Flower Anklets and Barefoot Bridesmaids? (Boho Wedding Alert)

Not to sound trite or anything but this wedding is the stuff fairytales are made of.
by Nicole Piquant
Blush bridesmaid dresses with flower anklets.
Mark Williams Studio
  1. You know how it is: Blush pink bridesmaid dresses and wedding flower crowns are pretty much synonymous with weddings these days. (And by the way, there's a reason for that – it's unarguably pretty!) But all that said, Meg and Matt's romantic, boho blush pink backyard wedding stands out from all the rest. Maybe it's the barefoot bridesmaids and their fresh flower anklets. Or maybe it's because every single detail down to the tablecloths were hand-made by the couple and their family. Either way, you must stop what you're doing and see these gorgeous photos.

    The couple's tip to pulling it off: keep all the planning details true to yourselves. In other words, if you're going for chill and laid-back like they were, let that vibe infuse every last decision you make. See what we're talking about in the gorgeous photos captured by Mark Williams Studio right here. Check out the rest of their dreamy backyard wedding album, too!

  2. The Baby's Breath Flower Crown

    Bride in strapless dress wearing a floral crown
    Mark Williams Studio

    Meg's florists at Designs by Ginny created a white and pink flower crown out of baby's breath and pink roses. The delicate headpiece accented Meg's strapless boho gown perfectly.

  3. The Barefoot Bridesmaids

    Barefoot bridesmaids with floral anklets
    Mark Williams Studio

    Meg's bridesmaids walked barefoot down the aisle and wore floral anklets — can you tell this was the ultimate laid-back Georgia wedding?

  4. The Handmade Wedding Arbor

    Bride and groom standing under a handmade arbor with their heads bowed
    Mark Williams Studio

    The wedding had tons of personal, handmade touches that turned the house into a beautiful wedding venue. Meg's father actually built the wooden arbor the couple's wedding arbor. He also laid the stone for the couple's wedding aisle, which was later lined with white roses. Guests sat on pews that once belonged to Meg's great grandmother's church.

  5. The Floral Fruit and Vegetable Centerpieces

    Fruit, vegetable and floral centerpiece
    Mark Williams Studio

    What better way to bump up your traditional floral centerpiece than with a couple granny smith apples and bushels of asparagus?

  6. The Antique Sweetheart's Table

    Couple's table with crochet tablecloth and hanging florals and sign
    Mark Williams Studio

    Personal touches, like a handmade arbor and furniture passed down from Meg's grandmother gave the wedding an intimate feel. Meg and Matt sat at her great grandmother's dining room table during the reception. They even used a lace blanket she had crocheted as a table covering.

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