The 23 Best Engagement Photo Albums for Showcasing Your Memories

Put your precious photos in one of these keepsake albums.
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Updated Apr 19, 2023
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After all your effort in finding the perfect setting, photographer and outfit for your engagement photo shoot, don't forget to find a place to showcase your images. An engagement photo album stores and organizes your photos but also preserve them for years to come. Plus, they help document one of the most important stages in your love story.

These 23 engagement photo albums and books range in price and aesthetic, but they all serve as a lovely way to display and store all the special moments snapped during your photo shoot or proposal. If your engagement photos have been sitting in a box or only exist in digital form, an album can also make a great anniversary gift or Valentine's Day present. Look below to start shopping for the best photo album for your engagement pictures.

Poppy and Gray Co. Floral Engagement Photo Book

Cover of engagement photo album featuring a photo of a smiling couple.

This engagement photo book, from Mixbook's Romance Photo Books Collection, is filled with floral illustrations and sweet sayings like "the best is yet to come" and "you are my today and all of my tomorrows." Although it's completely customizable, don't be intimidated. Mixbook allows you to design and personalize your album in a few easy clicks. You can pick the orientation of the photo book, the size, the cover and paper finish and the book type.

What Couples Love:

  • The engagement photo book album is made of high-quality paper that is ethically sourced from sustainable forests.

  • Couples can choose from thousands of stickers and backgrounds for the ultimate personalized feel.

Mixbook Photo Co. Regal Henna Inspired Engagement Photo Book

Henna-inspired engagement photo album. Best engagement photo albums 2023.

The Regal Henna Inspired engagement photo book is a beautiful way to present your memories. The beginning of the book has a page titled "The Story of Us," so couples can write their love story about how they first met. There's also a section where to-be-weds can write down their favorite memory. This engagement photo book starts at $19 and goes up to $150, depending on one's customizations.

What Couples Love:

  • It's a unique way to put their images in a unique vessel. Some even design their photo books into stylish coffee table books.

  • The website is easy to use, which makes it not a hassle to insert photos in the template.

Mixbook Photo Co. Timeless Wedding Engagement Photo Book

Elegant engagement photo album. 2023 timeless engagement photo albums.

For couples who want a classic feel, this Timeless Wedding Engagement photo book is a perfect choice. Depending on which cover you choose, you can get a glossy or matte finish on an enlarged image of you and your partner during your engagement shoot. "Love at last" and "the adventure begins" are just some of the heartfelt phrases scattered throughout the book.

What Couples Love:

  • The quality of the photos is outstanding, and couples say they receive compliments on their photo book all time because of it.

  • The book's layout is a gorgeous editorial style that's truly eye-catching.

Mixbook Photo Co. Bold Modern Wedding Engagement Book

Modern engagement photo album cover.

The Bold Modern Wedding Engagement Book is a wedding-related keepsake that won't collect dust. The template for this photo book is great for couples who like a clean and modern look. Plus, the book starts with at least 25 pages, so there is plenty of space for you to add your favorite engagement photo shots.

What Couples Love:

  • Since the engagement photo book has so many pages (up to 399 pages), some people leave the extra pages blank to write their life accomplishments as a married couple––like moving into a new home, adopting a pet or having a child. This allows you to use your photo album multiple times over the years instead of only opening it on anniversaries.

  • To-be-weds love being able to control everything about their book's design. This is ideal for couples who have dozens and dozens of engagement photos and want to include as many as possible on each page.

Teresa Chan Engagement Book

Modern engagement photo album by Teresa Chan.

This Mixbook engagement picture book lets you make a scrapbook from the comfort of your computer—no scissors or glue required. Play designer with its super-flexible page layouts, cover options and stickers. You can also add the story of your engagement and other memories you don't want to forget.

What Couples Love:

  • The black, white and green illustrations of trumpet flowers and greenery bring a fresh feel throughout the book.

  • This is a great option for couples who love nature and want to incorporate it into every aspect of their engagement and wedding.

Maverton Slip-In Photo Album

Slip-in engagement photo album by Maverton.

This engagement photo album is for couples who want to print their photos or had them shot on film, which is a popular wedding photography trend. The album is all white, 8.2 x 8.6 inches with a front cover photo frame. There are 100 pages that fit up to 200 photos, which can be put in transparent pockets, and lined spaces for labeling.

What Couples Love:

  • The engagement photo album lasts for a while because the front is made of a durable faux leather white cover.

  • There's a laser engraving option so you can personalize your album with your own text.

Mixbook Photo Co. White Minimalist Portfolio Album

Minimalist engagement photo album by Mixbook Photo co.

If you're a "less is more" type, this Mixbook minimalist photo album is a good fit. Featuring a photo on the front with your engagement year, each page contains plenty of white space to let your engagement shots shine. We think the landscape orientation favors engagement photos taken at picturesque destinations because the big pages highlight beautiful backgrounds well.

What Couples Love:

  • This engagement photo album is a great price for couples who want a budget-friendly way to display their images.

