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Can You Have More Than One Maid of Honor? Here's Our Take

How many maids of honor is too many?
The Knot
by The Knot
Updated Jan 29, 2019

You already know there's no such thing as too many bridesmaids—but what about maids of honor?

Picture this: You feel fortunate to have two sisters and a very best friend whom you've basically known since birth, and you know you want to bestow each of them with the very important "maid of honor" title. But is three too many?

In short: No. We're all about personalizing your wedding day—and if that means having several maids of honor, then so be it. That way, you won't have to make an excruciating decision and risk hurting any feelings. The other obvious benefit would be that you'll have three reliable people to divvy up every single maid of honor duty—from menial tasks (like addressing invites) to playing hostess. (And don't worry about making sure your partner has, for example, an equal three "best men." Symmetry is not required.)

We wouldn't recommend handing out too many "Will You Be My Maid of Honor?" proposals, however. Will the title lose its meaning if every one of your maids of honor gets it? Remember, if any of them are married, they can technically be matrons of honor too.

The other thing you should ask yourself is if all three (or whatever number of maids of honor you plan to ask) are compatible together, solely for the sake of making sure planned events (like showers and bachelorette parties) don't run amok from "creative differences" or from one of your pushy besties trying to take charge. Of course, assuming there aren't too many personality types at bat, it should be the ideal situation for every party—no pun intended. 

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