6 Reasons You Should Take Dance Lessons With Your Partner

Nervous about your first dance? Avoid the stress with a few lessons. We promise it'll be worth it!
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katie kortebein the knot bridal beauty expert
by Katie Kortebein
katie kortebein the knot bridal beauty expert
Katie Kortebein
Bridal Beauty Expert
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The first dance is one of the most common traditions at a wedding. If you're planning on doing one, but nervous about the actual act, don't worry—there are lessons for that. Read on for our reasons why signing up for dance lessons is in your best interest.

1. You won't be just awkwardly swaying back and forth.

All eyes are you in this moment. Do you really want to be stuck doing the same moves as when you were dancing with your crush in eighth grade? Maybe you do, but we doubt it. That makes this the perfect time to add a new move (or two) to your repertoire. You don't have to learn lifts or even a full-on choreographed number, just pick up. some basic ballroom skills to help you look like you know what you're doing.

2. It's a good excuse for date night.

Maybe amid all the planning, work and your regular activities, "date night" has turned into meeting on the couch with some wine, and your seating chart laid out in front of you. Dance lessons—although technically a part of wedding planning—are fun and a way for you and your partner to do something new and get outside your comfort zones.

3. You'll connect with your partner in different way.

Going off that, one of the best ways to really feel in-sync with someone is while learning something new together. Remind yourselves why you're making this commitment and fall in love all over again every week while learning how to rumba.

4. It's a new form of exercise.

If you're trying to tone up for your wedding, no one said you had to do it exclusively at the gym. Think of this as adding a fun, new workout to your routine. You'll barely even notice you're exercising, until the next day when you have to take the elevator up one floor because stairs are scary.

5. Dancing can relieve stress.

Trust us, we get it—wedding planning can get stressful. Even if you thought you were prepared, all of a sudden, another five to-dos you've never even thought of will suddenly pop up. Take a break and just have a night out with your partner. Plus, exercise releases endorphins, which relieve stress.

6. You can show off in front of your guests.

Yep, we're encouraging it. Maybe you've always been the one in your friend group doing the awkward disco moves "as a joke" because you didn't know how to actually take on the dance floor. Well, now's your time to shine. Whether you choose to do a whole choreographed routine or a simple waltz, everyone will be in awe of your newfound, killer moves. Now, go shake what your mama gave you!

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