Our Guide to Sapphire Engagement Rings, Plus 21 to Shop Now

They’re the perfect “something blue”—or green, pink, or yellow—for your next chapter.
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Updated Jan 15, 2024
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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but sapphires are cool and edgy, and sapphire engagement rings offer something as different and unique as you. "One of the four precious gemstones, sapphire is a variety of the corundum mineral, known for its brilliant natural color and durability," says jewelry designer Alexis Russell, who specializes in the stone. These qualities make sapphire a stellar option for engagement rings, whether it features as the main center stone or a pretty accent to diamonds. The biggest misconception about sapphires, though? They're only blue. Sapphires actually come in a rainbow of hues, from peachy pink to garden green and just about everything in between. Here, learn more about the stunning stone, and start your search for a sapphire engagement ring with our 21 top picks.

Where to Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings

Many jewelers offer small selections of sapphire pieces, but there are a few who truly specialize in the gemstone. Not only do the jewelers below offer the widest array of sapphires—including various carat weights, cuts, and a huge range of colors—but they also educate consumers on the properties, origins, and meanings associated with the stones.

Alexis Russell: If your heart is set on something ethically sourced, sustainably made and truly forged from nature, look no further. The skilled artisans at this independent Buffalo, New York, jeweler put love and care into each piece to best showcase the beauty of the unique gemstones used, many of which are sapphires.

The Natural Sapphire Company: New York City is known for its Diamond District, but this Manhattan jeweler focuses specifically on another precious gem: sapphires. With a history dating back to 1939, the company is a proven authority and a go-to if you're interested in designing your own custom sapphire piece or getting to know the origin of your stone.

Brilliant Earth: If conflict-free stones are your top priority, Brilliant Earth is a top pick for ethically sourced and lab-created sapphire engagement rings. (Note that while Brilliant Earth does offer other minerals in a variety of hues, the bulk of its sapphire selection is made up of classic blue.)

Nolan & Vada: This New Zealand jewelry company believes each stone holds a unique symbolism and meaning for its wearer; founder Bharat Jain found sapphires to be especially symbolic, and focused his efforts on the stone. The jeweler offers a wide variety of sapphire hues—all 100% natural—and uses primarily recycled metals. For overseas orders, they'll work directly with consumers to ensure the buyer gets an authentic picture of their stone—rather than distorted computer renderings—before it's set.

dimendSCAASI: With unique gemstones like sapphires, the custom is often the way to go. In this case, you can find a jeweler who offers loose gems and select your exact stone first before choosing a setting. Countless independent jewelers offer this; one we love is Chicago-based dimendSCAASI.

The 21 Best Sapphire Engagement Rings to Buy Now

With sapphire engagement rings, you have similar options when it comes to cut, carat weight, style, and setting as you would with a traditional diamond. But when it comes to color? Your options are far more infinite. We're here to help you narrow it down: Keep scrolling for 21 of the most unique sapphire engagement rings we found.

Alexis Russell You & Me Ring

Alexis Russell toi et moi teal sapphire and diamond engagement ring
Photo: Alexis Russell

Toi et moi rings are super on trend; jewelry designer Alexis Russell puts a modern spin on the style in her You & Me ring, one of her favorite pieces right now. "I adore this concept, and I'm a total sucker for an emerald-cut sapphire," she says. This one's sapphire is rich teal and set in a bezel setting; a pear-shaped diamond butts up against it, representing the way two become one in marriage.

Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

Edwardian sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring
Photo: Fred Leighton

Thanks to the latest season of The Crown, Brit's current royals are back on the map—and so, too, is Kate Middleton's engagement ring, a sapphire stunner that formerly belonged to Princess Diana. To get the look, check out vintage sapphire engagement rings like this one from antique purveyor Fred Leighton. The 1.25-carat oval sapphire is surrounded by a cluster of diamonds totaling 0.7 carats. It's truly unmatched, but fair warning: This piece comes with a hefty price tag.

