Teacher Goes Viral on TikTok After Asking Students to Be in Her Wedding

"I just wanted to give them this special moment and this special memory," she tells The Knot.
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Courtesy of Alexandra Stamps
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
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Updated May 04, 2021

In the school of TikTok, Ms. Stamps has the approval of students everywhere. The fifth-grade teacher, best known for posting wholesome content about her classroom and now, wedding planning, recently went viral on the app after sharing one particularly heartwarming video related to, well, her engagement.

After saying "yes" to boyfriend Mason McDowell, the schoolteacher (Alexandra Stamps) shared her proposal news with her class. "My students were super excited when I told them that I was engaged and that I wanted them to be part of my wedding," says Stamps, who goes by "Ms. Stamps" on her TikTok account. "They've been asking me for months when Mason and I will get married—just because they're just so excited that we love each other so much."

The Proposal Moment

In multiple videos that have since gone viral: the future bride's students first react to her proposal news with a wave of cheers. The even greater emotional twist occurs, however, when Stamps takes it a step further and asks her students to be in her wedding. Combined, the two reaction videos have over 20 million views on the app.

@alexandrastamps I'm so excited to share my news & ask my class to be part of my special day!! 💍✨ ##teachersoftiktok ##wedding ##5thgradesquad ##bridalparty
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@alexandrastamps This was such a sweet & touching moment — several of us cried! 🤍 ##teachersoftiktok ##engagement ##bridalparty ##5thgradesquad
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"There were genuine tears and there were kids that were actually so excited," she recalls. "[They were] jumping up and down, yelling, and smiling so much. Some kids were crying, and it's really cute even now, seeing that a lot of the girls wear the pearl necklaces to school every day and a lot of the boys still have their sunglasses that they wear so it's just fun seeing them carry on that excitement even today."

Stamps says she landed on the decision to ask her students to be in her wedding because of the time they spend together. "They're just so sweet and such hard workers," she says. "They've had such a hard year with the pandemic and I just wanted to give them this special moment and this special memory, because this is an unforgettable school year [due to COVID]. And I also wanted to give them something fun to look forward to this summer… They really feel like family."

The Couple's Wedding Plans

Speaking of families, Stamps says the students' parents have been "unanimously positive" about their children being in the wedding party. In fact, the parents are invited to the wedding too. "I asked a few moms before I asked the class if they were in support of this… Everyone's really excited," says Stamps. "My fiancé actually asked his third-grade class to be junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen with us so he, of course, is in support as well. It's just going to be a really fun day and I'm so excited to include these kids and their families in my special day."

The couple will marry July 1, in Wichita, Kansas. Off their checklist, the couple has secured a caterer, photographer and of course, their wedding party. "I still need a dress," she says, "But the big stuff is out of the way, and we're just really excited for this part of our life and we just can't wait for the big day."

The Couple's Love Story

As mentioned, both bride and groom are passionate elementary school educators. It's actually through the job that they connected. "We both were at an interview fair for the district, and we're both in our student teaching semester," says Stamps. "We were walking up the stairs during one of the interview rounds, and we shared small talk… I noticed he was super cute."

Eventually, she shared her number with this cute prospective teacher. "He seemed different, like a genuine guy and we're both teachers," recalls Stamps. The couple's first date was in May 2020 (truly: a "walk in the park") and a year later, the groom proposed at that same exact spot.

Together, the couple wants to make an impact on young minds as educators. "I became a teacher because I've always really loved school. I wanted to be the kind of teacher who would impact my students' lives positively," she muses. "I love watching my students grow academically as students, but also socially and emotionally—as people. I would definitely say that's the most rewarding aspect of my job."

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