Groomsmen: Difference Between Ushers and Groomsmen?


Is there such a thing as a junior groomsman? My fiance and I want to involve my younger twin brothers (who will be 15 at the time of the wedding), but he doesn't want them to be groomsmen. I think they could be wedding ushers, but someone told me there isn't a difference between an usher and a groomsman. Is this right?


The usher-groomsman thing can be confusing. Some people use the terms interchangeably to refer to the men in the wedding party who stand up on the groom's side. This is probably because groomsmen (the guys who stand next to the groom at the altar) often double as ushers (the guys who seat guests as they arrive at the ceremony). But you can choose to have guys who are not in the wedding party seat guests -- making them ushers and not groomsmen. Your 15-year-old brothers could serve as ushers, seating guests (including your mom, directly before the ceremony begins), or they could be junior groomsmen, which means they'd basically be groomsmen, only younger. They would wear the same style of tuxes as the other guys, stand at the altar, and even escort bridesmaids or junior bridesmaids. They can also double as junior groomsmen and ushers. They can either stand with the wedding party or take their seats in the first pew with your parents -- any of these options will work. Perhaps you should talk with your fiance and your brothers and see what will work best for you.

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