Audrey Rose Sapphires on Sapphires Ring

Audrey Rose sapphire and gold engagement ring
Photo: Audrey Rose

Why have just one sapphire when you can have … nine? This oceanic engagement ring features a 1.5-carat emerald-cut sapphire, enhanced by a geometric pattern of round and triangle-cut sapphires on either side. It goes all in on "something blue" in the best way.

Aria Oval Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

Nolan & Vada oval teal sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Nolan & Vada

Teal sapphire engagement rings are rarer than the classic blue, and all the more beautiful for it. Nolan & Vada has a stellar selection, including this celestial oval piece. A trio of marquise-cut diamonds on either side of the center stone are meant to mimic leaves and play up the natural hue.

Queen Oval Sapphire Ring with Sprinkled Diamonds

Logan Hollowell oval sapphire, diamond and gold engagement ring
Photo: Logan Hollowell

Molten metal brings an added air of uniqueness to this powerful sapphire ring. A stunning 4-carat round sapphire is enmeshed in a 14-karat gold crown bezel setting sprinkled with diamonds. More than you expected to spend? The jeweler also offers similar yet smaller styles in its Queen collection for roughly half the cost.

Storm Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Shane Co. sapphire and diamond engagement ring
Photo: Shane Co.

If you're on the hunt for a sapphire engagement ring, chances are you're looking for something out of the box. This rose gold sapphire engagement ring is just that, with six deep blue sapphires in ascending size (totaling 0.4 carats) and dual swirls of diamond accents. It's reminiscent of the churning sea and sky above—we love it for beach brides-to-be.

The Hazel Ring with Shield-Cut Sapphire

Alexis Russell shield-cut sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Alexis Russell

The stunning shield-cut sapphire in this ring is ethically sourced, and the bezel setting is made from recycled gold. Jeweler Alexis Russell is committed to sustainability in sourcing and production for all her pieces. So, in both aesthetics and ethos, this is a sweet pick for the modern bride.

Oval-Cut White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Molly Jewelry oval-cute white sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Molly Jewelry

If you initially had a diamond in mind but your budget is tighter, check out white sapphires. The gemstone is technically known as colorless corundum and is the hardest mineral behind diamonds (though diamonds are by far the most durable stone). This white sapphire engagement ring features a center oval and a trio of marquise-cut accents on either side for a vintage-inspired aesthetic that closely mimics a diamond ring at an affordable price point.

Piper Sapphire Split-Shank Engagement Ring

Piper Sapphire sapphire and gold engagement ring
Photo: dimendSCAASI

Art deco sapphire engagement rings can be on-the-nose, or more subtle, like this one. The 14- or 18-karat yellow gold band is engraved with a unique filigree reminiscent of the 1920s, yet from further away, the split shank gives it a modern vibe. The center stone is sold separately; we recommend an oval sapphire in this setting.

Tiffany & Co. Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond engagement ring
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

For bigger budgets, check out this piece from the jeweler's Soleste Collection. The round sapphire rings in at just under a half carat but appears much larger thanks to the surrounding 0.36 carats of glimmering diamonds. It's all set in platinum for a luxe finish.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Natural Sapphire Company pink sapphire engagement ring
Photo: The Natural Sapphire Company

A 0.88-carat trillion-cut Sri Lankan pink sapphire shines in this solitaire setting. Pink sapphires can be found in a range of hues, from soft blush pink to more vibrant; this brilliant hot pink is perfect for Barbie brides.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire and Marquise Diamond Ring

Berlinger cornflower blue sapphire and marquise diamond ring
Photo: Berlinger

Likewise, even in the blue category, there is tons of variation in sapphire shades. This cornflower tone has a naturally vintage feel; LA-based jeweler Berlinger plays it up with a 14-karat yellow gold setting and marquise-cut diamond accents that frame the center stone like leaves around a flower.

Men's Marquise Sapphire Eye Ring

Men's marquise sapphire eye engagement ring
Photo: Logan Hollowell

Men's sapphire engagement rings are a perfect choice for proposals; they still feature a gemstone while presenting something different from the more feminine diamond. This one is cool and masculine, with an eye-shaped sapphire bezel set in a sea of white or yellow gold.

