The 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations Among Millennials Right Now

Are you traveling to one of these exotic locales after your wedding?
by Sophie Ross

According to travel media platform Earth, millennials are traveling to (and Instagramming) 10 specific vacation destinations more than ever before—and as far as we're concerned, that's all the honeymoon inspiration we need.

Find the 10 most popular locales trending right now among millennials below—and trust us, they're as romantic and photogenic as they look. Time to book those honeymoon tix.

1. Tulum, Mexico

This coastal town has been surging in popularity in recent years, and for good reason—with beautiful beaches and bustling restaurants, it's the perfect place to unwind after your wedding (or before it—it's a popular destination for bachelorette parties too).

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

While Europe has tons of wanderlust-worthy destinations, there's no place quite like Amsterdam. Bike across romantic bridges, sightsee at historical buildings and—if you and your partner aren't opposed—indulge in some treats at some of their famous special coffee shops.

3. The Greek Islands

No, you're not the only one who's noticed everyone's in Mykonos lately. It totally makes sense that millennials are going to the Islands of Greece in droves—with crystal blue water, fresh seafood and gorgeous architecture, it's the perfect place to get lost with your new spouse.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Between a thriving art world and a colorful food scene, the largest metropolis in Mexico has tons to offer. It's no wonder it's trending among millennials—you'll want to wander the streets, mingle with the locals and take in the culture for as long as you can.

5. The Maldives

Clear water? Check. White sand? Check. Floating bungalows? You betcha. The Maldives—located in the Indian Ocean—is the quintessential beachy getaway you've been dreaming of. We can't think of a more romantic (or luxurious) honeymoon destination.

6. Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has pretty much everything you could want. Cities, oceans, mountains—you name it. But the beach town of Algarve is one of a kind, with red sandstone cliffs and bright blue water. Plus, since it's still fairly under the radar, you and your partner can claim you "started the trend" once everyone joins the bandwagon.

7. Marrakech, Morocco

There's arguably no place with such a diverse smorgasbord of cultures than Morocco—a country in northwestern Africa that's been highly influenced by French and Arab cultures too. You'll find the best of every world in colorful Marrakech, where you and your partner can shop the famous souks and feast on the local, delicious cuisine.

8. Positano, Italy

You've undoubtedly stumbled upon lots of pictures of Positano on Instagram, but it doesn't even compare to seeing the stacked homes and gorgeous beaches in real life. You and your partner will want to come back to the cliffside village again and again after your honeymoon (anniversary trips, anyone?).

9. Cappadocia, Turkey

Fun fact: Over half of the world's hot air balloons take off from this region of Turkey, so you're definitely going to get some epic Instagrams. Social media posts aside, you'll love the gorgeous, famous rock formations found here (yes, really) and stunning architecture this historical town has to offer.

10. Bali, Indonesia

Combine a rain forest with a beach and a famous cliffside swing, and you have one of the most perfect places to honeymoon we've ever seen. If you and your partner are down for some outdoor adventures, delicious food and fabulous culture, pack your bags.

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