  • The template is a good starting point for designing the album of your dreams.

Recollections Black Foil 2-Up Photo Album

Black foil engagement photo album by Michael's.

This affordable photo album from Michaels features gold foil and a unique cutout that allows you to add your favorite engagement photo onto the cover. The cool and contemporary design also makes a great addition to your coffee table decor. The engagement photo album is 8 x 9 inches and has 60 pages.

What Couples Love:

  • The book holds 120 4 x 6-inch photos, which may be plenty for many couples, but there is the ability to expand it if you need more room.

  • The photo pages are a deep black which matches the album's aesthetic.

Shutterfly Love Is All We Need Photo Book

Romantic engagement photo album by Shutterfly.

We love this engagement photo book with its mix of neutral and pastel tones. There are sweet illustrations like a bouquet, heart-shaped balloons and love envelopes on every other page. Plus, there are six book sizes to choose from, so every couple can find something that fits all their beautiful engagement photos.

What Couples Love:

  • The photos are printed on high-quality paper and are vivid and sharp on the page.

  • The engagement photo book is customizable and made to order, which adds increased flexibility.

AIOR Photo Album

Leather engagement photo album by AIOR.

There aren't any options to personalize this engagement photo album, but that could be just what you're looking for if you don't want to spend lots of time editing. The album is made of artificial leather with 60 pages of thick black craft paper that holds more than 100 photos. Our favorite part is the engagement photo album cover, which has a high-quality engraving of a romantic scene of a person handing a rose to their lover.

What Couples Love:

  • The album comes with two golden pendants, one anchor with a heart and a leaf, that hang from faux leather strings.

  • The album is a stainless steel three-ring binder that can be easily opened and closed so you can add or take out pages.

With Merriment Forever Love Photo Book

Bohemian engagement photo album by Shutterfly.

This engagement picture book has whitewashed wood on its cover and sporadically for a unique rustic vibe. The design has a romantic script that reads loving statements like "this is our happily ever after" and "a true love story never ends." The cover has "our love grows" written on it, which complements the foliage theme in the photo book.

What Couples Love:

  • The hand-painted florals and faux foil embellishments make your photos stand out among the book's neutral colors.

  • The interface was easy to use and offered numerous formatting suggestions, which is great for scrapbook beginners.

Kim Thoa Elegant Wedding Greenery Photo Book

Natural engagement photo album by Shutterfly.

Preserve your engagement photo shoot memories in this gorgeous 20-page white and green photo book. The design has hand-painted greenery on every page and works great for couples whose photos were in a lush natural environment. There are numerous ways you can make this photo book special to your and your partner's relationship, such as changing the layout, the text's format or adornments.

What Couples Love:

  • Since you can easily edit the size and placement of the images, couples liked leaving space around the photos so they could handwrite personal notes later.

  • Because of the engagement photo book's high-quality pages, the photos came out bright and clear on the page.

Peach and Pear Studios Our Story So Far Personalized Scrapbook

Personalized engagement photo album by Peach and Pear Studios on Etsy.

With its title, "Our Story So Far," this handmade vinyl album communicates that your journey as a couple is just starting. The old-school scrapbook design also gives you room to play––simply paste or tape your photos inside. You can get more DIY by adding captions and keepsakes like ticket stubs or love letters. The engagement photo album maker allows couples to tailor the product in multiple ways. You can add your and your partner's names and a small sentence on the cover, choose between two album sizes, three colors (with matching ribbon) and eight text colors.

What Couples Love:

  • The album's shimmering finish on the vinyl makes it look and feel like a high-quality item.

  • You can put this album in a gift box that matches its color and add a personal message on the lid.

MILK Books Classic Photo Book

Modern engagement photo album by MILK Books.

MILK Books is known for producing clean and modern photo books that many to-be-weds love. The classic version comes in landscape orientation with size options of small, medium or large. Unlike many of the engagement photo books on our list, this one has a linen hardcover in seven neutral colors. There are 24 to 200 pages plus satin or semi-gloss offerings.

What Couples Love:

  • This luxurious photo book comes with an optional matching "presentation box" (for medium and large sizes only).

  • MILK Books uses four-color printing with "top-grade inks" to recreate dazzling images and help your pictures not fade.

PikPerfect Photo Book

Personalized hard cover engagement photo album by PikPerfect.

PikPerfect engagement photo books fit a variety of personalities and price points with their customizable features. For the cover, you can choose from linen, vegan leather or a photo. The page templates come in HD eco matte or HD eco gloss and can include up to 350 photos.

What Couples Love:

  • After the customers send the pictures they want in the book and how they want them to be arranged, the designer helps customers select the best photos to include in the photo book––with unlimited revisions.

  • If you would rather have someone else take over the design process, PikPerfect offers a service where a designer works on the digital draft of your book. This draft is usually sent between three and five days after the initial discussion.

Sunny Home Studio Engagement Guest Book

Sleek white engagement photo album by Sunny Home Studio on Etsy.

