Maid of Honor: Must Married Bridesmaid Be Matron of Honor?


I have a maid of honor (my sister) and six bridesmaids. I want my sister to be the maid of honor, but one of my bridesmaids came up to me and said that she was surprised that I didn't ask her to be my matron of honor. She told me that a matron of honor was a member of the wedding party that is married. I have learned that it is only *one* person: maid of honor if you're single, matron of honor if you're married. What should I do? I don't want any hurt feelings, but I only want one wedding honor attendant, and that's my sister.


Your bridesmaid is messing with you! Just because she is married doesn't mean she automatically gets to be matron of honor. Maybe she's just misinformed. If you want your sister as your honor attendant, that's your choice! Explain to your bridesmaid (okay, technically she's a bridesmatron) that she was mistaken and that it's important to you that your sister have the place of honor in your wedding party. If she's upset, just say you're sorry, but that's your decision and you hope she can understand it. Don't compromise what you want to do just because you are afraid of hurting her feelings. She was out of line to suggest what she did!

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