9 Wedding Dance Lessons in Los Angeles for Couples to Book Now

Step away from the side-to-side sway
Raven McMillan
by Raven McMillan
Updated Jun 20, 2024

Los Angeles, with its vibrant performing arts scene, is the perfect place to find top-notch wedding dance lessons if you want to add a little flair to your first moments together on the floor. Finding the right wedding dance lessons in Los Angeles will not only boost your confidence for that special moment but will also offer a sweet date night amid all the wedding planning stress. If you're ready to move, here's how to find dance lessons in your area. Use The Knot Vendor Marketplace by typing in your desired location for the classes, then sort by distance, award winners, music genres or diversity to discover your desired teacher. Now, let's dive into our expert selection of dance pros in LA who can help make your wedding dance a blockbuster hit.

Your Night Choreo in Los Angeles, California

Your Night Chore, founded by husband and wife Kelvin and Krista Ramirez, offers personalized couples dance lessons in Los Angeles in a private studio. Each session at this Latinx-owned studio is customized, so you'll have two instructors showing the way and you'll go home with video recordings of your choreography progress. They offer a range of packages, from single lessons to fully customized choreography, including music editing and mashups.

  • Dance Style: YNC specializes in traditional ballroom, salsa, bachata, tango, country, swing, hip-hop and pop.
  • What Couples Love: Kelvin and Krista are pros at breaking dance steps up into bite-size pieces and can create a cool combo to even the most obscure song choice.

    I Do Wedding Dances in Los Angeles, California

    Helene Schwartz, founder of I Do Wedding Dances, specializes in creating fun and stress-free dance lessons for beginners, specifically. She even guarantees couples will be ready for their wedding day after just one lesson. Los Angeles wedding dance lessons at this woman-owned studio are tailored to the couple's schedule and needs, with prices starting at $300, including a recording of the final dance so you can re-watch and practice at home.

    • Years of Experience: 20 years
    • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
    • What Couples Love: Helene comes prepared with choreography that is always elegant yet attainable.

      Amy Lawrence Ballroom Dance in Los Angeles, California

      Amy Lawrence Ballroom Dancoffers personalized wedding dance lessons across Los Angeles, including Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, with Zoom lessons available, too. This woman-owned studio provides specialized wedding packages, personalized music editing and dance floor etiquette training.

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      • Years of Experience: 25 years
      • Dance Style: Amy specializes in ballroom styles of dance.
      • What Couples Love: Amy is patient, gives clear instructions and lovingly encourages her couples to challenge themselves.

        Tailored Wedding Dance in Los Angeles, California

        Based in Los Angeles, Tailored Wedding Dance, led by professional salsa dancer Brian Sforzo, offers detailed and customized dance lessons for wedding couples. Brian, with more than two decades of teaching experience, blends various dance styles to create memorable routines. The service includes a free consultation to discuss ideas and dance experience, ensuring lessons are built around the couple's skill level and schedule. Brian's choreography aims to delight both the couple and their guests.

        • Years of Experience: 22 years
        • Dance Style: African, bluegrass, Bollywood, Caribbean, classical, dance, disco, EDM, flamenco, folk, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, polka, pop, R&B and rock styles
        • What Couples Love: Brian is patient, cheerful and creative.

          Euphoria Dance LA in Los Angeles, California

          Under the direction of Avissh Trivedi, Euphoria Dance LA, specializes in creating moments that narrate each couple's love story through dance. The studio offers flexible in-home or studio sessions for first dances, parent-child dances and group routines. Their lessons include lead-and-follow techniques and semi or fully-choreographed routines that send couples off dancing with confidence and poise on their wedding day.

          • Years of Experience: 8 years
          • Dance Style: Avissh's expertise extends across ballroom dances like the waltz, cha cha, tango and rumba, Latin dances such as salsa and bachata, the lively energy of swing and the vibrancy of Bollywood.
          • What Couples Love: Avissh is professional, fun and friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable no matter their level of dance experience.

            Wedding Dance Lesson in Glendale , California

            Couple during their first dance
            Photo: Wedding Dance Lesson

            Wedding Dance Lesson offers expert wedding choreography led by Kim Clark, a professional ballroom competitor with more than 25 years of teaching experience. The studio provides private lessons tailored to each couple's unique style and is open seven days a week. Kim's casual teaching style and custom choreography make her the go-to instructor for couples at any dance level.

            • Years of Experience: 25 years
            • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
            • What Couples Love: Kim is great at working through choreography that couples might struggle with so that every performance goes off without a hitch.

              PRO DANCE LA in Los Angeles, California

              PRO DANCE L, located in Los Angeles' Fairfax District, is led by US Professional Dance Champions Iaroslav and Liliia Bieliei. Their wedding dance lessons in Los Angeles include 10, 45-minute lessons, utilizing the innovative Prismethod dance methodology.

              • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
              • What Couples Love: Iaroslav and Liliia's students have enjoyed the lessons so much that they often continue their dance journey at the studio long after the wedding day.

                Third Street Dance in Los Angeles, California

                Third Street Dance offers private instruction, group lessons and a wedding dance boot camp, ideal for newlyweds preparing for their special day. The boot camp includes a variety of dance styles such as waltz, foxtrot and contemporary slow dancing in a fun and social setting.

                • Dance Style: Ballroom, Argentine tango, swing, salsa, bachata, cha cha, hip-hop, ballet and beyond
                • What Couples Love: All of the teachers at Third Street Dance make wedding dance classes fun and casual.

                  Dance With Kat in Los Angeles, California

                  Dance With Kat provides custom-designed, personalized wedding dance lessons in Los Angeles that reflect each couple's tastes and skills with a wedding 5-pack that starts at $575. Not only does Kat choreograph dreamy first dance routines, but she also offers performance coaching to help couples with expression, presentation and wedding dance tips for managing nerves, ensuring a stage-worthy performance.

                  • Years of Experience: 16 years
                  • Dance Style: Latin, wedding, ballroom and club dancing
                  • What Couples Love: Kat makes the learning process incredibly simple and teaches steps that are easy to follow.
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