Gold, $3,570, ShayJewelry.com

Ruby and diamond argyle engagement ring

Get in on the vintage-inspired engagement ring trend with this intricate ruby and diamond ring, set in an elaborate argyle design.

The Kwiat Vintage Collection large ruby and diamond argyle ring in 18K White Gold, $15,000, Kwiat.com

Art deco diamond engagement ring with ruby halo

If you aren't ready to commit to a full-on ruby center stone, consider a ring style with a diamond center stone plus a ruby halo.

Ashley Zhang Rowen ruby and diamond ring deco ring in Platinum and 18K Rose Gold, $3,000, AshleyZhang.com

Ruby pear-shaped engagement ring with diamond halo and diamond band

We love a pear-shaped center stone for two reasons: It elongates the hands and has unique flair.

James Allen ruby pear-shaped halo engagement ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,850, JamesAllen.com

Ruby center stone with four diamond halos

What's better than one halo? Four! This uber-glitzy setting makes a smaller center stone feel more dramatic.

EF Collection diamond and ruby center oval ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $1,695, EFCollection.com

Gold wrap ring with ruby baguette stones

Take a cue from the boys and opt for this effortlessly chic menswear-inspired wrap ring with ruby baguettes.

Retrouvai ruby baguette wrap ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $3,590, Retrouvai.com

Ruby ring with ruby halo and black setting

This ruby ring with a ruby halo and black gold setting is as elegant as it is edgy.

Edward Avedis sugar stud ruby ring in 14K Black Gold, $2,600, EdwardAvedis.com

Octogonal-cut ruby engagement ring with baguette diamond

Minimalistic but striking, a deep red octagonal cut ruby, paired with a baguette cut diamond is all about cool, clean lines.

Layla Kaisi Collection Idealism one-of-a-kind ruby ring in 14K Yellow Gold, $5,347, LaylaKaisiCollection.co.nz

Oval ruby engagement ring with large diamond side stones

Make a cocktail ring-inspired statement with an oval ruby center stone plus large diamond sidestones.

Nicole Rose Jewelry ruby and diamond mounting ring in Platinum and Yellow Gold, Inquire for Details, NicoleRoseJewelry.com

Geometric art deco diamond and ruby engagement ring

The rubies may not be the central focus of this engagement ring, but their geometric design definitely gives it an Art Deco twist.

Jenny Dee art deco round and white diamond ring with rubis baguettes in Platinum, $13,200, 1stdibs.com

Cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with pear-cut ruby side stones

A cushion cut diamond flanked by two pear shaped rubies in hammered yellow gold has a distinctly artisanal quality.

Niza Huang cushion cut diamond and ruby ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Inquire for Details, NizaHuang.com

Ruby engagement ring with large diamond cluster halo

This blood-red ruby stunner surrounded by an oversize halo of round-cut diamonds is perfect for the bride looking to turn a few heads.

Lauren Addison ruby and diamond cluster ring in Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold, Inquire for Details, LaurenAddison.com

ruby engagement ring

If you're looking to step outside of the bridal box, consider a ruby and diamond ring with a negative space setting—it'll look like it's floating on your hand.

ANANYA Scatter Floating ring in Ruby, $2,730, ANANYA.com

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