23 Trendy and Timeless Toi et Moi Rings

It's the hottest ring trend of 2023.
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Updated Feb 28, 2023
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Once considered a relic of a bygone era, Toi et Moi rings are now appearing on fingers everywhere. As The Knot's resident engagement ring expert, I'm doubly delighted (pun intended) this throwback setting featuring two central stones is experiencing a revival. While the hottest ring trend of 2023 may be hard to pronounce, it's easy to love for two big reasons: it offers twice the sparkle of a more traditional engagement ring and tells a sentimental story. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox have gorgeous two-stone rings of their own.

Want to know more about the ring style A-listers and couples can't get enough of? I've got you covered. Below, I tapped jewelers about the history and symbolism of Toi et Moi rings, as well as how to find the best one for you. Plus, I've included some of my favorite designs you can shop now. Get your wishlist ready!

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What is a Toi et Moi Ring?

A Toi et Moi ring is a ring with two central gemstones, instead of the traditional one. "Toi et moi means 'you and me' in French," says Page Neal, principal and lead designer of Bario Neal. "In this ring design, two gemstones or diamonds are set together on one band." They naturally offer twice the sparkle, but Toi et Moi rings actually have a deeper symbolism. "The significance of the two stones represents the union of two people joining together to become one unit," says Stephanie Gottlieb, founder and designer of Stephanie Gottlieb jewelry. Toi et Moi rings originally used two stones of similar size, but now you can find them in a variety of size, shape and color combinations, making this ring style especially easy to customize. "What I love about the Toi et Moi style is that there are so many different ways to execute the design– including the use of different shapes, different stone sizes, incorporating gemstones, and manipulating the arrangement of the stones on the band," Gottlieb says.

Though this engagement ring trend is all the rage in 2023, it's actually nothing new. "Dating back to 18th century France, the history of the Toi et Moi ring is quite romantic," says Shahla Karimi, founder and designer of Shahla Karimi jewelry. "One of the first documented Toi et Moi rings was given to Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte." According to Karimi, the couple was an unexpected match. Josephine was not considered the "ideal bride," at the time, as she was six years Napoleon's senior with two children from a previous marriage. "However, despite familial and societal disapproval, Napoleon and Josephine shrugged tradition and chose love," Karimi says. "The Toi et Moi ring symbolized the meeting of two lovers against all odds,"

In 1953 First Lady Jackie Kennedy brought the style back into the mainstream when she debuted her iconic two-stone stunner by Van Cleef & Arpels, featuring an emerald-cut emerald and an emerald-cut diamond surrounded by a swirl of diamonds.

What to Consider When Choosing a Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a Toi et Moi ring. Pairing stones that tell your love story is basically the whole point. However, when choosing a combination of stones that sit side by side, there are a few things to keep in mind that don't necessarily come into play when dealing with just one center stone. Below, we break down how to pull off a Toi et Moi ring that showcases your personality and looks good on your hand.

Proportion: Consider the overall look you want to achieve with your Toi et Moi ring. The size and shape of the stones you choose will help determine that. "If you're looking for a more symmetrical design, aim for two stone shapes that have similar sizes and proportions to balance out the look of the ring," Gottlieb says. But if you're going for an edgier vibe, you might choose stones that feel less matchy-matchy. "Our clients look to us for unexpected pairings and settings, like pairing an emerald cut and a trapezoid cut diamond, for example. We like to take one traditional stone shape (round, oval, emerald, pear, cushion) and pair it with something less traditional," Karimi says.

Diamond Quality: If you're opting for two white diamonds, it's a good idea to choose ones with the same or similar color and clarity grades for a totally cohesive look. (Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to the 4 C's.)

Gemstone Color: One of the best things about a Toi et Moi ring? The opportunity to add colorful gemstones into the mix. Sapphires and diamonds and emeralds and diamonds are the classic combinations, according to Neal, but the options are endless. "When incorporating gemstones, consider how the colors will complement each other and appear on the metal color of your preference," Gottlieb says.

Personality: No matter what stones you choose, don't be afraid to have fun and express your style. "There is no right or wrong. We've seen clients choose various shapes, stone types, and orientations to symbolize a relationship, the birth of their children or other special moments," Neal says. "What makes a Toi Et Moi ring exciting are the various options for personalization."

Toi et Moi Engagement Rings: Editor's Picks

As the Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor at The Knot for almost a decade, I've seen my fair share of engagement rings. I was so excited when Toi et Moi rings started trending again because they're one of the most interesting engagement ring styles out there—they're both timely and timeless, and no two are alike. (That's no easy feat, given how quickly trends can change!) Below, I've curated 23 of my favorite Toi et Moi rings for your browsing pleasure. These styles run the gamut from classic to avant-garde, and showcase lots of different stone shapes, colorful gemstones and settings. The one thing these sparklers have in common? They're all total works of art.

Ashley Zhang Toi et Moi Pear Bubble Ring

Chunky ring settings are experiencing are hot once again, and this Toi et Moi ring is no exception. The thicker bypass style gives this emerald and diamond duo a funky, retro feel. I'm big obsessed.

Grace Lee Helix Ring With Marquise Diamonds

A totally alternative take on the Toi et Moi trend, this engagement ring has lots of negative space and coils up the finger. No need to opt for a wedding band with this maximalist style—it packs a visual punch all on its own.

Kwiat Colombian Emerald and Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring

First Lady Jackie O was known for serving looks, and her engagement ring was a fashion moment in and of itself. This gorgeous Toi et Moi ring channels her iconic Van Cleef & Arpels sparkler, which also featured a step-cut emerald and diamond (and lives rent-free in my head).

