The Best Honeymoon Destinations From Our Favorite Films and TV Shows

From Big Little Lies to Jurassic Park, there's a Hollywood-inspired honeymoon destination for everyone.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
by Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Mar 28, 2018

According to Pinterest's 2018 Travel Trend Report, more travelers than ever are seeking out the filming locations of their favorite shows and movies for upcoming vacations, and we wouldn't be surprised if your honeymoon was inspired by your favorite primetime drama. (After all, a truly good piece of work—whether it's an Oscar-winning film or a binge-worthy television show—has the ability to transport us to another land, era or universe anyway.) Get ready to pack your bags and see your favorite as-seen-on-TV settings IRL.

Majorca, Spain (The Night Manager)

You'd be forgiven if you failed to notice the stunning backdrop behind the high-tension drama in this award-winning miniseries. But the majority of the show takes place in ultra-stunning Majorca, Spain—a Mediterranean island stocked with sexy beach resorts, stone-built villages and sheltered coves.

Where to stay: The Sea Club Mediterranean Resort

Monterey, California (Big Little Lies)

Who didn't want to move to Monterey after watching the acclaimed HBO series? In case you can't convince your partner to relocate to California, you can always compromise by honeymooning there instead. The coastal town has gorgeous rugged beaches, famed seafood fare and plenty to do (think: tasting rooms and surf lessons).

Where to stay: Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa

Charleston, South Carolina (The Notebook)

Basically, anything out of a Nicholas Sparks movie is honeymoon worthy, but Charleston in particular has an unparalleled amount of charm and romance (we wouldn't expect anything less from Noah and Allie). Much of the city is defined by its rich history, and you can take it all in along the gorgeous cobblestone streets.

Where to stay: The Dewberry

London, England (Notting Hill)

Yes, there's plenty to do in London and England in general, but if we're going to take a cue from the movie, the quaint Notting Hill neighborhood is what you should set your sights on. You'll find trendy brunch spots, vibrant architecture and an overall bohemian vibe among the antique shops and outdoor marketplaces. Maybe you'll even run into Hugh Grant.

Where to stay: The Laslett

Venice, Italy (The Italian Job)

The 2003 crime thriller certainly didn't put Venice on the map, but it sure did make those Venetian canals look appealing. Our suggestions? Get lost on a gondola, enjoy the stunning architecture and historical stops (beyond the touristy Piazza San Marco) and eat lots of delicious Italian seafood (hello, branzino).

Where to stay: Hotel Palazzo Stern

Iceland (Game of Thrones)

This wouldn't be an as-seen-on-TV honeymoon destination roundup without Game of Thrones, would it? While the filming locations span the globe, Iceland's a standout for its romantic thermal baths and stunning backdrops.

Where to stay: Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina

Skopelos, Greece (Mamma Mia)

Greece has never looked as exquisite as it did in Mamma Mia (and the sequel's sure to provide some stunning honeymoon inspiration as well). But forget popular destinations Mykonos and Santorini—under-the-radar Skopelos (the island on which the movie was filmed) is absolutely stunning, and set against the gorgeous Aegean Sea.

Where to stay: Adrina Beach Hotel

Tokyo, Japan (Lost in Translation)

The setting of one of the most critically lauded movies of the 2000s, Tokyo's a thriving metropolis full of culture and excitement. Scope out the Asian version of Disneyland, feast on the local delicacies (street dumplings, anyone?) and stay in an adventurous capsule hotel (if that's what you're into).

Where to stay: Ginza Bay Hotel

Estes Park, Colorado (The Shining)

The Shining might be (arguably) one of the scariest films of all time, but that shouldn't steer you away from visiting the sublime North Colorado town in which it takes place. Yes, there's plenty to do in Estes Park that doesn't involve the supernatural, like skiing, hiking, scoping out local breweries and shopping in the charming downtown area.

Where to stay: The Stanley Hotel—just go for it.

Islamorada, Florida (Bloodline)

For those familiar with the popular Netflix show, you know that the dark familial drama is juxtaposed with a stunning, paradisal backdrop. There are tons of reasons to visit Islamorada—whether you're looking for a relaxing beach honeymoon or an island-hopping adventure—especially if you're into any sort of water activity (think: snorkeling, boating and scuba diving).

Where to stay: The Moorings Village

New Zealand (Lord of the Rings)

Even if you're not a fan of the medieval trilogy, you're probably familiar with the fact that all three movies were filmed in the gorgeous Kiwi countryside. Take the scenic route and road trip from city to city—visit Auckland for the culture, Queenstown for adventure sports and Wellington for a watery escape.

Where to stay: Mercure Queenstown Resort

Kauai, Hawaii (Jurassic Park)

We'd say just about anywhere in Hawaii would make for an unforgettable honeymoon experience, but Kauai in particular is unlike anywhere else on the islands. Known for its lush greenery and secluded beaches, it's no wonder they chose to film a movie about a top-secret dinosaur experiment there.

Where to stay: Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

The Scottish Highlands (Outlander)

Ditch the traditional European getaway for something a little more rugged, inspired by everyone's favorite science fiction drama. The Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region in Northwest Scotland, full of hiking trails, scenic waterfalls and that little old arm of the sea called Loch Ness.

Where to stay: Beach Cottage Bed & Breakfast

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