If you're getting engaged amidst friends and loved ones, you might want an engagement photo album that doubles as a guest book. This festive book comes in three sizes, and has space for signatures, notes and photos. For to-be-weds that don't want the usual neutral colors for their engagement photo album, there are 32 colors to choose from, plus the opportunity to request a custom color.

What Couples Love:

  • There are 100 pages in each photo album made of acid-free paper, which helps the pages stay looking like new over time instead of yellow and fragile.

  • You can add names, the engagement date, a quote or a location and choose a text color for the album's cover.

The Black Designs Custom Photo Album

Linen hard cover engagement photo album by The Black Designs on Etsy.

With its linen cover that can be personalized with one of 14 colors, scripted names and a title or quote, this high-quality custom photo album preserves your engagement photos in an elegant, understated manner. Display up to 600 4 x 600 photos, which depend on the small, large or extra-large album size chosen. Since this album isn't digital, it's the perfect opportunity to test your scrapbooking skills.

What Couples Love:

  • The photo album came with a scraper to remove air bubbles and a pen to handwrite personal notes.

  • The album is well-made and built to last. For example, the linen is permanently heat bonded to the album so it doesn't move or start to peel off.

Artifact Uprising Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book

Hard cover engagement photo album by Artifact Uprising.

Wrapped in a sturdy buckram fabric, this hardcover photo album lets you spotlight your favorite engagement photo. Choose whatever you want the cover and spine to say—maybe a cute quote like "we said yes" or the date and location of your engagement. The book's thick pages of recycled matte or lustre finish gives this album a rich, luxe feel.

What Couples Love:

  • This premium engagement photo book has small and large sizes in landscape and portrait options that appeal to any couple.

  • The book is made of responsibly sourced materials and has a 100% recycled paper alternative for sustainable customers.

Rag and Bone Bindery Personalized Photo Binder

Personalized engagement photo album by Rag and Bone Bindery on Etsy.

This natural linen-wrapped photo album from Rag and Bone Bindery, a family-owned business, is a lovely place to store your engagement photos. There isn't much personalization with this album, but it does have a standard and max size and choice to gold emboss the cover with two lines of text. There are 25 or 50 clear sleeves to slide your 4 x 6 photos into, with a max of 200 photos for the largest album.

What Couples Love:

  • The album has a simple yet elegant design that minimalist couples want.

  • The engagement photo album maker is very responsive and ensures the best product is sent to each customer.

Claire Magnolia Velvet Photo Album With Optional Photo Frame

Velvet cover engagement photo album by Claire Magnolia.

Rich velvet makes for an eye-catching and unexpected engagement photo album cover. Choose from six colors, from rich jewel tones like peacock green and wine to luxe neutrals like champagne and silvery gray. Personalize it with your name, engagement date, emblem, cover photo frame or all three.

What Couples Love:

  • The glamorous velvet exterior gives a vintage feel to the photo album and is soft to the touch.

  • The album's craftsmanship is top-notch and goes beyond expectations, which is why it receives lots of five-star reviews.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Personalized engagement photo album by Artifact Uprising.

Perfect for all your dreamy engagement photos, this photo album from Artifact Uprising looks bespoke with its linen fabric cover and foil-stamped title. Also, this handcrafted item can have lustre, similar to the typical photo prints, or superfine, a lightly textured paper with a matte finish. But what we love most about it is that it can do justice to your panoramic engagement photos since images can stretch across the centerfold.

What Couples Love:

  • The thickness of the pages was a high point for many couples because it made the photo album feel more opulent.

  • Artifact Uprising's desktop editor was easy to navigate, and decreased the stress of uploading photos.

MILK Books Classic Photo Album

Classic engagement photo album by MILK Books.

The Classic Photo Album is one of MILK Books' bestsellers and is considered their most affordable item. This photo album is different from the brand's photo book because it comes only in medium and large, has 24 to 64 thick, one-millimeter pages and lay-flat binding. The same seven fabric hardcover colors are available, like sand, ruby red and baby blue.

What Couples Love:

  • The lay-flat binding is the favorite feature of this engagement photo album because it makes it ideal for presenting your memories to loved ones on a double-page spread.

  • Many couples love the quality of this photo album so much that they've purchased more albums from them for other occasions, like their wedding or honeymoon.

Artifact Uprising Signature Layflat Photo Album

Leather engagement photo album by Artifact Uprising.

This linen and leather photo album is a gorgeous way to preserve your engagement photos. Artifact Uprising believes this is their "most premium and personalized luxury photo album." Complete with ultra-thick paper, hand-mounted binding and the capacity to stretch photos across the fold, it's an heirloom-quality album you'll return to over the years.

What Couples Love:

  • Besides enjoying the ease of the design experience, customers really love the foil-stamped title in combination with the inlaid cover photo because it makes the album stand out.

  • The end sheets got an upgrade in this version of the photo album with options to get a unique ivory or gold/cream marbled pattern.

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