Forevermark Center of My Universe Floral Halo Two Stone Ring

There's something so romantic about a ring with a floral halo—it's basically a wearable bouquet. This Toi et Moi offers not one, but two, floral halos. It's a slightly less expected (but no less pretty) way to interpret one of my favorite engagement ring settings.

Bario Neal Trillion Dyad White Sapphire

If you have your heart set on a larger engagement ring but are working with a smaller budget, consider opting for white sapphires rather than diamonds. This ultra-modern Toi et Moi ring with trillion-cut white sapphires is a total standout— and it won't break the bank.

Shahla Karimi Emerald and Pear Offset Ring

Like I said, one of the big pros of choosing a Toi et Moi ring is the option to mix and match different stone shapes. This unique design features two of my very faves, a pear and an emerald shape. And, since it's made with lab-grown diamonds, you get a lot of look for a much lower price tag.

KatKim Brilliant Duet Ring

If you love stacking up bands as much as I do, consider this super innovative take on the Toi et Moi trend. KatKim's Duet ring is actually made of two interlocking rings, each with a 1-carat diamond center stone. It's unlike anything I've seen before, and I can't get enough.

Ritique Classique Duo Stone Ring

Illusion rings (read: a design with clusters of small diamonds that mimic the look of a larger, whole stone) are another sparkly—and savvy—way to get more bling for your buck. The open design of this one has serious "cool bride" vibes.

Natasha Schweitzer The Natasha Toi et Moi Ring

Toi et Moi rings may be a hot ring trend in 2023, but this utterly elegant style is sure to stand the test of time. I love the simplicity of this setting, which really allows the oval and pear diamonds to shine (quite literally).

Brent Neale Textured Toi et Moi Ring

This large-and-in-charge Toi et Moi ring checks all of the maximalist boxes: A thicker setting, two, three-carat diamonds and a textured metal finish. What's not to love?

Marrow Icy Blue Sapphire Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

Colorful engagement rings are a gorgeous way to show some personality, and this combo of vibrant gemstones delivers—twice. The pale yellow diamond perfectly complements the more intense hue of the sapphire for an unexpected pairing that totally works.

Stephanie Gottlieb Two Stone Engagement Ring

As a wedding fashion editor for almost a decade, it's not surprising that heart-shaped diamonds give me major heart eyes; they're nontraditional and they're all about love sweet love. This Toi et Moi ring pairs a heart shape with a classic emerald cut, creating a contrast that's romantic but not overly precious. Hearts not your thing? There are seven other stone combos to choose from.

Shahla Karimi Double Keystone Ring

Speaking of diamond shapes that are totally chic and outside the norm, this ring features two identical keystone (or wedged-shaped) diamonds. And, the two stones are set on an angle so they actually curve around your finger. How cool is that?

Serpentine Jewels Pink Sapphire and Diamond Toi et Moi Pavé Ring

I am all about Barbiecore (as is the entire The Knot's fashion team), and this pink sapphire and diamond Toi et Moi ring totally channels the trending aesthetic. It's glam and just made for a bride as fabulous as it is.

Vrai The Toi et Moi Round Brilliant and Oval Engagement Ring

Can't choose between a round and an oval diamond? With this style featuring lab-grown stones, you don't have to. Two of the most popular shapes come together for a sparkler that's equal parts trendy and timeless.

Brilliant Earth Toi et Moi Morganite and Pink Tourmaline Ring

Thanks to Viva Magenta, Pantone's Color of 2023, bold pinks have burst onto the scene, both in bridal fashion and weddings in general. This ring offers the best of both worlds: The rich hue of pink tourmaline and the more subdued blush shade of morganite. It's such a stunning color combination.

Grown Brilliance Emerald Cut Created Sapphire and Pear Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Two-Stone Engagement Ring

This ring combines two of the most wedding-worthy stones: the sapphire and the diamond. Not only is it a luxe "something blue," it's a more of-the-moment way to incorporate sapphire into your wedding rings, å la Princess Diana.

Charles & Colvard Pear Forever One Moissanite Bypass Toi et Moi Ring

One of the drawbacks of Toi et Moi rings? They can be pricey, depending on the size and quality of stones you choose (after all, you're getting twice the bling). Enter: this moissanite sparkler, which features two sizeable pear-shaped stones that come in over 3 carats and is priced under $4,000 to start. I'm impressed.

Jemma Wynne Bespoke Emerald and Diamond Kissing Two Stone Ring

Not only are emeralds are having a major moment right now, they're also one of my personal favorite gemstones. They symbolize intuition, abundance and hope, which feels super wedding-appropriate. The addition of a magical green emerald to this Toi et Moi ring takes it to the next level.

Stephanie Gottlieb Two Stone with Halo Engagement Ring

Halos have become an engagement ring staple at this point, but this Toi et Moi ring gives the setting a timely refresh. If you're all about bringing the bling, this is the sparkler (and does it ever sparkle) for you.

Ruchi New York Gemma Toi Et Moi Ring

Dramatic doesn't even begin to cover it. This white diamond and yellow diamond duo in an avant-garde setting shimmers from every angle—I could stare at it for hours and still discover new things to admire.

Chroma Spinel Bequia Toi et Moi Ring

Calling all boho brides: This combo of pink and purple inspired by the flowers on the island of Bequia is just so dreamy. And, this more delicate ring still makes a fashion statement. Bigger isn't always better!

Erstwhile Edwardian Toi et Moi Ruby and Diamond Ring

Given Toi et Moi rings are steeped in history, I'd be remiss not to include an antique sparkler in this roundup. This dainty one from the Edwardian era features a beautiful ruby and an old European cut diamond. It's an instant heirloom.

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