Wedding Etiquette: Does The Wedding Have To Be in the Bride's Hometown?


My fiance and I live an hour and a half away from each other. He thinks our wedding ceremony and wedding reception should be held halfway between. My mother thinks both should happen in the bride's town even if the groom's family is paying for half. What is the wedding tradition when the bride and groom don't live in the same area?


It sounds like your mom is sticking to the tradition of having the wedding celebration in the bride's hometown, while your fiance is being practical. The key is to think about your guests and what will be easiest for them. If guests are coming from both towns, it makes sense to plan the wedding for an in-between location. However, there are more factors involved than just how long it takes to get to your ceremony and reception sites (like whether you like the site options in one town or the other, for example), so you might end up choosing to have the entire celebration in your town, or in the groom's town. A bride getting married in her hometown is traditional, but it's not mandatory.

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