Heart-Shaped Sapphire Collet Ring

Fred Leighton heart-shaped sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Fred Leighton

Fred Leighton is known for vintage pieces but also offers a contemporary collection of its own dubbed Signed Fred Leighton. That's where you'll find this piece, with a heart-shaped sapphire in a mixed metal settings. It doesn't get more romantic than a Titanic reference, does it?

Mixed Metal Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth mixed metal peach sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Brilliant Earth

Pastel princesses will fall in love with a romantic peach sapphire, a rare and gorgeous variation of the gemstone. This custom piece from conflict-free jeweler Brilliant Earth features a center peach sapphire and diamond accents. The band is rendered in white gold, but a rose gold basket setting plays up the peach tones in the gemstone.

Vintage Floral Green Sapphire Ring

LáMore Design vintage floral green sapphire engagement ring
Photo: LáMore Design

Consider it a requirement: With this ring, a garden wedding is an absolute must. Handmade in New York City, its light green sapphire center stone is fresh and nature-inspired, while the unique scalloped band gives it a floral finish. Pair it with a curved band dotted with diamonds ascending in size.

Cleopatra Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring With Diamond Accents

Staghead Designs sapphire engagement ring with diamond accent
Photo: Staghead Designs

The aesthetic geometry of this piece makes it one of our favorite Art Deco sapphire engagement rings. An oval Montana sapphire serves as the centerpiece, with baguette, round and trapezoid diamonds creating a '20s-era pattern around.

Yellow Sapphire Split-Shank Halo Ring

Angara yellow sapphire halo engagement ring
Photo: Angara

Jeweler Angara is known for its diverse selection of gemstones (both natural and lab-grown) and offers a sweet selection of vibrant yellow sapphire engagement rings. This one has an oval center stone and a halo of diamonds; customers can choose the quality and carat weight of the sapphire to best adjust the price to their budgets.

Lab-Created Sapphire Petite Rhiannon Three-Stone Ring

Brilliant Earth lab-created sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Brilliant Earth

A three-stone setting is both classic and modern; the addition of a sapphire in place of a diamond makes it unique, too. This one featuring a trio of emerald-cut stones is available with either a peach sapphire or blue sapphire as the main event; there is something mesmerizing about the vivid blue option.

Eidel Precious Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring

Eidel Precious champagne sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Eidel Precious

A variation on peach or pink sapphire, champagne sapphire is gorgeous and unexpected. This Etsy engagement ring has a stellar champagne stone surrounded by accent diamonds in round and marquise cuts; the rose gold band enhances the central hue.

Cushion-Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

Grown Brilliance cushion-cut sapphire engagement ring
Photo: Grown Brilliance

Cushion-cut stones often appear heftier than their actual carat weight. That's definitely the case here, where a halo of diamonds further amps up the size, turning this sapphire halo engagement ring into a go-big-or-go-home choice.

What Are The Different Colors of Sapphires?

"My favorite thing about sapphire is the incredible natural color range of this precious gem," says jeweler Alexis Russell. "Although sapphires are typically known for their deep blue hue, surprisingly, they come in almost every shade of the rainbow; we have an extensive selection of natural sapphires in every shade imaginable." The different colors of sapphires include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • White
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Champagne
  • Lavender

    Are Sapphires Good for Engagement Rings?

    Sapphires are an excellent choice for engagement rings. While minerals like emerald tend to be softer and more delicate, that's not the case with sapphire. "Sapphire ranks nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale, only second to diamond at a 10, making it the perfect option for an engagement ring if you're into a pop of color," Russell says. Another key bonus: "Sapphires are generally less expensive than diamonds, as there is more variance in price based on the gemstones' specific characteristics." If you have a diamond in mind, you can even explore white sapphires for a more affordable option.

    What Does Sapphire Symbolize?

    "From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the royal family today, sapphire is steeped in history," Russell shares. "This stunning stone was believed to be a symbol of wisdom, royalty, and truth—I certainly feel like a queen when I wear sapphire!" Sapphire is also the birthstone for September and has been associated with healing and protection, both beautiful principles to begin a marriage.

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